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Posted on Thursday, August 03 - 2006

Craig Jacocks’ Aware of Their Presence is set to be the first major book about alien abduction since Whitley Streiber’s best seller Communion. But, Jacocks has something even Streiber did not: proof. In the book, Jacocks recounts details from the many times he was abducted by aliens, beginning when he was a young child. He details how the encounters grew in intensity and how he began to realize he was dealing with humanoid beings withamazing abilities.

Gradually, he began to hear their voices and see them. Recently at work, a scanner reacted to an unknown code inside his body. X-rays revealed two needle-like objects, which he now believes to be tracking devices. These experiences, Jacocks suggests, are not only real, but they should be explored as proof of alien existence, rather than mocked or hidden away in secrecy.An in-demand speaker on alien abduction, Jacocks has also written articles about his experiences for both UFO Magazine and Mysteries Magazine. Aware of TheirPresence has been considered as recommended reading by the highly influential Mutual UFO Network state director, Richard Lee. We can’t deny the existence of alien abduction any longer, says Jacocks, and this startling, frank, and brutally honest book can prove it.

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Posted on Saturday, June 10 - 2006

Were you in Grantham on the evening of November 9, 1965? Yes? Then you were abducted by aliens but inconveniently have had the memory wiped, according to a new book. Indeed, only a cover-up by the Journal and all the usual Government suspects has prevented the story being told ... until now.Asylum – The Definitive UFO and Alien Abduction Experience is written by Anthony R. Mallin and claims to be based on the story of a real person, Clive Powers, who as a boy in 1960 was groomed by the aliens when they touched down in Syston five years earlier.When the Grantham landing happened in Green Lane, Powers suffered thetorment of abduction while 'drawn' out to the site with his mate.He was sent to Rauceby and thence to an asylum in Croydon where his memory was agonisingly unravelled by a mysterious psychiatrist.It can be difficult to follow what's going on and it's difficult to check as the author claims names have been changed, oddly, to avoid "possible contraventions" of the Official Secrets Act.

Perhaps there might have been greater concerns about making enemies from further afield.But there are plenty of place names and so on to tickle the fancy of the Grantham reader, even if you were lucky enough not to get whisked away on that evening 40 years ago.Powers, who seemed to live in both Hamilton Road and MelbourneRoad, went to Belton Lane Primary School and St Wulfram's (where some pretty amazing things happened). He worked at Parnell's TV shop and there is, inevitably, a big Ministry of Defence cover-up surrounding RAF Spitalgate and possibly the goings-on at Barkston Heath.But the real villains of the piece are at the Journal. When our intrepid hero is attempting to research what really happened he is met by sinister questions.

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Posted on Friday, November 04 - 2005

A few quick questions: Have you seen beams of light come into your room through a window? Have you ever woken up startled? Do you have chronic sinusitis? Do you have to sleep against a wall? Ever been afraid of your closet? Have ringing in your ears? A fear of doctors? Had the feeling you were going crazy? Are you aware of the cosmos, interested in ecology, the environment, vegetarianism?Did youanswer "yes" to one or more?The good news is, welcome to the club.

The bad news is, according to a study conducted in 2002 by the Roper Center for Public Opinion, these are a few of 58 positive indicators that you might be one of the 3.7 million Americans who say they have been abducted by aliens.Even better news? There's about to be a bunch more of you.It seems that you can Google "alien abduction," read big books, do extensive research and still come up with one conclusion: The more TVyou watch, the more knowledge you have of the appearance and behavior of abducting aliens. And the more knowledge you have, the more likely you are to be abducted.Or think you've been abducted.

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Posted on Wednesday, November 02 - 2005

Would you like to help with a study of a strange sleep phenomenon that may shed light on memory, the contents of our dreams and even alien abduction?The study has been triggered in part by the emergence in recent decades of "a most bizarre phenomenon", according to Prof Chris French, head of the Anomolistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths College in London. People around the world have reported being taken from their beds or from their cars by aliens. "These beings were often around four feet high, with spindly arms and legs and oversized heads," he said. "The most striking thing about them was their large black eyes through which theyappeared to communicate telepathically."The abductees, or 'experiencers' as they prefer to be known, would describe how they had found themselves on board an alien spaceship where they were subjected to (often painful) medical examination, during which sperm or ova might be extracted."To investigate, Prof French compared 19 alleged "abductees" and 19 age- and gender-matched volunteers.

Last week, he told a meeting in the Science Museum's Dana Centre that these "experiencers" scored more highly in a number of areas, including belief in the paranormal and a tendency to hallucinate. Many had a history of sleep paralysis, a penumbra of consciousness when sufferers sense the presence of a nearby threat, either when falling asleep orawakening."These findings show that it is possible to carry out good science in this controversial area, and start to discover what lies behind these unusual reports," said Prof Richard Wiseman, University of Hertfordshire. ''Of course," he added, "it is always possible that Prof French has been abducted by aliens, and unknowingly had these ideas put into his head to prevent the real truth emerging.''

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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