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Posted on Friday, February 04 - 2005

The true story of The Greenbriar Ghost - a remarkable case in which the victim's spirit testified about its own violent death, and named the murderer Her daughter was only 23. Yet Mary Jane Heaster watched through tear-soaked eyes as the body of her young daughter was lowered into the cold ground. It was a gray, dreary day in late January, 1897 as Elva Zona Heaster Shue was laid to rest in the cemetery near Greenbriar, West Virginia. Her death came much too soon, thought Mary Jane. Too unexpectedly... too mysteriously. The coroner listed the cause of death as complications from childbirth. But Zona, as she preferred to be called, had not been giving birth when she died. In fact, as far as anyone knew, the woman was not even pregnant. Mary Jane was certain that herdaughter's death was quite unnatural.

If only Zona could speak from the grave, she hoped, and explain what had really brought about her untimely passing. In one of the most remarkable cases on U.S. court records, Zona Heaster Shue did speak from her grave, revealing not only how she died - but at whose hand. Her ghost's testimony not only named her own murderer, but helped in convicting the culprit in a court of law. It is the only case on U.S. lawbooks in which the testimony from the spirit of a murder victim aided in resolving the crime. The Marriage Just two years before Zona's death, Mary Jane Heaster had endured another hardship with her daughter. Zona had given birth to a child out of wedlock - a scandalous event in the late 1800s. The father, whoever he was, did not marry Zona, and so the young woman was in need of a husband. In 1896, Zona chanced to meet Erasmus Stribbling TroutShue. Going by the name Edward, he was newly arrived in Greenbriar, looking to make a new life for himself as a blacksmith. Upon meeting, Edward and Zona took an instant liking to one another and a courtship began. Mary Jane, however, was not pleased. Protective of her daughter, especially after her recent difficulty, she did not approve of her Zona's choice in Edward. There was something about him she didn't like. He was virtually a stranger, after all. And there was something she didn't trust... perhaps even something evil that her daughter, blinded by love, could not see. Despite her mother's protests, however, Zona and Edward were married on October 26, 1896. The Body Three months passed. On January 23, 1897, an 11-year-old African American boy named Andy Jones entered the Shue home and found Zona lying on the floor. He had been sent there by Edward to ask Zona if she needed anythingfr......

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Posted on Wednesday, February 21 - 2007


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Doctor Penny Sartori was barely halfway through her night shift at Morriston Hospital in Swansea when one of her patients began behaving in a most peculiar way. Through the maze of equipment keeping Peter Holland alive, Dr Sartori could see him slowly regaining consciousness and becoming increasingly alert.Peter was staring intently at the foot of his bed - and then started talking to an invisible presence. 'He suddenly regained his energy,' says Dr Sartori. 'He seemed to be having a conversation with someone we could not see. After a while, a beautiful peaceful smile crossed his face and he relaxed completely.'When his family arrived, he told them thathe'd been visited by his sister in the night and that they'd had a long chat.

The strange thing was, his sister had died the week before, but nobody had dared tell him because they thought the shock might kill him.
There was absolutely no way he could have known about his sister's death.' It was in that moment, says Dr Sartori, that she realised Peter was going to die, no matter how much medical attention he received. 'When a patient says that they have been "visited" by a dead loved one, you know that their time has come,' she says. 'It's commonly accepted by nurses and we see it quite a lot. Nurses will tell each other that "he's just had a visit so he'll be off soon".' Indeed, shortly afterwards, 75-yearold Peter Holland did die. Such deathbed phenomena, of the typeexperienced by Mr Holland, are surprisingly common. According to recent research at King's College London, around 10 per cent of the terminally ill or those caring for them report some kind of mysterious, inexplicable event that gives them a glimpse of an afterlife. Patients may report visits from deceased loved ones or experience visions of a heavenly realm. While such deathbed phenomena are undoubtedly comforting for the dying and their loved ones, could they really shed light on the vexed question of whether there is life after death? It seems so. Over the past few years, a growing number of scientists have begun studying such events and have concluded that many of them defy all rational understanding. Professor Peter Fenwick, a neuropsychiatrist at King's College London, who leads the research team investigating thephenomena......

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Posted on Thursday, February 23 - 2006


In the 1970s, a psychical research group "invented" a spirit named Philip. To their astonishment, Philip actually made contact with them through a host of incredible psychokinetic phenomena.A  group of teenagers gathered around a Ouija board receives mysterious messages from a person's spirit who claims to have died 40 years ago. A paranormal society conducts a séance where they contact a ghost that communicates though table rappings. The residents of a century-old home continually see the spirit of a young child playing in the hallway.What are these manifestations? Are they truly the ghosts of departed people? Or are they creations of the minds of the peoplewho see them? Many researchers of the paranormal suspect that ghostly manifestations and poltergeist phenomena (objects flying through the air, unexplained footsteps and door slammings) are products of the human mind. To test that idea, a fascinating experiment was conducted in the early 1970s by the Toronto Society for Psychical Research (TSPR) to see if they could create a ghost.

The idea was to assemble a group of people who would make up a completely fictional character and then, through séances, see if they could contact him and receive messages and other physical phenomena - perhaps even an apparition.
The results of the experiment - which were fully documented on film and audiotape - are astonishing.

The Birth of Philip The TSPR, underthe guidance of Dr. A.R.G. Owen, assembled a group of eight people culled from its membership, none of whom claimed to have any psychic gifts. The group, which became known as the Owen group, consisted of Dr. Owen's wife, a woman who was the former chairperson of MENSA (an organization for high-IQ people), an industrial designer, an accountant, a housewife, a bookkeeper and a sociology student. A psychologist named Dr. Joel Whitton also attended many of the group's sessions as an observer. The group's first task was to create their fictional historical character. Together they wrote a short biography of the person they named Philip Aylesford. Here, in part, is that biography: "Philip was an aristocratic Englishman, living in the middle 1600s at the time of Oliver Cromwell. He had been a supporter of the King, and was a Catholic. He wasmarried to ......

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Posted on Thursday, March 08 - 2007

Arizona highway - Blood Alley


Tragically, highway deaths occur daily all around the U.S. There seem to be some sections of roadway, however, that see a far higher number of fatal accidents than others, thereby earning reputations as "death roads."Along with that notoriety sometimes come legends of ghosts and phantoms that linger by the roadside at the point of their demise. Frances and family members might have seen one of these spectres on an Arizona highway known as "Blood Alley." This is Frances' story. (Some names have been changed to protect identities.)The Arizona Repbulic newspaper has written articles pertaining to a highway that the locals call "BloodAlley." There is another published article about the tragic death of a family of six along this highway. I am not sure of the year that this happened, but I believe it was around 1992-1993, either in August or September. Blood Alley is a desolate, narrow, two-lane highway that runs from Wickenburg, through Wikiup, and down into Kingman, Arizona.

It is a winding, hilly road filled with blind curves and almost no road shoulder room. Due to the hills, there are dead zones where cell phones don't work, and there is no radio reception except static. Oftentimes, you can travel the entire length of this road without ever seeing another vehicle.

A History of Tragedy The entire length of this highway is dotted with small white crosses. Some crosses are spaced at different intervals,some are a series of crosses, and in some spots a cluster of crosses that marks where an entire vehicle of people have died tragically. There is one particular spot that is marked by six white crosses. A family of six, traveling in a station wagon with a hitched trailer, was moving from California to Arizona. Along the way, a rear tire blew and the father pulled his vehicle as far off the road as he could. He got out and set flares in front and back of the vehicle to warn other drivers. The father had just jacked up the car and had stepped behind the trailer to retrieve something. That's when he was plowed into by a pickup truck. The pickup hit with such force that it pushed the trailer into the back of the station wagon, killing the four children sitting in the back, all the way to the front where the wife was sitting, who was also killed. The car then caught on fire.The ......

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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