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Posted on Thursday, August 02 - 2012

A series of mysterious crop circles have turned up in a wheat field near to the Grand Coulee dam.The designs resemble a four-leaf clover and have flattened over an acre of wheat, however farm owners Cindy and Greg Geib don"t seem to be too concerned by the intrusion. "You canít do anything other than laugh about it," said Cindy. "You just kind of roll with the theory itís aliens and youíre special because aliens chose your spot."Whilesome of the flattened wheat can be salvaged, inevitably at least some of it will be lost.

"Weíre trying to figure out how they got out there without breaking any of the wheat. Itís hard to walk through the crunchy wheat and not knock it down," said Cindy. "At the same time, itís hard to think itís aliens. Itís a bizarre thing to wrap your brain around." Mysterious crop circles have appeared in an Eastern Washington wheat field - not far from the nationís largest hydropower produceró but area farmers preparing for the summerís harvest find the distraction more amusing than alarming.  

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Maryville man puzzled by strange circle in yard

A Maryville man says something weird is happening on his property, and while Jack Ledbetter isn't suggesting it's the work of aliens, he has no answer for it. Ledbetter is perplexed by a patch of dead grass on his four acre lot off Montvale Road. It's a perfect circle, about 15 feet in diameter, with green grass and a small hole in the middle. He's been scratching his head over this the past few years. "About three years ago, I was walking down through there and ...

Alien link to crop circles in West Asheville?

The work of pranksters, or an alien landing zone? The 100-foot interlocking circles that mysteriously appeared in a hayfield this weekend have local residents trying to answer that question. The crop circle, near the intersection of Huffman and Oak Crest drives, is about 100 feet long and half that wide. Rick Hawkins, 28, who lives nearby, favors an extraterrestrial explanation. He saw bright lights overhead Saturday night and initially assumed it was a plane. ďBut now I donít know,Ē he ...

UFO crop circle witnesses come forward

In July of 1996 one of the most complex and spectacular crop circle designs ever seen appeared in a field opposite Stonehenge. The design became known as ďThe Julia SetĒ because it resembled the mathematical fractal called by that name. The formation was remarkable not only because of its complexity and beauty but also due to several anomalies associated with its discovery.It arrived in daylight on a sunny day opposite a busy tourist spot surrounded by high traffic roads such as the A303. What...

Russian Researchers Crop Circle Claim

A group of researchers in Russia claim they have solved the mystery of crop circles, the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily reports. According to them, plants bend as a result of microwave emissions caused by lightning strikes. The newspaper described an experiment conducted by researcher Stanislav Smirnov who placed several stalks of cereals in a microwave oven with a glass of water. He said the stalks bent in exactly the same way as those usually found at crop circles. Smirnov said he now has...

Circle buffs crop up in Glastonbury

Ever since the first crop circle appeared mysteriously over night, speculation about the forces which created it have kept tongues wagging. And the age-old question of whether it is the work of aliens, ancient magic or simply some nocturnal humans was the centre of debate again in Glastonbury yesterday. It was the first day of a three-day symposium on circles and related phenomena attended by enthusiasts and experts from around the world. Scores of those who are fascinated by crop cir...

Crop circle pops up

Fall often brings sightings of mysterious crop circles in Ohio, and this season the Miami Valley has one of its own. Maj. John DiPietro of the Miami Twp. police department spotted the pattern of interlocking circles pressed into the cornfield about two weeks ago, according to Jay Phares, Miami Twp.'s community resource officer. DiPietro was riding in a WHIO television news helicopter scouting sites for DUI checkpoints when he saw the circles and snapped a photograph. The photo appear...

Dutch medium claims crop circle predictions

As far as is known Robbert van den Broeke, a young Dutchman who lives in the southern Netherlands" village of Hoeven, is singular in his ability to consistently and accurately predict the appearance of new crop formations in his general vicinity. Now 28 years old (2008), he has since early adolescence experienced "visions" which contain both the location and the design of the new crop circle-accompanied by a clear sense that the new formation is either occurring at that precise moment or that it...

Central Alberta farmers trying to figure out the mystery of crop circles

A mystery has cropped up in a wheat field just west of Stettler, Alta. Someone or something has laid down a set of crop circles in a field owned by Vera Shuckburgh, occupied by members of her family and farmed by Gordon Smith. Custom sprayer Colby Squires says discovered the circles while desiccating the field in preparation for harvest at about 7 p.m. on the evening of Tuesday, Aug. 25. Because his sprayer is fully automated, managed by a GPS and computer mapping program, Squires say...

Britainís first crop circle of 2010 spotted

Its been a quiet year so far for crop circles but now the first has turned up in a Wiltshire field near an old fort.Crop circles continue to baffle and perplex, some people are convinced that these peculiar formations are simply the work of pranksters while others believe they could be something alot more significant. The bizarre shapes and designs are predominately found in the counties of South West England.However, they tend to pop up in other regions too and last year a 600ft jelly...

Strange formations likely caused by wind

There was an unusual sight on the northeast side of Charles City this week. A field of sudan grass located at about 18th Street and Grand Avenue was dotted with areas where the grass was laying on its side, reminiscent of the famous crop circles that appear throughout England. Although the formations of bent grass didn't form geometric patterns like the crop circles do, their appearance was certainly out of the ordinary, if less than 'extraterrestrial.' According to the resi...

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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