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Posted on Saturday, August 22 - 2009

An 11-year-old American boy is believed to be the reincarnation of a World War 2 pilot who was shot down by the Japanese over the Pacific on March 3rd 1945, his 50th and last mission before being allowed to go home."James Leininger, an 11-year-old American boy, could be the reincarnation of a Second World War fighter pilot, according to a new book.


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Posted on Monday, December 03 - 2007

Anthony North: Who were you in a previous life? This question is now so popular that many westerners accept that they must have lived before. Believing in the phenomenon of Reincarnation, it is almost a spiritual system in itself. But what is the reality to reincarnation? I don"t know. Maybe it is exactly what people believe. But it is also possible to place other mechanisms upon the subject, and even place it in a totally new paradigm. A case study: To understand the subject in western terms, we need to know just what ‘evidence" there is for it. Well, very little really. But we do have case studies. Here is a typical one. Nicola Peart shocked her mother when, as a little girl, she was given a dog. Calling it Muff,she said it was the name of her other dog, yet Nicola had never had a dog before.

Questioning her about this, Nicola suddenly wanted to know why she was a girl this time. It seems Nicola used to be a boy, whose mother, Elsie Benson, lived in a grey stone house in nearby Howarth and her father had worked on the railways . Nicola was later taken to Howarth, where she recognised the house, and parish records showed that a John Benson had been born there in 1875 to a railwayman and his family. What is reincarnation?: The above is a classic case of supposed reincarnation -the idea that when we die our soul is reborn into another body. As old as history, the idea is fundamental to many religions, most notably Hinduism, which is steeped in the Samsara, or wheel of rebirth. Whether a person is reborn to a lower or higher form is dependentupon karma, a principle which states that deeds in this life decide your place in the next. It is easy to dismiss reincarnation as impossible, but recent polls in the west show that between 25 and 40% of people believe they have been born before. One of the most famous believers is the Dalai Lama of Tibet. He has to believe for he is the thirteenth incarnation of the original Dalai Lama who came to the Lion Throne in 1391. More reincarnated children: A typical case of reincarnation is that of twins, Jennifer and Gillian Pollock, born in 1958 in Hexham, England.

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Posted on Saturday, April 21 - 2007

If you've ever wanted to go on TV with your experiences here's your chance from the people behind "Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead": Do you live in a place that you believe to be haunted? Have you experienced strange occurrences or witnessed unexplained phenomena? We want to hear from you. We are currently looking for people to participatein Season 2 of our show "Lisa Williams : Life Among the Dead" to air on Lifetime.

Using her uncanny abilities to see and speak with the dead, multi-talented English clairvoyant Lisa Williams brings messages from loved ones, answers questions and offers insights in spontaneous, heartwarming encounters with everyday Americans in this Lifetime Original Reality Series. In these impromptu meetings, Lisa relays messages from the dead to their astonished relatives andfriends. Amid laughter and tears, she passes along words of love or forgiveness, solves a misunderstanding, helps someone to say good-bye or explains something as mundane as the whereabouts of misplaced keys.NOTE: You must live in the Southern California area.To be considered, please email a photo of yourself, a daytime phone number, and a description of your story to:

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Posted on Sunday, June 24 - 2007

Anthony North: We all know about it, whether it exists or not. We know of ghosts and reincarnated entities, and we all have some knowledge of the idea that we might experience afterlife upon death.Philosophers and priests have thought about it for as long as thinking man has existed. Alternatively, scientists have tried their best to sweep it under a thread-bare carpet. So what is the reality of afterlife? Politics and morality: The first thing to realize about afterlife is that it has been quite useful in the life we class as ‘living.’ Medieval Christendom split Afterlife into Heaven and Hell, and applied transgressing The Ten Commandments to eternal redemption.This was a means of socialand moral control, using superstition to scare people into obedience.

A similar concept exists in the east, where karma is a moral imperative towards good so as not to be reincarnated in a lower status next time.Christianity went so far as to debar mere mortals from experiencing evidence of afterlife in life. To do so was to be Christ-like, and only Jesus was such. Hence, those who claimed communion with entities in life were classed as ‘evil’, dealing with the Devil. In this way, Christianity attempted to banish paganism and the occult.Individual problems: In the above, we can see that Afterlife is a useful system of control, guaranteeing its survival as a concept within religious society. But today, science and individuality has banished the idea and classed it as nonsense.Individuality has to ignoreAfterlife, for it implies something above the individual. But individuals continue to form societies and cultures. Our place in a society is defined by cultural interpretation. Hence, there is something above the individual.In light of this, could we argue that culture, or even our species, could be a continuing communal entity in its own right? If we are prepared to accept such a thing – and history itself shows a form of continuance above the individual – then we begin the philosophical step towards the idea of continuance after life.

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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