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Posted on Thursday, June 03 - 2004

Pam Reynolds was intentionally put to death to save her life, and the story she has told of her ‘return’ adds a provocative new chapter to the voluminous case files documenting an entire realm of experience duringnear-death voyages.

To remove an artery aneurysm from her brain, doctors used a rare operative procedure in which Pam’s body temperature was lowered to 60 degrees, her heartbeat and breathing was suspended, and the blood was drained from her head. With her brain waves flattened, she became clinically dead.While in this state of medically-induced limbo Pam experienced one of the deepest and most detailed NDE’s ever recorded. Read FullArticle

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Posted on Sunday, May 02 - 2004

user posted imageThe NBC 10 Investigators tracked down a doctor in Seattle whose research may come closer to anyone else to answering the question, is there life after death? Dr. Melvin Morse is a pediatrician who used to think that people who were interested in near-death experiences just wanted to be on television talk shows. But something happened to one of his patients that changed his opinion. Now he believes the evidence points to something after life. Most scientists will explain that near-death experiences are caused by the lack of oxygen in the brain in the last moments of life.But Dr. Morse believes he's found evidence that it is a glimpse of something beyond our existence."I interviewed a 6-year-old boy," said Dr.

Morse. "We resuscitated him. He opened his eyes and he dramatically said, 'That was weird, two guys just sucked me back into my body.'" Dr. Morse is a respected pediatrician. He was a skeptic about the issue of life after death until he was confronted with a story he couldn't explain away. "She was what you would call clinically dead," explained Morse. "She was under water for 19 minutes." After the 7-year-old girl was resuscitated, she started drawing pictures. "What she described to me was not a hallucination. It was a blow-by-blow accurate description of her own resuscitation, but from a bird's eye point of view," said Dr. Morse. The child believed she had to go back to her body to help her motherwith her unborn brother. She drew her unborn brother with a big red heart. Several months later her brother was born with heart disease. "How can dying, comatose patients perceive anything? That's what fascinated me," said Dr. Morse. "I knew that something important about human consciousness was to be learned." Dr. Morse has recorded dozens of interviews with children who have experienced near death. He says he finds the experiences with children to be the most pure. Dr. Morse says he doesn't believe in God himself and he has little interest in the experiences many adults often have reflecting their own religious beliefs and cultures. Critics say it is because Christians tend to see Jesus and Indians see Hindu gods, the near-death experience doesn't seem scientifically credible.Social...

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Posted on Sunday, April 18 - 2004

user posted imageNearly six decades ago, a 21-year-old Navy fighter pilot on a mission over the Pacific was shot down by Japanese artillery. His name might have been forgotten, were it not for 6-year-old James Leininger. Quite a few people — including those who knew the fighter pilot — think James is the pilot, reincarnated. James' parents, Andrea and Bruce, a highly educated, modern couple, say they are "probably the people least likely to have a scenario like this pop up in their lives." But over time, they have become convinced their little son has had a former life.From an early age, James would play with nothing else but planes, his parents say.

But when he was 2, they said the planes their son loved began to give him regular nightmares. "I'd wake him up and he'd be screaming," Andrea told ABCNEWS' Chris Cuomo. She said when she asked her son what he was dreaming about, he would say, "Airplane crash on fire, little man can't get out." Andrea says her mom was the first to suggest James was remembering a past life. At first, Andrea says she was doubtful. James was only watching kids' shows, his parents say, and they weren't watching World War II documentaries or conversing about military history. But as time went by, Andreabegan to wonder what to believe. In one video of James at age 3, he goes over a plane as if he's doing a preflight check. Another time, Andrea said, she bought him a toy plane, and pointed out what appeared to be a bomb on its underside. She says James corrected her, and told her it was a drop tank. "I'd never heard of a drop tank," she said. "I didn't know what a drop tank was."

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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