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Posted on Wednesday, November 11 - 2009

An 11-year-old US boy has given up school, moved to India and is now the head of a Buddhist sect after he was declared to be the reincarnation of a Buddhist holy man who died hundreds of years ago."A US boyis not going back to school - after he was declared the reincarnation of a Buddhist holy man who first died in 1250.

Boston-born Jigme Wangchuk, 11, has now moved to India where he has been made the head of a Buddhist sect in the country"s eastern Darjeelingcity."

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Posted on Thursday, October 15 - 2009

Tweance, a paranormal publicity stunt in time for Halloween, is an online attempt to contact deceased celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Patrick Swayze through the world"s firstTwitter seance."Tweance, the online attempt to contact Michael Jackson beyond the grave, is being billed as the world’s first Twitter séance.

The move is a paranormal publicity stunt by a fancy dress shop in central London ahead of Hallowe’en."

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Posted on Monday, October 05 - 2009

By Stephen Lampe

No amount of logical arguments can convince some Christians of the fact of reincarnation. Nor would the accounts of the personal experiences of other people persuade such Christians. Even though it is quite obvious that, without reincarnation, one cannot argue convincingly of the perfect Justice of God, many Christians would still want to know what the Scriptures say about reincarnation. They would ask: Does the Bible support it? What did the earliest followers of Christ think of it? We shall show, in this Chapter, that in Biblical times, belief in reincarnation was so widespread, was so much a part of the culture, that it was taken for granted.

Some Truths Are Not in the Scriptures: Before we discuss specific passages in the Bible that indicate acceptance of reincarnation, let us remark that it is wrong to assume that all truths are to be found in the Scriptures. It is simply not so. Truths are revealed to mankind according to men's state of spiritual maturity. Some truths may not have been given to men at some particular point in time because they were not yet ready for such truths. Even the way a particular truth is presented also depends on how mature the audience is perceived to be. We find that this makes sense in our educational system; why should it not make sense in the school of spiritual life?

When a child has finished drinking his bottle of Coke, we may tell him that the bottle is empty. He will agree, and this is true for his age. But we may tell an older child that the bottle is not really empty, that nature does not permit a vacuum. The bottle is full of air. And again, this is true. And yet we can go on to tell a yet more mature person, that the empty bottle contains more than one item; that it contains a mixture of many gases including nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. It is in a similar manner that spiritual truths have been revealed to mankind over millennia...

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Posted on Saturday, August 22 - 2009

An 11-year-old American boy is believed to be the reincarnation of a World War 2 pilot who was shot down by the Japanese over the Pacific on March 3rd 1945, his 50th and last mission before being allowed to go home."James Leininger, an 11-year-old American boy, could be the reincarnation of a Second World War fighter pilot, according to a new book.


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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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