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Posted on Sunday, May 27 - 2012

The details of a 1952 UFO sighting by an RAF fighter pilot have been revealed for the first time.Flight Sergeant Roland Hughes had been flying his Vampire FB9 over Germany when he found himself being intercepted by a "gleaming silver, metallic disc" which flew alongside him for some distance. RAF radar stations on the ground also picked up the object which was said to be moving faster than any known aircraft.When Hughes reported the encounter to his senior officers hewas sent to speak to the aviation minister Duncan Sandys.

Sandys was so intrigued by Hughes" story that he went on to tell several senior civil servants about the case including the government"s chief scientist to whom he wrote a letter stating that the account coupled with the radar evidence was "convincing". It is one of the most tantalising ever official accounts of an encounter with a UFO – deemed so credible it even convinced the government minister who investigated it. Now, for the first time, the sightingof a flying saucer by an RAF fighter pilot and the subsequent high level inquiry it prompted can be revealed.  

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Giant UFO sighted over Russia

A giant UFO was reportedly witnessed by a number of people in the Siberian city of Chita back on February 15th, the object was described as a black triangle with smooth edges and was silent."On February 15thof this year at around 6pm the residents of the south eastern Siberian city of Chita (population around 300,000) in Russia witnessed agiant UFO cross their city and then disappear over the horizon. . Some managed to pho...

Physicists claim breakthrough in UFO propulsion

Three leading French physicists claim to have made a 'sensational breakthrough' into the mysteries of how UFOs are powered. Dr. Jean-Pierre Petit, Dr. Claude Poher and Dr. Maurice Viton, have constructed what they term a ‘UFO engine’ or, The Petit-Viton Magnetohydrodynamic Motor’ by using, so they say, a combination of both electromagnetic and nuclear energy.The French scientists claim fantastic results and tremendous power output in the order of 1,000 million watts. The ufo engine was b...

MoD: UFO sightings on the rise

The Ministry of Defence has revealed that UFO sightings over Kent, England have increased with more than 56 recorded sightings within the last decade and 10 within the last year alone."Reports of bright lights and mysterious hovering objects suggest Kent’s skies may be host to more thanjust the birds. . Information released by the Ministry of Defence shows there have been 56 recorded sightings of UFOs over the county in th...

Hong Kong people more sceptical about UFOs

Hong Kong people believe there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe but are much more down to earth when it comes to UFOs and little green men, according to a survey released on Friday. Seventy per cent of people surveyed in the city of 6,8 million said they believed humans are not alone in the universe, but only four percent said they had seen an unidentified flying object, and one percent said they had met an alien.The results, published in Friday's South ChinaMorning Post, come f...

Strange saucer on Google Earth

Google Earth has taken many strange photographs over the years, one of them is this peculiar saucer shaped object.While some are keen to point out that the unusual saucer is similar to the descriptions of UFOs in many case reports others favour more down-to-Earth explanations. Google Earth has compiled a photo gallery ofmysterious images taken by satellite above our planet. The bird"s-eye photos include an "unidentified flyingobject" that appears to hover over a field, crop circles, co...

Did the Soviets build German UFOs ?

On the summer morning of July 16, 1951 part of the La-11 1619-Northern Fleet out of Murmansk was on a routine patrol in the coastal territory. The first 30 minutes of the flight proceeded normally, and then lead Captain Peter Vusov, flying at an altitude of about 4000 meters above the sea, spotted a slowly moving object. "But, by getter closer, I saw a strange object-dark disc 20 meters in diameter and unmarked, but armed with powerful cannons below. I have never seen such a machine and imm...

Pyramid-shaped UFO filmed over Kremlin

Video footage showing a giant pyramid-shaped object which floated above the Kremlin in Russia for several hours has dominated the country's news channels, some estimate the object could be up to as much as a mile wide. "Agiant pyramid which appears to be a UFO hovering over the Kremlin has causedfrenzied speculation in Russia that it is an alien spacecraft. . The object has been compared to an Imperial Cruiser in the Star ...

Mystery object crashes in Ottawa river

A mystery object was seen by dozens of witnesses in Canada"s capital city this week, the object smashed in to the Ottawa River with a "thunderous boom" and officials have so far been unable to identify what it is."Dozens of residents of Canada’s capital city, Ottawa Ontario and nearbyGatineau, Que., witnessed an object streak across the night sky at about 10pm local time Monday night and crash into the Ottawa River with a ...

UFO conference held in Washington

Former USAF personnel have come forward about UFO incursions at nuclear weapon sites.UFO researcher Robert Hastings held the conference yesterday which featured witness testimonies from a number of retired US Air Force personnel on the topic of Unidentified Flying Objects being sightedover and in some cases reportedly tampering with nuclear weapons sites. Formermembers of the US Air Force claim aliens interfered with nuclear weapons - including during one famous incident in Britain. . ...

Triangular UFO spotted over Russia

Earlier this month residents of Saint Petersburg sighted a triangular object hovering over apartment buildings, the object had three glowingneon lights, appearing and disappearing to the surprise andintrigue of onlookers. "Earlier this month a number of residents in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg witnessed a UFO hovering just above theirinner-city apartment buildings." View: Full Article | Source: All NewsWeb.. ...

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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