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Posted on Friday, September 17 - 2004

In the 1980s two different movements emerged that exhibited a strikingly similar combination of the quasi-religious and psychotherapeutic—UFO abductees and ritual abuse survivors (Paley 1997). Both movements focused upon healing members from victimization they experienced at the hands of beings of often supernatural power. Further, both movements use techniques developed in psychotherapeutic circles, such as hypnosis, art therapy, and role-playing, to recover “repressed” memories at the hands of these abusers. In the mid-1980s an increasing numberof support groups appeared that were centered around so-called UFO abductions.

UFO abductee support groups attempt to help people recover repressed memories of victimization at the hands of extraterrestrials. Also in the mid-1980s an increasing number of therapists and support groups focusing on “ritual abuse” began seeking clients/members. Ritual abuse support groups also attempt to recover repressed memories of past abuses. In this case, the abuse is believed to take place at the hands of secretive, underground, usually Satanic, cults. While much has been written about both of these movements, little of this research has focused on the members themselves.Many sociological studies of flying saucer, or UFO, religious groups have appeared over the years. In fact, Festinger’s cognitive dissonance theory developed based upon observations of a small flying saucer cult. Although there are many case studies of UFO cults with origins in the beliefs of the contactee movement of the 1950s and 1960s much lesshas been written about groups centered around UFO abductions.

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Posted on Friday, September 10 - 2004

Probably, the phenomenon of mysterious 'reasonable' clouds represents an independent form of life A strange cloud often appears in many stories about anomalous and unexplainable phenomena. A casual encounter with this cloud may show strong influence on human psychology. Ufologists link this phenomenon with UFO and extraterrestrial beings at times. Ufologist Vitaly Kosinov saw this cloud in early September in 1989. He was picking nuts in the woods, when he sensed someone's intent look behind him. There was no one around, but the atmosphere was filled with fear, which made Vitaly's hair stand on ends. When the scientist looked up, he saw adark-gray cloud, which looked like a vertical poll.

The man heard a strange noise, which reminded the sound of flopping bird's wings and a cracking tree, but there were no birds in the area, tree branches were motionless. The cloud went upwards and stood still. Kosinov felt he could not move a finger, he became weak in the knees and fell down on the ground exhausted. The researcher subconsciously realized that the cloud intended to take him, and he attempted to resist against it, at least in his mind. Vitaly sensed weak electric current all over his body, and the object flew away. The man felt better at once, but he forgot the incident immediately. He said he started recollecting it a lot later, when he saw the cloud again on severaloccasions. Vitaly Kosinov said the cloud would come down, envelope him totally and then disappear in several seconds. He said he would fall into profound dreamless sleep afterwards. Members of a ufological mission saw violet-blue pillar-like clouds in the field at night, in 1990. A young ufologist decided to take a closer look at the phenomenon, but as soon as he started approaching the clouds, he heard voices in the head, telling him not to walk further ahead. The voice was coming from the dark cloud hanging in the air nearby. The young man turned back and everything disappeared. Another similar incident occurred to the Fedorovs family from Vladivostok. Aleksey, his wife Nina and two of their children decided to go camping for the weekend. Theyput up a. ...

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Posted on Wednesday, July 21 - 2004

Researchers at Harvard University called on aliens from outer space to help them solve a problem that surfaces frequently in everything from therapeutic sessions to criminal trials, or even just chatting with a friend. How do you know if someone is telling the truth when he or she recalls memories of childhood abuse, or being raped by satanic cults, or some other traumatic insult? One clue that many of us rely on is the emotional reaction of the person telling the story. If the victim breaks out in sweat and becomes extremely emotional while recalling those memories, it's more difficult to dismiss them as false. But all that reallymeans is the person truly believes his or her memories are true, not that they really are, according to the researchers.

"The person really believes something happened," says Richard McNally, a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at Harvard, lead author of a study in the July issue of Psychological Science. "But that doesn't necessarily mean it did." True or False? Deciding which memories are true, and which are false, is a real tough problem for therapists and law enforcement officials, and sometimes friends. That's especially true when long-buried memories suddenly surface involving traumatic events that may have occurred years ago. McNally has struggled with the problem for years,moving from combat traumas to memories of childhood sexual abuse.He says that even a seasoned therapist can be influenced by the emotional state of the person recalling the memories."A therapist is more inclined to credit the account as authentic if it's accompanied by really intense emotion," he says. "The therapist thinks 'my goodness, something must have happened.' "Years of research have convinced him that even false memories can stimulate a lot of emotion, but how do you prove that in the lab? That's where the aliens from space come in.Emotions Cloud TruthThey got a lot of weird phone calls, including some from people claiming to be aliens, but in time they had their subjects, six womenand. ...

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Posted on Wednesday, June 30 - 2004

January 6, 1976 was Mona Stafford's 36th birthday. To celebrate, she and her friends Louise Smith and Elaine Thomas decided to drive thirty-five miles from their home in Liberty, Kentucky, to have dinner at the Redwoods Restaurant, between Stanford and Lancaster, Kentucky. Louise Smith was driving them in her '67 Chevy Nova. The three women had an enjoyable dinner together. None of them drank any alcoholic beverages with their meal. At about 11:15, the trio headed back home, expecting to be home by midnight. At Stanford, Kentucky, nine miles from Lancaster, they turned off Highway 27 and onto Highway 78 towards Hustonville. Just outside Stanford, acurious thing happened.

A bright red object appeared in the sky, which Mona Stafford at first thought was an airplane on fire. As the object descended from the right side of the road to a point ahead of them, they could see that it was not an airplane, but a huge object bigger than "two houses." The object stopped about a hundred yards ahead of them, stretching across the road on both sides. It rocked back and forth for a couple of seconds, and then moved off to the left. They kept driving, and assumed that whatever it was had kept going. However, after they had been about a quarter of a mile, a blue light appeared through the rear window of the car. At first they thought it was a highway patrol car with its lights flashing, but soon theyrealized that the flying object had circled around and had come up behind them. Suddenly, something wrested control of the car away from Louise Smith. The car accelerated even though Mrs. Smith took her foot off the accelerator, and the speedometer was soon on 85 mph. Mona Stafford, in the front passenger seat, tried to help Louise regain control of the car, but it was not possible. The women began to feel a burning sensation in their eyes. The ignition lights lit up on the instrument panel, an indication that the car's engine was stalled, but they were still speeding along. They saw a wide, brightly lit road ahead of them, and then, seconds later, the scene became Highway 78 and they recognized they were on the outskirts of Hustonville, a fulleight. ...

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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