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Posted on Monday, September 22 - 2008

Sceintists will see if consciousness continues after brain death.

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Doctors in hospitals in Britain and the US will study 1,500 heart attack patients to see if people with no heartbeat or brain activity can have "out of body" experiences. Some people report being able to soar out of their bodies and look down on themselves and medical staff.The study at 25 UK and US hospitals will include doctors placing images onshelves that are only visible from the ceiling to test the theory.

Dr Sam Parnia, an intensive care doctor who is heading the study, said: "If you can demonstrate that consciousness continues after the brain switches off, it allows for the possibility that the consciousness is a separate entity."It is unlikely that we will find many cases where this happens, but we have to be open-minded. "And if no one sees the pictures, it shows these experiences are illusions or false memories. "This is a mystery that we can now subject to scientific study." Dr Parnia said that after a cardiacarrest, where the body is technically dead, doctors restart the heart and reverse the dying process. He said: "What people experience during this period of cardiac arrest provides a unique window of understanding into what we are all likely to experience during the dying process." Hospitals involved include Addenbrookes in Cambridge, University Hospital in Birmingham and the Morriston in Swansea, as well as nine hospitals in the US.

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Posted on Monday, May 26 - 2008

Anthony North: The paranormal is full of supposed phenomena relating to an afterlife. From ghosts, to possessions, to reincarnation, to mediumship the idea is prevalent that there is life after death, and it interacts with those who are alive. Sometimes, I seem skeptical about such claims. Rather, psychology can answer it, with phenomena such as cryptomnesia, multiple personality, hallucination, split-brain and hysteria all playing their part. I remain convinced that these do play a part. : But this does not imply that the mystery is explained fully with such phenomena. For I am also convinced that there is much more to it. For instance, what do we KNOW survives death? Quite alot, actually.

Death causes decay which is the seed of new life. If you had offspring, your DNA survives. But also remembrance of you survives in the minds of others. This can form a cultural link.: For instance, if the person was a writer, his words continue to exist. Stories about a person can go on to enter culture. This was even an early religious form in ancestor worship, and myths seem to suggest remembrance of past feats. This all suggests that the dead can continue to have a cultural influence upon our thought processes. And in an important sense, this is a form of life after death, including interaction with the living. Moving away from culture, what else is there? : Well, the more I study the mind, the more convinced I become that it is not yours. Rather, we have become tooinfatuated with the idea of the "individual" as a separate entity. Carl Jung identified specific "archetypes" within the mind. These seem to be expressions of human character traits. If this is correct, then the various "character" elements we can have are actually shared throughout the species. Emotions seem to follow a similar idea.: Whilst our emotional expression can be specific to the person, the actual emotions themselves seem to be "shared". Emotions seem, again, to be more species traits than personal.

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Posted on Thursday, May 22 - 2008

If you come across some antique pots and pans during your travels, you could be looking at pieces of aviation history. More than that, though, that old cookware might be connected with some of the most amazing evidence of life after death on record. The salvaged parts of Great Britain's giant airship R-101, which crashed in France on its maiden overseas voyage, on October 5, 1930, is said to have been turned into cooking ware. A dirigible, the R-101 was the largest airship ever built at that time. After several test flights, the giant airship departed Cardington in England on October 4 at 6:24 p.m. with 54 passengers and crew headed forKarachi, then part of British India.

As a result of high winds, it crashed near Beauvais, just north of Paris, early the next morning, killing 48 of the 54 passenger. The intriguing story of what followed may best be understood by a chronological look at the dates. The more complete story of Capt. Raymond Hinchliffe is told in the preceding blog entry, but is summarized in the first six entries below. March 13, 1928 - Captain Raymond Hinchliffe is lost at sea when his plane goes down while attempting a trans-Atlantic flight. March 31, 1928 - Beatrice Earl is experimenting with a Ouija Board attempting to contact her deceased son when Hinchliffe breaks in and ask her to contact his wife, Emilie. Anticipating that she will not be believed, Mrs.Earl makes no attempt to contact Emilie. April 11, 1928 - Hinchliffe again communicates through the Mrs. Earl's board, appealing to her to contact his wife and providing her with the name of his solicitor. Mrs. Earl sends a letter to Emilie care of the solicitor with a copy to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the physician turned mystery writer (author of Sherlock Holmes) and Great Britain's best known spiritualist. April 18, 1928 - As arranged by Conan Doyle, Beatrice Earl sits with trance medium Eileen Garrett to see if anything more evidential can be obtained. Hinchliffe communicates and gives details of his demise, again saying he wants to talk to his wife. May 14, 1928 - Conan Doyle writes to Emilie Hinchliffe and persuades her to sit withEileen. ...

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Posted on Thursday, May 01 - 2008

Danny Penman: The last time I died was in Jerusalem in 1276. Pope Gregory X's Crusade against Islam had collapsed and the Christians of the city would soon be abandoned to their fate. My final hours were filled with death. I was besieged in a beautiful vaulted church along with 100 knights. Smokey candlelight glinted off their armour. Some knights were praying, others resting. As dawn broke over the city they readied themselves for the final conflict with an implacable foe. Even the most devout were terrified. All knew that only a handful would survive the coming day. I watched their preparations for battle. The sharpening of swords and lances. The reinforcing of shields and armour. But most of all, I prepared for my own death. As a monk ina city of Muslims, my chances of surviving the coming assault were slim.

Soon after the knights left the church, I retreated to a small side chapel to pray. I was desperate for forgiveness. I had travelled from a small monastery in Kent to the Holy Land so that I could kill Muslims. Although I still hated Islam, I found it hard to love my ‘own' side. The decadence and corruption of the Crusaders had sickened me. Now I wanted to be left alone to live in peace. But it was too late. I watched as the flames roared up the sides of the chapel. I hoped it was only purgatory but feared it was hell. Soon I, too, was on fire and burning like a Roman candle. I didn't feel any pain - I knew I was going to die and that my Lord would make it swift. Out of the blackness I could see a burning white light. A calm voice asked me what I had learned from my life andwhether there was any knowledge I wished to carry with me to the next. It was the voice of David Wells, a past-life regression therapist who had put me into a trance and guided me back to my ‘former incarnation'. To many, the idea of reincarnation will seem like bunkum, but it is garnering a surprising degree of respectable scientific support. Today in London sees a major international conference on the subject in memory of the late Dr Ian Stevenson, an American scientist who spent decades studying the discipline.

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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