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Posted on Thursday, March 01 - 2007

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Montpellier in 1981: Shortly before midnight a two-door Renault pulled over to pick up a woman. Four people were already inside the car, so the hitchhiker’s unexpected presence necessitated some rearrangement of seating. Eventually, she settled in the rear seat. The car continued on its way, loud music blaring from its cassette player. As it approached a sharp curve the hitchhiker suddenly shouted, ‘Mind the bend. You are risking your life!’ The driver slowed up and safely negotiated the turn. Then everyone realized that their passenger had vanished! So shaken were the four that they called at the Montpellier police station and reported their experience. Inspector Lopez was impressed and later told researchers, ‘Their panic wasn’t put on and we soon realized they were genuine. It worried us, ‘But there was little that could be done after the event.

Resurrection Mary: This cemetery is home to a well known ghost story. It's the story of Resurrection Mary. Her name is Mary Bregavy, a young Polish girl that was killed in a car accident in 1939 while going home from a dance at the O'Henry Ballroom, now the Willowbrook Ballroom. Her ghost makes appearances all along the cemetery roads and at the Willowbrook Ballroom. She has been known to dance with men at the ballroom and ask them for a ride home only to disappear from their cars as they pass the cemetery. She's been seen hitchhiking on the nearby roads by many creditable witnesses. A taxi cab driver saw young girl walking one evening in 1989 and picked her up. The two of them were talking and driving but as the cab passed Resurrection Cemetery the girl, (Mary), disappeared from the front seat of the cab. In the summer of 1976, the Justice police received a phone call from a man who said that he saw a girl locked in the cemetery after hours. It was 10:30 PM when Sergeant Pat Homa responded to the call. Homa shined his flashlight through the cemetery bars into the darkened burial grounds. He didn't find any girl. He did find two of the bars on the gate were bent apart at a weird angle. They appeared have been bent apart by human hands...

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Posted on Monday, May 29 - 2006

The ghost hunters wore masks as they crept through the old hotel, and their breath felt hot on their faces. Soon they would be standing in a pentagram on the empty top floor of the abandoned Palace Arms hotel, attempting to communicate with a dead woman. There would be a decaying body in the bathroom and three police officers waiting in the parking lot below. But they weren't there yet. The five-some snaked slowly through the dark hallways of the old building, following the beam of a flashlight. They each carried a gallon-sized Ziploc bag and a backpack. Their feet squished in wet carpet. If you squinted, you could see their eyes above themasks, flitting back and forth as shapes appeared out of the darkness.

Old dressers and TVs and toilets cluttered the walkways of the hotel, which will be torn down soon. The hunters searched for signs of the otherworldly, breathing their hot breath. And you walked with them. On the trail Becca Nybeck walked into the newspaper office two weeks ago, and in a strong, deep voice asked to see the librarian. You formed an image of her in your mind, and when you turned to look at the counter you had to smile. Nybeck was maybe 5 feet tall and wouldn't have weighed triple digits holding a watermelon. But she carried herself powerfully. She pulled back her long dark hair and asked her question. She wanted something no one else had ever requested.The woman desired to dig through the archives for information on everyone who died at the old hotel, because she wanted to cleanse the building of its spirits.Nybeck said 17 people had died at the hotel, which opened on Memorial Highway in Bismarck in 1962. Of those deaths, she believed a dozen were untimely. There was a murder, she said, and suicides and alcohol poisonings. It was those spirits that were trapped in the hotel, stuck in the nether region between life and afterlife. She wanted to free them of that bond. Nybeck would have to get into the hotel to search for spirits before it was torn down.There was one spirit in particular she wanted to free, in the top room of the tower. It would take an elaborate ritual and the help of otherghost. ...

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Posted on Wednesday, December 14 - 2005

Ghostly Woman

My husband Ralph and I began house hunting in 1983; a time of double-digit mortgage rates. For two kids and a baby living on little more than love, it was imperative to find something decent as well as dirt-cheap.We’d already looked at dozens of places in our price range. All were dreadful, most requiring more money to fix them up than they were worth.After all those hovels, the house that was to become our home was a sight for sore eyes. It was immaculate; with a pool, and just eight doors down from an elementary school, the perfect starter home. Ralph was prepared to buy it immediately. But I wasn’t convinced. Something seemed “off” about it, leaving mevaguely unsettled.

Yet I had to agree that it was a far cry from the other dumps we’d seen. Pushing my misgivings aside, we signed the contract.
The first night after we moved in, our one-year-old daughter Julie woke up multiple times screaming. She was normally a good baby, nearly always sleeping soundly until morning. We thought she was just unsure of her new surroundings. But the episodes formed a pattern for years to come; our poor child waking up two or three times each night, wailing, her poor parental units accustomed to sleep deprivation.

Something’s in the Closet When Julie was old enough to try and articulate what frightened her at night, she said there was something living in her closet. She’d pile her toys, play table,and trashcan in front of the closet door before bed, hoping the offender would trip over the gauntlet and wake her up before it had a chance to reach her. No amount of closet cleaning or compelling arguments would convince her otherwise. As a teenager, Julie told me that she always felt she was being watched. Her father and I usually dismissed these reports, partly because she was passionate about spooky movies that we assumed filled her head with apparitional nonsense. But then I began noticing thumping and popping sounds in the walls, as if the house were settling. The noises were so loud that we thought we might have a sinkhole, a common malady for Central Florida homeowners. Howeve, nothing out of the ordinary ever materialized. The foundation was checked for stress cracks, but appeared unscathed. I frequentlyheard ......

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Posted on Monday, September 05 - 2005

Pierre Apraxine, a curator of the Met's exhibition of spiritualist photography, was introduced to the psychic world as a child.

It is not a place you would normally expect to find a curator preparing for a major photography show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.But a few summers ago, Pierre Apraxine was camped out on the third floor of a rambling town house on West 73rd Street near Central Park, the headquarters of the American Society for Psychical Research, a 120-year-old repository of the paranormal whose founders included the philosopher William James.In the world of photo collecting and scholarship, Mr. Apraxine is nothing less than an institution. For almost two decades, heserved as the eyes, ears and auction proxy for the philanthropist Howard Gilman, who built a collection - recently acquired by the Met - that is widely considered to be one of the most important in the world, thanks largely to Mr.

Apraxine's expertise and globe-trotting tenacity.
On this particular day, however, Mr. Apraxine was working in the service not of photography but of the sixth sense, of that great invisible interchange that the Russian spiritualist Mme. Blavatsky described as a kind of astral post office.He had folded his lanky 6-foot-3 frame into a small, steel soundproof booth illuminated by a red lamp. Halves of Ping-Pong balls were taped over his eyes and headphones hissing white noise were placed over his ears. In a room nearby sat a fellow curator and friend, Sophie Schmit, who was given a randomly selected image on a piece of paper. The goal was forMr. Apraxine, sealed in his chamber - lulled into a deeply relaxed condition known as a ganzfeld state - to receive the image that Ms. Schmit was sending. As it turned out, he performed fairly well, describing several images that corresponded to the ones Ms. Schmit was holding. (In the interest of the research, the society asks that the images not be made public.) When the positions were reversed, with Ms. Schmit in the chamber, the pair did even better - Ms. Schmit described with sometimes eerie accuracy the image he was mentally willing her to see. None of this was particularly surprising to Mr. Apraxine, who grew up on a family estate in Estonia where supernatural goings on often seemed to be part of the natural course of the day. According to stories his mother told him, a vaporous woman in white who may or may not have been the specter of an oldaun......

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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