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Posted on Monday, September 29 - 2008

Photo of Ted Bundy At Trial.

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It would appear that the ghost of Ted Bundy has returned or showed up at the Florida Prison and appears to be having a great time.The reports coming from the Florida State Prison have gotten strange indeed. It appears that the Ghost of Ted Bundy has showed up andis terrorizing prison guards and inmates at the prison.

A guard who has asked not to be identified says that Bundy's Ghost appears in the area where he was executed and in his former cell where he spent his last hours before being put into Florida's Electric Chair.Up until the end Bundy tried to save his life by offering to tell where more bodies were buried but in the end they refused to give him any more time and he was executed. Now over the last year reports of his ghost haveleaked out of the prison. It is been reported that the Wardens staff have even threatened to fire guards if they spread the story of Teds Ghost being at the prison. It is also rumored that some guards have been scared into quitting their jobs by Bundy's Ghost. It will be interesting to follow the story and see where it goes.


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Posted on Tuesday, September 23 - 2008

A millionaire businessman from Nottinghamshire has said ghosts forced him to flee his 52-room mansion. Clifton Hall was bought by Anwar Rashid for £3.6m in 2007, but he has now handed it back to the bank. Mr Rashid claimed that during the eight months the family lived there they were haunted by mysterious figures and found unexplained blood stains on bedclothes. He called in paranormal investigators and said he stopped paying the mortgage as a last resort. The 32-year-old, who is worth £25m, made his money through a chain of nursing homes and a hotel in Dubai,and owns 26 properties.

He and his wife Nabila, 25, moved into Clifton Hall - which dates back to the Norman conquest - with their daughters, aged seven, five and three, and 18-month-old son. Mr Rashid said: "I fell for its beauty but behind the facade it is haunted... "The ghosts didn"t want us to be there and we could not fight them because we couldn"t see them." He said the paranormal experiences began on the day they moved in, ranging from tapping on the wall and unexplained voices to ghostly presences taking the forms of their children. Mr Rashid added: "When we found red blood spots on the baby"s quilt, that was the day my wife said she"d had enough. We didn"t even staythat night." Paranormal experts were unable to solve the problem. The family left in August 2007 and Mr Rashid, who now lives in Wollaton, stopped paying the mortgage in January. The Yorkshire Bank finally reclaimed the hall on Thursday. He said: "When people used to tell me about ghosts, I would never believe them and would say "whatever". "But I would have to tell any new owner that it was haunted having experienced it."

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Posted on Thursday, September 18 - 2008

According to urban legend, lying just beyond the city of Tokyo is one of the most haunted locations in all of Japan. The exact location of the Himuro Mansion (or Himikyru Mansion as it is sometimes known) is widely unknown but the legend puts the mansion in a rocky region just beyond the city limits of Tokyo. The mansion is said to have been home to one of the most gruesome murders in modern Japanese history. Local lore has it that for generations, the Himuro family had participated in a strange, twisted Shinto ritual known as “The Strangling Ritual” in order to seal off bad karma from within the Earth, every half century or so. Themost popular version of the tale states that bad karma would emerge each December (other versions simply say “toward the end of the year”) from a portal on the Mansions grounds.

In order to prevent this, a maiden was chosen at birth by the master of the household and isolated from the outside world in order to prevent her from developing any ties to the outside world, which would in turn, jeopardize the effect of the ritual. On the day of the Strangling Ritual, the maiden was bound by ropes on her ankles, wrists, and neck. The ropes were attached to teams of oxen or horses to rip her limbs from her body, quartering her. The ropes used to bind her appendages would then be soaked in her blood and laid over the gateway of the portal. They believedthat this would seal off the portal for another half century until the ritual had to be repeated. During the last recorded Strangling Ritual it is said that the maiden had fallen in love with a man who tried to save her from the ritual. This “tie” to Earth tainted her blood and spirit and ruined the ritual altogether. Upon learning of the maidens love, the master took up his sword and brutally murdered all of his family members, before finally, in fear of what would soon happen, fell upon his own blade.

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Posted on Wednesday, September 03 - 2008

From locations like the Worth Illinois Historical Museum that is part of the Heritage Corridor, to the Joliet Museum of Victorian Life and Joliet History, historical societies have joined forces with Chicago area Paranormal Spiritual Observer, Psychic, and Internet radio show co-host of The Unexplained World, Edward Shanahan, to create 'Haunted Historical Locations - tours and experiences'. These are not just bus tours--they go beyond that--as they offer the ability to explore many of the historic locations as well. Historians will tell the historical facts, and Edward Shanahan will tell the paranormal history in between. Edward Shanahan has lived his whole lifewithin minutes of the Chicagoland area's most haunted historic locations in the S.W.

Suburbs just outside of Chicago around areas like Bachelor's Grove Cemetery and Resurrection Cemetery which is home to the infamous Resurrection Mary. The haunted Archer Avenue and Willow Springs Illinois are also within minutes of his home and have provided him with the paranormal knowledge that allowed Shanahan to be written about in the book 'Encyclopedia of Haunted Places'. His knowledge, experiences and photos of the many haunted locations in the S.W. Suburbs of Chicago has been recorded in 'Voices From the Chicago Graves' and the new book release, 'Ghosts Coast to Coast'.Shanahan's abilities as a Paranormal Spiritual Observer, Psychic and Feeler have broughthim together with Ms. Ursula Bielski--Chicago's top paranormal author--to conduct the tours in the city of Chicago. They have combined their talents for the last two years for their 'Beyond The Veil' overnighters. The Haunted Historic Locations - tours and experiences can run four hours or more, depending on the amount of locations that are explored by foot. As a part of the tour, Edward Shanahan will also provide a demonstration of his 'Circle of Energy' at one of the haunted historic locations.

Source: Haunted Historic Locations | Visit : Ed Shanahan's Web Site

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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