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Posted on Sunday, August 23 - 2009

By Alan de Walton

There are many who claim that extraterrestrial life exists throughout the universe, and therefore they claim that the Bible must be discredited as a result, due to its implications that physical life was created for the first time on planet earth. From a Judeo-Christian perspective however, the stars and galaxies would be inhabited by angels, both standing and fallen angels, however physical beings such as humans and animals would NOT have been CREATED on other worlds. For according to the Torah or the Bible , it was God's plan to CREATE man first on EARTH and no where else. That is, planet earth being the "cradle" of all physical life. Yet, as some have said, does one necessarily remain in the "cradle" forever? So then, if there ARE human or animal beings living on other planets, then according to Judeo-Christian thought they would HAVE to have ultimately been descended from Adam and Eve, or from one of the many animal species that Jehovah originally created and placed in the Garden of Eden.

But does this mean that human beings do NOT exist on other worlds? No, it simply means that IF THEY DO exist, then they would ultimately have descended from Adam-Eve, or more realistically from the descendants of Noah, for before the flood there may not have been a visible cosmos to aim towards, but rather a thick canopy of watery vapor. In other words, no visible stars and thus no visible goal for potential "ancient astronauts" to set their "sights" on. The antediluvians were, therefore, probably more interested in exploring INNER SPACE than OUTER SPACE. Another scriptural reference stating that the ARK contained ALL of the PHYSICAL life in the universe [at least until that physical life spread once again throughout the world and -- some believe -- throughout the stars] can be found in Genesis chapter 6, vs. 17: "..even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy ALL FLESH, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven."...

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Posted on Tuesday, June 07 - 2005

MJ-12 - RIP

Back on March 10th I posed four critical questions for the remaining MJ-12 advocates, Stan Friedman in particular, to answer.A failure to do so, I indicated, would serve as confirmation that the MJ-12 proponents, despite their many proclamations to have proved the original documents genuine, had done nothing of the sort (note - when I refer to the "original documents" I mean the Eisenhower Briefing Document, Truman-Forrestal Memo, and the Cutler-Twining Memo).Indeed, I am convinced that a failure to answer any one of these four questions is, in and of itself, sufficient to prove the opposite - that the MJ-12 documents are not genuine. In his most recent MUFON Journalcolumn (May, 2005), Stan has presented his "answers" to these questions.I admire his tenacity, just as I have always admired Stan (and still do).

Anyone who doubts that should look at my film Stanton T. Friedman is Real. That said, however, Stan's "answers" are no answers at all. Rather, they are a mixture of very selective evidence, double-standards, faulty conclusions, and wishful thinking. Unfortunately, this is all that the MJ-12 defenders have left.So, here is my response to Stan's article. I quote in full from Stan's responses in the MUFON Journal, I reference my four original questions, and then I provide my rebuttal to Stan's points(in some cases, also referring to previously published posts here at The Other Side of Truth).Question #1Original Question: Why has no in-depth investigation been conducted by MJ-12 proponents into the second alleged crash referred to in the EBD,the El Indio - Guerrero incident? In fact, why is that alleged incident not discussed - at all - by Stan Friedman in either his paper "Final Report on Operation Majestic 12" or his later book Top Secret / Majic?Stan's Response: "Paul asked why I had not investigated the crash noted on page 5 of the EBD on 06 December, 1950, in the El Indio-Guerrero area of the Texas - Mexican border. The reasons are simple: I live a long way from there and had nothing to work with, neither names of people nor a specific location. The EBD says "what remained of the object had been almost totally incinerated. Such material as could be recovered was transported to the A.E.C. facility at Sandia, New Mexico." I have been to Sandia. The chance of getting any information from this high security nuclear weapons lab would be nil. Furthermore, I was well aware that some investigation was beingd......

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Posted on Saturday, August 18 - 2007

Warren P. Aston 1997
Excerpted From UFO Magazine March/April 1998 - ISSN 0966-1107

An amazing alien encounter 7 years before either Roswell or Kenneth Arnold's sighting may offer our best chance yet to understand where some UFO's come from and why they are visiting our planet. For more than two decades, Udo Wartena, a Dutch immigrant living in the Western U.S., kept what had happened to him one spring morning in May 1940 a secret, not even telling his wife. Before dying in 1989 he finally confided in two friends and then wrote the details of his experience down so it would not be lost. Udo's incredible story remained completely unknown in UFO circles however until the details were finally released by Australian researcher Warren Aston at the Prestigious M.U.F.O.N. (MUTIAL UFO NETWORK) annual symposium in Michigan in July 1997. Warren takes up the story.

The detailed and straightforward report of Udo Wartena is the most revealing, informative and totally credible of any claimed alien encounter that I have studied in some twenty years of research. There is not the slightest hint of any deception, evasion or fraud in his story and the witness enjoyed the highest imaginable endorsement for his integrity and honesty - often given unsolicited - by those who knew him best over his lifetime. If, as the evidence overwhelmingly suggests, this experience actually occurred, then at least part of the question about UFO origins is decisively answered. I am not claiming that this case reveals the full picture of alien activity on Earth; the spectrum of alien contact is much broader and more complex than any single case can reveal. I also do not claim that all genuine extraterrestrials have the same appearance that the aliens did in this case; however such aliens are more frequently reported than even many researchers are aware of, but seem to lack the news or book-selling value of the omnipresent 'greys'. My own research suggests that perhaps twenty or more different alien groups may be involved in visiting our planet and operating here at the present time, so obviously a number of motives and agendas are probable...

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Posted on Tuesday, November 09 - 2004

As Ufologists we hear many stories of unusual encounters and sightings of exotic crafts flying through our day and night skies. Every once in a while we come across a case that truly defies explanation. This is one of those cases I am writing about now. I was contacted recently and was sent a couple of photos of something unusual. At least for now it remains unexplained. At first the conversation started over the object itself but what I didn't realize was, that there was a lot more to come. This story comes from a man by the name of John Tosti who resides in the southern part of Bloomington, Indiana on acreage in a rural setting and who has livedin the area for many years.

Back in his younger days he was an avid hunter and enjoyed being in the outdoors. John would leave his home roughly around 4:00 to 5:00 a.m., before the sun had risen so he could get to the back of his property in hopes of spotting game. One day as he made ready to head out, John walked onto his front porch and quickly noticed three bright spherical shaped lights which appeared to be floating above the top of the trees. One of the lights travelled to the west. This first light wasn't moving erratically and was flying along rather slowly. The color of the light was blue. The light at arms length was approximately the size of a quarter and the other two lights the size of a dime. These two were green and red and weremoving erratically around the blue light in a figure eight pattern. They were slightly smaller than the blue lights. The objects were low enough in altitude that they cast their light onto the trees. An estimate of the distance away from the witness would have placed the lights at around 100 yards away from him. John said he watched them move along slowly for approximately three to four minutes before they disappeared. He stood watching and was totally baffled at the strange sight. John explained he had never observed anything like this before. He said that he has seen all types of different aircraft and helicopters and knows what they sound and look like. These lights made no sound whatsoever. He eventually made his way back home. He woke up his. ...

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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