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Posted on Thursday, July 19 - 2012

Studies of Neanderthal teeth have revealed some of the earliest known evidence of self-medication.While it was once thought that Neanderthals would have eaten almost nothing but meat, new research has revealed traces of a wide range of foods in their diets including substances with primarily medicinal benefits. Some tartar samples have revealed ingestion of yarrow ( an astringent ) and camomile, a plantuseful for its anti-inflammatory properties."It"s very surprising that the plants we were able to securely identify were those with a bitter taste and no nutritional qualities - but known medicinal properties," said Karen Hardy of the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies in Barcelona.

The tartar on Neanderthal teeth has a tale to tell. The chemicals and food fragments it contains reveal that our close relations huddled around fires tocook and consume plants - including some with medicinal properties.  

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Posted on Wednesday, February 08 - 2012

Authorities are investigating the case of a man who claims to be a musician who died two years ago.The man will appear before a court in South Africa following his claim that he is actually a deceased Zulu folk music artist known as Khulekani Khumalo who died in 2010. "I have been suffering a lot at the place where I was kept with zombies," he said. "It washell there and I am so grateful that I was able to free myself and return to my family and you, my supporters." A man claiming to be resurrected maskandi artist Mgqumeni will appear in the Nquthu Magistrate"s Court on Tuesday.

Detectives from provincial headquarters had been dispatched to Dundee to investigate the man"s claims, Colonel Jay Naicker said on Monday.  

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Posted on Monday, September 26 - 2011

Its a question that has gripped philosophers for thousands of years - can we really talk to the dead ?Salon owner Nina De Santo believes so. She"d been closing up shop one winter"s nght when her friend Michael turned up at the door. He told her that he wished to thank her for everything she"d done to help him since his wife had divorced him and he"d lost custody of his children. The following day one of Nina"s co-workersphoned her up to give her some bad news, Michael had been found dead after committing suicide - at least nine hours before he walked in to her shop the previous evening.

Nina De Santo was about to close her New Jersey hair salon one winter"s night when she saw him standing outside the shop"s glass front door. It was Michael. He was a soft-spoken customer who"d been going through a brutal patch in his life. His wife had divorced himafter having an affair with his stepbrother, and he had lost custody of his boy and girl in the ensuing battle.  

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Posted on Wednesday, September 14 - 2011

Scientists are finding more and more ways to explain the various aspects of near-death experiences.Around three percent of people in the US have reported a near-death experience at some time in their lives, with descriptions of a bright light and of floating above one"s body being common amongst them. But are these reallysigns of a transition to the hereafter or could there be another explanation ? Approximately 3 percent of the U.

S. population says they have had a near-death experience, according to a Gallup poll. Near-death experiences are reported across cultures, with written records of them dating back to ancient Greece.  

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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