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Posted on Sunday, January 29 - 2006

Stone Age Tools

Unearthing of some objects, believed to be Stone Age tools, during excavation of a tank at a village nearby, has prompted the Visva Bharati University's archaeology department to seek assistance of the Archaeological Survey of India to unravel the mystery. "The scientific excavation is likely to throw new light on the possible existence of stone age people in this part of Bengal," sources in the university's archaeology department said. They said that the tools "bear similarity with those used by the Middle Paleolithic people some 40,000 years ago". Archaeology department head Subrata Chakraborty said that some moulded iron substances, circular in shape, were also found during excavation of the tank at Sekhampur village, near this sub-divisional town ofWest Bengal's Birbhum district. All these came to light last month when excavators, while carving out a tank from a water pool, came across the artefacts "believed to be stone age tools".   The artefacts consist of borers, scrapers and tools, which, according to the Visva-Bharati archaeologists, bear 'testimony' to the tools used in the Stone Age.   Chakraborty told PTI here that his department had examined the tools, but could not come to any conclusion about the period pending detailed inquiry by the ASI.   "After finding the specimens collected during excavation, we believe these have the features of Middle Paleolithic period," he said, suggesting wider excavation of the tank.   Chakraborty said after he had written a letter to the state's higher education minister Satyasadhan Chakraborty, which was later forwarded to the chief minister Buddhadev Bhattacharjee, state government sent a team of experts fromstate archaeological department to visit the site.   "However, report of that team is still awaited", he added.   Meanwhile, the district administration has taken steps to ensure that there is no further digging of the tank and, as such, the entire area has been cordoned off to ward off any undesirable elements from nearing it.

ASI sources in Kolkata were not available for comment on any new archaeological find in Birbhum.Article Source

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Posted on Friday, August 30 - 2013

The Cabinet Secretariat of India.
Image Credit: CC 2.0 Laurie Jones

Maharashtra has imposed the new law in response to the recent killing of rationalist Narendra Dabholkar. The comprehensive new bill makes it illegal for anyone to engage in superstitious practices such as black magic and witchcraft.

Maharashtra is the first state in India to enact such a law which could lead to similar restrictions being imposed elsewhere in the country.The recent death of Narendra Dabholkar, the rationalist founder of a movement opposing superstitious practices, has been seen asthe catalyst that prompted accelerated action by the state government.Dabholkar was gunned down by an unknown assailant while out walking on August 20th, prompting widespread protests across the state.

Source: NewIndian Express

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Posted on Monday, August 12 - 2013

In Hinduism the consumption of beef is considered taboo, but what about meat that"s grown in a lab ?In a world first, a beef burger created in a laboratory was cooked and eaten in an event that has made world headlines. Many have been contemplating whether this signals the beginning of a new era in which food shortages will become a thing of the past and in which people can enjoy all the meat they like withouthaving to slaughter any animals.But what about religions that consider the cow sacred and prohibit the consumption of beef ? Is meat grown in a lab technically still meat and does this restriction still apply ? Religious discussion sites are currently abuzz with the concept that prohibited meat products may soon become kosher - could the advent of the test-tube burger really represent a turning point in meat consumption taboos ? "When the world’s firsttest-tube beef burger was cooked and eaten this week, food critics all asked about its taste."  

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Posted on Sunday, April 07 - 2013

A 2,500-year-old city in India is being hailed as one of the most important discoveries in over 50 years.Explorers have uncovered evidence of the ancient planned city buried in Chhattisgarh which includes roads, water reservoirs and coins spanning five acres of sparsely populated land near a river. If there is indeed an ancient city in the region then it would represent the mostsignificant archaeological find in India for over half a century."As of now, we have four 15ft high mounds around which we have evidence of pottery, coins and some terracotta figures," said J.R.

Bhagat of the state"s department of culture and archaeology. "Once we begin, the entire digging could take at least 5-10 years." "The 5th and 3rd century BC—to which the Tarighat finds date - points to a period when the region was ruled bythe Kushan and Satavahana dynasties in central India."  

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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