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Posted on Monday, July 09 - 2012

65 years after the event CIA veteran Chase Brandon has claimed that the crash was no weather balloon.In 1947 a mysterious object crashed at Roswell in New Mexico, its true nature was quickly covered up but those who were there have maintained for decades that not only was the object an extraterrestrial spacecraft but that its occupants were also recovered for examination by the military."It was not a damnweather balloon," said Brandon.

"It was what it was billed when people first reported it. It was a craft that clearly did not come from this planet, it crashed and I don"t doubt for a second that the use of the word "remains" and "cadavers" was exactly what people were talking about." Happy anniversary, Roswell, N. M. It was 65 years ago today that the Roswell Daily Record blasted an infamous headline claiming local military officials had captured aflying saucer on a nearby ranch. And now, a former CIA agent says it really happened.  

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Posted on Saturday, July 07 - 2012

How far can our imagination take us when it comes to envisaging extraterrestrial life forms ?One leading scientist has come up with one of the more unusual concept suggestions for a potential alien life form, Dr Maggie Alderin-Pocock believes that it is possible we could find huge jellyfish-like animals floating through methane clouds on another world. The creatures would feed by scooping nutrients from the clouds in to their mouths while stayingaloft through the use of large onion-like buoyancy bags hanging beneath them."Our imaginations are naturally constrained by what we see around us, and the conventional wisdom has been that life needs water and is carbon-based," said Dr.

Alderin-Pocock. "But some researchers are doing exciting work, playing with ideas such as silicon-based life forms. Silicon is just below carbon in the periodic table, has some chemical similarities, and is widely available in the universe. " Her aliens wouldprobably die on Earth, finding the damp oxygenated atmosphere lethally corrosive. Equally, humans would not survive on Titan.  

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Posted on Friday, July 06 - 2012

Rumours and conspiracy theories are abound in the run up to the London 2012 Olympic Games.One theory that has been gaining momentum is that a BBC documentary on the topic of conspiracies that is due to be broadcast later this month will be used to signal the initiation of a plan to stage a fake alien invasion during the Olympics. The hoax would involve the use ofholographic UFOs and would be intended to provide an excuse for increased military funding.While it sounds ridiculous, some have become firmly entrenched in the belief that something big will take place during the event.

With belief in UFOs on the rise in recent weeks it seems that interest and hysteria surrounding the topic is fast approaching an all-time high. There could be a false flag UFO alien invasion duringthe London Olympic games this summer, if rumors on the Internet are to be believed.  

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Posted on Tuesday, June 26 - 2012

A team from the National Geographic are working to respond to the famous 1977 transmission.The Wow! signal has long been a topic of debate amongst astronomers hunting for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. Detected by Jerry R. Ehman, the 72 second signal appeared to have originated from outside our solar system. It"s name comes from a computer printout of the signal on which Ehman had written the word "Wow!" in red ink.NationalGeographic are now working with the Aricebo Observatory to encrypt and send a response to the signal to coincide with the launch of their new "Chasing UFOs" TV series.

Anyone can contribute messages to the signal in the form of Tweets, it will be sent on August 15th to mark the 35th anniversary of the date on which the original signal was first picked up. If there"s something you"d like to say to aliens, now"s your chance. The Wow! signal, a mysterious radio transmission detected in1977 that may or may not have come from extraterrestrials, is finally getting a response from humanity.  

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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