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Posted on Saturday, October 06 - 2007

" The great Tyrannosaurus, the most feared member of the dinosaur kingdom . . . to think that this creature of such renown, such awe, and such sheer terror could possibly be still alive today simply baffles the human mind. Though seemingly ludicrous, could a living T..."

The great Tyrannosaurus, the most feared member of the dinosaur kingdom . . . to think that this creature of such renown, such awe, and such sheer terror could possibly be still alive today simply baffles the human mind. Though seemingly ludicrous, could a living Tyrannosaurus, or quite possibly, a close relative of the Tyrannosaur, really be alive today? Is it scientifically possible? In the heart of Africa, to the amazement of many, there have been sightings of Tyrannosaur-like creatures -- one, in particular, by a plantation owner, John Johnson, and his slave. As the report goes, Mr. Johnson and his African slave were traveling through a swampy marsh in the Kasai valley in 1932. Suddenly, they came across a rhinoceros, and were cautious in not disturbing it. Then, to their immediate horror, a large, 42 foot (13 meter) long meter) long "lizard" leaped out of the trees and attacked the rhino. As it began to feed, the African servant fled in panic while the Swede literally fainted, falling to the ground. When he awoke, he found the creature still feeding, and had the opportunity to carefully observe it:

"It was a large beast, at least 12-13 meters long. It was reddish in coloration, with brackish-colored stripes going down. The legs were thick; it reminded me of a lion, built for speed. It had a long snout and numerous teeth. It gorged itself on the rhinoceros, which twitched with life still in it. (Note: the rhino was probably dead, but the Swede probably didn't know about involuntary muscle spasms.) After the creature had eaten its fill, it returned to the jungle slowly, its belly full of flesh." In reality, very few people have reported seeing what has been titled the "Kasai Rex," but the reports of those who have are all strikingly similar; the size differs slightly, but the color of the creature remains the same . . . a dark red. It may not be the Tyrannosaurus, but the Tarbosaurus, a close relative to the Tyrannosaurus. It well-fits the description of the Kasai Rex. If the animals do exist, it is believed that the beast, or beasts, live very deep within Congo jungles, only venturing out when food is scarce. In brief, the Tarbosaurus was a slightly larger specimen than the Tyrannosaur...

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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