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Posted on Friday, March 31 - 2006

To understand what a "walk-in" is one first needs to understand that our physical body is not *us*. It is the container for *us*. Similar to someone driving a car. When we see the driver we understand that they exist irrespective of whether they have a car, or not. So too with our bodies. We exist irrespective of whether we have a physical body or not. In other words we existed as a spirit (soul) before the body we now occupy was born. When our physical body dies we will continue to exist without it.

Now most people would understand that each physical body is owned by someone. This person is attached to their body (with a non physical cord) until the body dies. If nobody was attached to the body then it would die. This is one of the reasons babies are born dead. Nobody has become "attached" to the body. Without this connection the body gets no energisation from the spirit realms. Like a car without petrol or battery. It probably won't do anything. Generally then it is one body one spirit. Multiple people can inhabit the one physical form and this may be termed possession, obsession, mutiple personality disorder or whatever. However only one spirit is attached to the body. Until physical death of the body. There is however one exception to this rule. Walk-ins.

Walk-ins are people who have spiritual work to do in the material world but for various reasons don't need to/want to spend the time in a physical body growing up. Where a person has finished their life's lessons, and would normally die, in some instances they allow an incoming "walk-in" spirit to be connected to their physical body (that they are leaving behind) instead of them. We still have the case of one physical body, and one spirit attached to it, but in this situation the spirit isn't the one that was with it since birth. Naturally this can then mean that the person may seem to have a (sometimes major) personality change. This is in fact one of the ways one can tell if someone is a walk-in. They will be very much more compassionate, loving, spiritual than before.

This can of course create problems for friends, and relatives. They often cannot understand what has happened. In this situation it may be better for them to understand that the person that they previously knew is, in practical terms, no longer physically alive. It is sometimes not much easier for the walk-in. He/she inherits the memories/situations of the previous occupant of the body and may take some time to understand their true status. Walk-ins have always existed but due to the changing of the consciousness of the world at the moment a much larger number of them are incoming at the moment. The purpose of this is to help the planet move forward to a higher spiritual perspective. Instant incarnation, as an adult, is a very effective way to get a lot of people into the physical world, helping, in a very short time.

If you want to know more about walk-ins then you would do well to read the books written by Ruth Montgomery. The relevant ones are called "Strangers Among Us" and "Threshold To Tomorrow". They are currently Fawcett Crest titles being published by Ballantine Books.


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Posted on Wednesday, June 26 - 2013

A Russian scientist has proposed using old Soviet-era weaponry to defend against an asteroid impact.SS-18 Satan heavy intercontinental ballistic missiles and other similar armaments could prove invaluable in defending against an incoming asteroid, at least that is according to senior researcher Sabit Saitgarayev at the State Rocket Design Center in Chelyabinsk. If adequately prepared, he claims, the old Soviet-era missiles could destroy small asteroids thatare within six hours of a collision with the Earth."Carrier rockets created on the basis of intercontinental ballistic missiles like Voyevoda, which use standard liquid fuel based on hydrazine, are well-suited for fighting suddenly discovered small [space] objects," he said.

"They can stay in the condition of their readiness for launch for ten and more years, after some reequipping." "Russia can use Soviet-era SS-18 Satan heavy intercontinental ballistic missiles to destroy celestial bodies posing athreat to Earth, a Russian scientist said on Sunday, four months after a powerful meteor struck Russia’s Urals region."  

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Posted on Tuesday, April 02 - 2013

Sleep paralysis can not only prevent you from moving, it can also make you hallucinate as well.Most people will have experienced sleep paralysis at some point in their lives, the sensation tends to occur when waking up and is characterized by being mentally awake and aware but being unable to physically move. It happens when you gain consciousness but your muscles remain in an ultra-relaxed state. The experience can be somewhat unnerving, but to a few people it canalso be accompanied by powerful auditory and visual hallucinations that can leave them absolutely terrified.Once referred to as "old hag", the phenomenon can sometimes manifest visions of an old woman or even demonic creatures, leading to stories of otherworldly creatures visiting people at night.

Tales of the incubus and succubus also stem from such experiences, the sufferer often feeling the sensation of being crushed or restrained by the metaphysical intruder. "When filmmaker Carla MacKinnon started wakingup several times a week unable to move, with the sense that a disturbing presence was in the room with her, she didn"t call up her local ghost hunter."  

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Posted on Monday, March 26 - 2012

The Bishop of Monmouth has revealed that he helps families by removing poltergeists from their homes.The Bishop, Dominic Walker, claims that a number of specially trained priests are regularly called out by families too scared to live in their own homes due to hauntings and alleged demonic possessions. "When people turn to us for help they’re normally fairly desperate," he said. "Most priests will gothroughout the whole of their ministry without ever carrying out a full exorcism or being asked to.

But we all get people saying ‘we’ve got a ghost, we’ve got poltergeist activity, I feel there’s a presence in my house which I don’t like’ and people get very disturbed." Exorcising demons from possessed souls and removing poltergeists from Welsh homes are two of the more unusual jobs taken on by the Bishop ofMonmouth.  

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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