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Posted on Thursday, June 04 - 2009

A boy chosen by the Dalai Lama as a reincarnation of a spiritual leader has opted to turn his back on the Buddhist order, claiming that he had been taken away from his family and that he had suffered a great deal as a result of him being chosen."As a toddler, he was put on a throne and worshipped by monks who treated him like a god.

But the boy chosen by the Dalai Lama as a reincarnation of a spiritual leader has caused consternation and some embarrassment for Tibetan Buddhists by turning his back on the order that had such high hopes for him."

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Posted on Saturday, September 18 - 2010

In the early 1800s Buddhist monks practiced a long and turturous process of self mummification.Very few monks actually succeeded in the process and it was thought to be only folklore until bodies were found this year. The exact procedure took years of slowly starving and poisoning their own bodies before finally sealing themselvesinside a stone tomb until they were dead.

Would you slowly commit suicide for the sole purpose of religious enlightenment? There are approximately 24 Buddhist monks who did so in the Yamagata Prefecture that occurred in the early 1800s. This practice was folklore until Buddhist monk mummies were discovered in July of 2010.  

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Posted on Thursday, January 15 - 2009

The Sarnath Buddhist monastery, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, is revered as the site of the Buddha"s first discourse after his enlightment - the stream from which the teachings of Buddhism flowed.But if you visit the monastery between 20 and 31 January, you couldwitness the start of a new stream of teaching.

More than 30 Tibetan monks, plus a handful of nuns, will be collaborating with a team from San Francisco"s Exploratorium ("the museum of art, science and human perception") to build exotic machines to create patterns from sunlight using cardboard, dowels, reflective sheets of mylar and electroniccomponents.

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Posted on Thursday, November 27 - 2008

Chinese archaeologists have claimed that a 1,000-year-old miniature pagoda, unearthed in Nanjing, holds a piece of skull belonging to Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism. The pagoda was wedged tightly inside an iron case that was discovered at the site of a former temple in the city in August. The four-storey pagoda, which is almost four feet high and one-and-a-half feet wide, is thought by archaeologists to be one of the 84,000 pagodas commissioned by Ashoka the Great in the second century BC to house the remains of the Buddha. Ashoka, one of India"s greatest emperors, converted to Buddhism after waging a bloody war in the eastern state of Orissa. He is widelycredited with spreading Buddhism throughout Asia, and across his kingdom, which stretched from Pakistan through Afghanistan and into Iran.

The pagoda found in Nanjing is crafted from wood, gilded with silver and inlaid with gold, coloured glass and amber. It matches a description of another of Ashoka"s pagodas which used to be housed underneath the Changgan Buddhist temple in Nanjing. A description of the contents of the pagoda was also found: a gold coffin bearing part of Buddha"s skull inside a silver box. Although scans have confirmed that there are two small metal boxes inside the pagoda, experts have not yet peered inside. The pagoda is currently on display in the museum. Qi Haining, the head of archaeology at Nanjing Museum, told state media: "This pagoda may be unique, theonly one known to contain parts of Buddha"s skull". But he said there would be a lengthy process before the cases could be opened. In 2001, Chinese authorities found a case that was said to contain a relic of Buddha"s hair, but declined to open the welded box in case it damaged the contents. De Qing, an expert in Buddhism in Nanjing, said: "The discovery of the relic will have a huge influence on the cultural history of Buddhism in China and will establish Nanjing as a premier site.

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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