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Posted on Monday, November 14 - 2005

In September this year, a woman in Guyana was convicted of bludgeoning a friend to death. Her friend, she explained, was possessed, and she was trying to beat the Devil out. In Romania, meanwhile, a priest and four nuns from the Romanian Orthodox Church are on trial, accused of murdering a 23-year-old novice. In his defence, the priest who led the exorcism has claimed his approach was better than the medical treatment she had been receiving for her schizophrenia.It's an older story, though, that inspired a film out this month, The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

It concerns the death of Anneliese Michel, a Bavarian woman who died in 1976, aged 23, also after an exorcism. The two priests involved were charged with negligent homicide. So were the woman's parents. Born in 1952, Michel was raised in a strict Catholic family. While other teenagers were experimenting with sex and rebelling against authority, she tried to atone for the sins of wayward priests by sleeping on a bare floor in the middle of winter. In 1969, according to court findings,Michel experienced her first epileptic fit; by 1973 she was suffering from depression and considering suicide. As her feelings of torment grew stronger, she reported seeing faces of demons on the people and things around her (a phenomenon eerily portrayed in the film) and hearing voices informing her that she was damned.

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Posted on Thursday, November 10 - 2011

Were six deaths attributed to an Egyptian curse actually the work of a satanic serial killer ?Over 20 people involved in the excavation of King Tutankhamun"s burial chamber died in the years following the discovery leading to the notion thatthey were the victim of a curse.

In a new book however, it has been claimed that six of the deaths that took place in London during the 20s and 30s were the work of Allister Crowley in a series of Jack the Ripper style copy-cat killings. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, London was gripped by the mythical curse of Tutankhamun, the Egyptian boy-king, whose tomb was uncovered by British archaeologist Howard Carter.  

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Posted on Monday, November 29 - 2010

The Bélmez Faces: One of the craziest hauntings on record was originally reported from Spain in 1971, when strange faces began appearing in a small house in Bélmez. The case first came to wide public attention in August, when Maria Pereira, a housewife in the small village, discovered that a female face had "formed" on the hearthstone of her kitchen fireplace. She tried to scrub the face from the stone but it seemed to emerge directly from the concrete. She even had the face covered by a second layer of cement, but it showed through that. Then the faces began appearing on the kitchen floor, sometimes disappearing later in the day or changing expressions. The house soon became a local tourist stop and Mrs. Pereira began charging an admission fee to see the faces. Hundreds of people began flocking to the house, until local political and religious authorities ordered the sight-seeing to stop.

Luckily, by this time Dr. Hans Bender of the University of Freiburg in Germany had learned of the case. Germany's leading parapsychologist, Bender decided to investigate the cause in collaboration with Spain's own Dr. German de Argumosa. In order to test the faces, the two investigators fastened a plastic plate over the kitchen floor. It was left there for several weeks and removed only when water condensed under it. The faces continued to form even under these controlled conditions. They consistently appeared through 1974, and although Mrs.Pereira had a new kitchen built onto her house, it didn't take long before the faces began appearing there, too. Professor Argumosa personally witnessed the materialization of a face on April 9, 1974, and photographed it, which was fortunate, since it later disappeared. The use of photographic documentation rules out any suggestion that the faces were hallucinations or chance configurations in the concrete. In order to test further for fraud, Argumosa and his colleagues checked to see whether the faces were fashioned from artificial coloring. The results of this chemical study were published in November 1976 in the Schweizerisches Bulletin für Parapsychologie and it showed nothing suspicious....  

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Posted on Sunday, February 21 - 2010

In the ancient world cocaine grew only in the Andes, so how did the Egyptian mummy of Ramses II have some on him ?Its an enduring mystery that has raised the serious possibility that ancient seafarers reached the Americas long before Christopher Columbus or even the vikings ever got there. In the movie, Contact, Jodie Foster plays an astronomer who establishes communication witha civilisation beyond our solar system.

In a recent television program, The Curse of the Cocaine Mummies, a different, but equally fascinating, contact is established between ancient Egypt and ancient Peru. A German forensic scientist busted the Egyptian mummy Ramses II for possession of cocaine. Cocaine, as most people know, grows only in the Andes. How did Ramses II get his dope?

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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