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Posted on Tuesday, February 03 - 2009

Alien Abduction

Copyright New York Times

About once a week, Jean-Christophe Terrillon wakes up and senses the presence of a threatening, evil being beside his bed. Terror ripples through him, and he tries to move or call out. But he is paralyzed, unable to raise an arm or make a sound. His ears ring, a weight presses down on his chest, and he has to struggle for breath."I feel an intense pressure in my head, as if it's going to explode," said Mr. Terrillon, a Canadian physicist doing research in Japan. Sometimes he finds himself transported upward and looking down on his body, or else sent hurtling through a long tunnel, and these episodes are terrifying even for a scientist like himwho does not believe that evil spirits go around haunting people.Called sleep paralysis, this disorder -- the result of a disconnect between brain and body as a person is on the fringe of sleep -- is turning out to be increasingly common, affecting nearly half of all people at least once.

Moreover, a growing number of scholars believe that sleep paralysis may help explain many ancient reports of attacks by witches and modern claims of abduction by space aliens.
"I think it can explain claims of witchcraft and alien abduction," said Kazuhiko Fukuda, a psychologist at Fukushima University in Japan and a leading expert on sleep paralysis. Research in Japan has had a headstart because sleep paralysis is well-known to most Japanese, who call it kanashibari, while it is little-known and less studied in the West. witch ......

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Posted on Saturday, October 09 - 2004

In the modern era, there are literally thousands of people who claim to have been abducted by UFOs. They replaced the "contactees" of previous years, who were usually happy to talk to their alien friends. It was from the late 1960s onward that UFOs began to take on a more sinister air. Though they would have you believe otherwise, it is easy to pinpoint the beginning of the abductee craze: Betty Hill. She and her husband were driving down a long, dark road and were "abducted". They described small, gray aliens with heads shaped like light bulbs, the now common staple of pop culture. Later, it was learned that Betty Hill had aprevious interest in UFOs and that the whole thing was a product of her overactive imagination.

Yet as soon as word of her "spacenapping" by "the grays" got out, they became a common theme in American UFO stories. I say American because of an interesting division: In America, the aliens that abduct people are usually the small, evil gray folks. In Europe and elsewhere, they are almost universally reported as tall, blond and benign. Evidence of two alien races vying for our attention or subtle indicator of cultural bias of made-up stories? If you guessed #1, you guessed wrong. I would love nothing more than to describe in detail the hundreds of cases I've read about and debunk them one by one as the products of hoaxes,practical jokes, hallucinations or cries for attention; however, it may be better to speak of them generally. Let me be absolutely clear about this: UFOs exist. They exist as strange atmospheric phenomena, classified aircraft, weather balloons or rare weather patters. A person who sees a UFO is probably telling the truth, and the event might have occurred. A person who claims to have been abducted by aliens is lying, hallucinating, or on the receiving end of a bad joke. There are no other options.Generally, it starts like this: When alone somewhere, be it driving down a dark and lonely road or sleeping alone in a backwoods home, the abductee senses something is wrong. This is called the Oz Factor. Animals act irregularly, senses are dulled orsharpened,. ...

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Posted on Saturday, October 02 - 2004

During the 1950s, UFOs were still a relatively new phenomenon that many people thought deserved to be investigated impartially and scientifically. However, where some people saw scientific opportunity, others saw an as-of-yet untouched gold mine. These people were the "contactees." They're called contactees because their stories are always happy, or at the very least voluntary, as compared to the modern "abductees" who are "spacenapped" and usually the subject of some terrible experiment. Though I'm appalled at the damage they did to science, I have to admire at least some of the contactees. They saw a big fat cashcow and they milked it for all it was worth.

Basically, contactees all have the same story. After a lifetime of mild "paranormal activity," space aliens introduce themselves to the contactee. They have chosen him or her, they explain, because their "unique brain waves" will make them more receptive to contact. They have a message they want to tell the world, but don't want to do it themselves, because they are afraid of our nuclear weapons and short tempers. They then give the contactee a ride in their spaceship, showing him their home planets (usually within our solar system), which are veritable utopias. They then send the contactee back into the world to preach their message.Very little about this story varied; it wasmostly details as to the name of the alien homeworld, the length of time that they'd been among us, so on and so forth. In the 1950s, though, the message was always the same; the aliens want to make peaceful contact with us and share their utopian ways, but hesitate to do so since we're basically gorillas sitting on piles of atom bombs. Therefore, they need to use the contactee as a go-between.George Adamski and George Van Tassel were the two most successful of the contactees. They eventually had thousands of followers and adherents to their "faith of space-brotherhood." The books they wrote, which are at best grammatically poor and philosophically weak, sold out time and time again. They managed to bilk piles of money; what in....

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Posted on Monday, November 24 - 2008

Jane Nelms

Copyright KLTV 7

"I was terrified. As soon as the sun went down, I knew they'd be there." Jane Nelms says throughout her life, she's had constant visitors not of this earth. She says it all started on night in 1973, when a brilliant white light appeared in her bedroom window. "As I pulled the drape aside, all of a sudden there were 5 beings all around me."Nelms has drawn pictures of the 5 beings she says that came in quickly that night and took her. "I could not move, couldn't do a thing. And I was trying to grab the railings to stop myself from being taken. They had total control." She says theycarried her to their ship, and one of them even spoke."He said in a very monotone voice, 'Jane, it is your time to come.' And I said, 'I am not going anywhere.' He said, 'Why not you come with us?' I mean, just very, very few words.

I said, Because they need me here on Earth. I have family, I have friends.' 'It is your time to come now.'"
"So, they took me. It wasn't until 1993, when I was hypnotized, that I found out what they were doing." Nelms says she didn't speak about what happened for years, until she met others who claimed similar experiences at a support group near Dallas. When she moved to Carrollton, Nelms says the aliens followed her and came to others. She remembers a frantic, frightening phone call from a neighbor. She said three different types of beings camedown the hallway, and the fans started rotating in the opposite direction and the lights were flashing. And little balls of light were flying around everywhere. She said one of the beings was so tall it could hardly get through the door. Nelms says those beings abducted her neighbor, just like they abducted her. But why? She says for scientific research. "I know this is crazy, but this is what happened. They examined her. She said when she was on the ship, the mother ship, she said there were all kinds of different species of aliens. Some of them were wearing civilian clothes, she said some of them talked in other languages, she said one told her that they weren't going to harm her, they just wanted to do some examinations." She says she confronted those same aliens that night, and even has evidence they werehere.......

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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