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Posted on Monday, April 24 - 2006

The whaler Charles W. Morgan rests by the pier as members of the Rhode Island Paranormal Research Group search for signs of ghosts on its decks Friday.Is the whaling ship Charles W. Morgan haunted? That's the creepy question a five-member team from the Rhode Island Paranormal Research Group was trying to answer Friday night as they came to Mystic Seaport to begin an investigation into the strange sightings last summer of a man below deck.After spending a few hours conducting a preliminary investigation aboard the ship, group founder Andrew Laird said there was enough evidence of paranormal activity in certain areas to warrant a return visit in which a larger team would conduct afull-scale investigation with sophisticated cameras, recording equipment and other devices.“I'd love to come back, but it's up to them,” Laird said of museum officials. In the area around the main mast, Laird said tri-field and electromagnetic sensors noted some unusual readings. A few feet away sat Renee Blais, a “sensitive,” who said she felt the presence of a seaman named Gerald.

Laird described a sensitive as someone who, through the use of senses like touch and smell, can connect with the energy of a certain place.
A few minutes earlier, while running her hand along some of the wooden beams of the ship below the main deck, Blais said she could feel about 15 men getting sick during a large storm. In the cramped area where crewman slept, she said she could feel “sickness, death anddespair.” Wearing small headlamps, team members inspected the ship Friday night, taking numerous photos and electronic readings. Laird said the team would then review all of its initial findings to determine where best to concentrate on a return visit. The group will also research the ship's history to see how that information matches up with some of the things it found. The group decided to investigate the Morgan after receiving reports from three different groups of people who said that while touring the ship last summer they saw a 6-foot-tall man in what appeared to be 19th-century clothing working in the front of the ship. They said the man, who had a pipe in his mouth, nodded at them but did not speak. When they went back up to the main deck they asked a museum interpreter what the man was doing but were told no one was down below, and no one wasassigned to be on ......

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Posted on Sunday, October 23 - 2005

Haunted steam trains - like a ghostly Hogwarts Express - have been witnessed across Scotland

OK, so you know Scotland: cold place, lots of ghosts. But did you know that Scotland is also under siege from haunted transport? Who knows, perhaps JK Rowling took inspiration from the multitude of spooky buses and trains when she was writing her Harry Potter books? There are certainly enough spectral vehicles rattling around the country!So here's your countdown on just where to see (or avoid) a collision with a form of transport that isn't there. Ooh ar me hearties, welcome aboard this trip round the ghost coast! Haunted ships can be found all across Scotland, but possibly the mostfrequently felt phantom lives (in a manner of speaking) on board the RRS Discovery.This ship sailed to Antarctica in 1901 with Captain Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton and is now on permanent display in Dundee. There are some who say that Shackleton loved his ship so much he never disembarked. A surprising number of visitors refuse to go into some of the rooms onboard and some years ago a tour guide brought in electricians to find out why the bulb over Shackleton's bunk kept blowing.

No earthly reason was found.
The ghostly footsteps continue, with opinion split as to whether the ghost is Shackleton or another sailor, Charles Bonner, who fell to his death from the crow's nest in 1901. Debbie Burton from the Discovery Point admits there have been some strange goings-on aboardship. "Earlier this year a guest at one of the dinner functions said they saw someone," says Burton. "She said she conversed with him all evening." But rather eerily no-one else could see whom she was talking to… Spooky ships were witnessed in Little Loch Broom, near Ullapool, in 1822. Whilst their menfolk were attending a church service some distance away, the women and children experienced a mass visitation. To their horror the loch appeared covered in ships. The women fled to the moor, stopping to bury their valuables, as soldiers appeared to row to shore. Then they disappeared, never to be seen again. This episode has been explained as an example of mass second–sight. Weird. Cars that are driven over the edge If you're looking for a handyexcuse to explai......

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Posted on Wednesday, July 14 - 2004

It's interesting how history and hauntings can repeat themselves. Phantoms inhabiting the Lake County Jail environs are nothing new. Most recently, Memorial Day manifestations disturbed and terrified jail inmates and sheriff's employees. For a week leading up to the holiday, paranormal manifestations in the lockup took a variety of forms. Beginning as unexplained problems with a television set, an apparent unseen presence went on to move and stack objects, weave a cross of nylon cord, produce a cryptic message on paper and leave voices on a cassette tape. Among other things, unexplained sounds of moaning, choking, gasping and the phrases"Higher" and "Bless me" were recorded.

Blasts of ice-cold air and glimpses of shadowy forms completed the spectral visitations. But the bizarre events apparently aren't the first time resident spirits came calling at the county jail. In the late 19th Century, similar events plagued the inhabitants of the lockup, terrifying them into hysterics after they were placed in Cell No. 8. Even though the original courthouse and jail were demolished following a fire in 1942, the disembodied spirit of an 1880s jail suicide might be responsible for the May 2004 spookiness. Coincidentally, the physical configuration of the replacement 1950s-era jail is virtually identical to that of the original lockup. Suicides and the surrealevents that they precipitated create an uncanny similarity between events separated by more than 100 years. An 1884 edition of the Leadville Chronicle detailed what happened in Cell No. 8 during the fall of 1884. It is recounted below. 'String me up and whip me' "The prisoners at the county jail are kept in a sort of huge rectangular iron cage inside of which cells are built of metal plates. Around them and between the cage wall runs a corridor, and no matter how full the jail is, there is always one cell empty - No. 8. It is impossible to keep prisoners in it; at present the officers have ceased to try, and it stands empty and idle, an evidence of the truth of a very remarkable story. "Several years ago, during the fore partof L.R.. ...

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Posted on Saturday, March 11 - 2006

Concord's Colonial Inn

The latest group in a procession of paranormal investigators to visit Concord's Colonial Inn in the past two years say they made contact last Sunday afternoon with three spirits in Room 24. The investigators sensed, heard, and saw things that they say have only an otherworldly explanation.Lloyd Anthony Rajcoomar, the director of Post Mortum Paranormal Investigations, and Angel Parrilla, the group's psychic, say they felt the presence of two spirits who are female and one who is male. The group has headquarters in Newburgh and Middletown, N.Y.Members of the group also caught quiet sounds on two tape recorders that they say are the words "later" and"help" and a laugh or a phew of relief.

They say that three small, round light spots on pictures taken with a digital camera are "orbs," which are the spirits moving around.
And they also say that on Sunday evening, after a Globe reporter and photographer left, they videotaped seven balls of light flying around the room, indicating seven different spirits. Paranormal investigations are becoming an increasingly normal occurrence at the inn, according to its general manager, David Grossberg. He said he has worked at the inn, which is owned by Jurgen Demisch, for four years. "There wasn't much talk about the inn and the haunted room when I got here," he said. During his first two years, no paranormal investigators came to check things out. The third year there was one. Last year there werefour and his phone is ringing again this year. Grossberg doesn't solicit the paranormal investigators, but he is not unhappy when they call him. He thinks that publicity is why the number of requests from investigators is increasing. Room 24 was mentioned in a segment on the Travel Channel a couple of years ago and is included in a directory of haunted places. It is also part of the spiel given on the Liberty Ride, which began taking tourists around Concord a couple of years ago. And the room is mentioned in a ghost tour of Concord. Coming up in May, someone from the SciFi Channel will be doing an investigation at the inn, Grossberg said. Also, Room 24 is featured in the first issue of Lemon, a slick new magazine that has not yet hit the newsstands. The cover photo is a woman in a lacy black nightgown posed crouching fearfully......

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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