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Posted on Tuesday, May 29 - 2012

The four-man "Finding Bigfoot" team believe they have captured audio of a bigfoot in Australia.The team had conducted an expedition in the forests of Queensland and New South Wales in search of the elusive bipedal hominid that is known locally as the "yowie". BFRO researcher James Fay contends that audio recordings captured during their travels in the region are some of the most compelling yet but that itwill be necessary to wait until the episode airs before the evidence can be revealed."We got some really compelling audio," he said.

"It is not a known species, I can tell you that. One of the details (convinces us) there is nothing else it could have been." The four-member team from Animal Planet"s Finding Bigfoot series were on an expedition through remote forests spanning the Queensland and NSW border when they made the recordings.  

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"Bigfoot" captured on trail camera

A man in Minnesota has claimed he has caught an image of Bigfoot using a motion-activated trail camera. A local research team analysed the picture and believed it could be genuine however many believethe image to be ahoax. "A northern Minnesota man thinks he may have photographed Bigfoot with a motion-activated trail camera. . Some are impressed by the photo, while others are less enthusiastic that it depicts a real Bigfoot." ...

Russian bigfoot expedition postponed due to weather conditions

Copyright © MosNews.comThe expedition that went looking for bigfoots in a cave in the mountains of Siberia has so far been fruitless, but its organizers blame the weather for failure and say they will return in summer. Earlier this week an expedition headed by “yeti specialist” Igor Burtsev set off to explore the several kilometer long cave in the Kemerovo Region, where local hunters reported to have seen the creatures. The expedition returned to Moscow without any succe...

Bigfoot sightings in Cherokee county

Sightings are being reported again in Cherokee county of the tall, hairy creature with a face resembling a human and a strong stench - Bigfoot. “I feel like Faye Ray here,” said Sheryl Mast, of the Gideon community. “Maybe he"s looking for a girlfriend.” Bigfoot is a common reference to an uncommon and unexplained occurrence. People seeing it may assume the creature is a bear or choose to not tell anyone about what they saw. After all who would believe them? Sightings have been reported in almos...

Yeti Sightings In Kashmir

Was it the visitation of the Abominable Snowman, also called Yeti by some? Villagers in this Jammu and Kashmir village are sure it was. At least 20-year-old Raja Wasim has no doubt it was the Snowman that attacked him. Fondly called Raju by his parents, the young man came out of his uncle's home to feed cattle at a cowshed. He heard a strange noise among the greens in the lawn of the house. When he turnedaround, there it stood: a four-foot-tall...

New Bigfoot photographs to be published

A book on the Johor Bigfoot, said to include exclusive photographs of the elusive creature, has caused a stir among cryptozoologists around the world. The book authored by local writers and researchers, including the man in the thick of Bigfoot research in Johor, Vincent Chow, is set to be released in the next few months.Chow said yesterday he had seen the Bigfoot photographs, which belonged to an individual.He added the individual wished to remain anonymous for the time being."The owner of...

Bigfoot prints found in Burke County

Bigfoot researchers affiliated with Tom Biscardi have been investigating footprints found in Burke County.Researcher Robert Price has said that the footprints show signs of dermal ridges like a handprint which would mean that the foot would be able to bend unlike the feet of a human.Investigations in to the prints continue. A team of researchersaffiliated with legendary ‘Bigfoot Hunter’ Tom Biscardi traveled from Alabama to Hickory, N. . C. Sunday to investigate recent footprint sighti...

Bigfoot prints found in Canada

Submitted by Vaughn A Picard: Randy Fobister"s pictures have been circulating through Grassy Narrows like gossip this week. They are of a 15-inch long, six-toed, "big" footprint. Driving to a blueberry picking site Tuesday, about an hour north of the Grassy Narrows First Nation reserve located 80 km northeast of Kenora, Helen Pahpasay and her mother saw something they"ve never seen before. "I seen a black, um ... thing," Pahpasay said. "It was tall and lanky and it was walking towards our way. "...

Mormons find Bigfoot prints

Two missionaries with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints received a scare on the night of Dec 2 when they saw what they think was a set of sasquatch footprints outside of their Burns Lake home. Tyler Beck and Brad Blazzard are in B.C. for two years, rotating in different communities throughout the Smithers and Burns Lake area for the past seven months. "The first thing we thought was that someone was playing a trick on us," Beck said."But we don"t know anyone our age who would do th...

Bigfoot researchers record thermal images

A group that searched for bigfoot in the U.P. woods this weekend plans to return in August. A four-day expedition in Marquette County by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, collecting evidence supporting the existence of “sasquatches” began with mixed results but concluded with “excitement,” according to BFRO organizer/ researcher Matthew Moneymaker. Just after midnight Saturday, veteran BFRO investigators Pam Porter of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Don Young of Phillips, Wis., saw “grainy blips...

Woman has Bigfoot sighting

A woman on buck Flats Road reported a Sasquatch sighting on July 26 to Brian Vike, Director of Houston British Columbia Canada (HBCC) UFO Research. She made the report 29 days after the sighting simply because she didn"t not know who she should tell. "It was my neighbour who said Brian was the person to talk to," she said. Since her incident, one of the woman"s friends reported a sighting on Telkwa High Road in Moricetown and over the summer there have been sightings in Campbell River and in Por...

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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