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Posted on Saturday, February 23 - 2008

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient human skull in China, dating back to 80,000 to 100,000 years, which may shed light on a shadowy chapter of evolutionary history. The finding was made by an excavation team led by Chinese archaeologist Li Zhanyang in the central province of Henan. According to National Geographic News, a report from the Chinese government earlier suggested that the fossil came from a modern human, which would have forced a radical reworking of current theories about when our species first left Africa. But, experts have said that the skull likely belongs to a sister or precursor species to modern humans. While still too early to judge the skull"s true significance, it hails from a pivotal evolutionary period, when modern-day humans beganto supplant the ancestral human species Homo erectus.

According to experts, the discovery raises the chances that the two species may have overlapped for some time in China, possibly interbreeding and sharing tools. "The skull shows characteristics of both archaic humans and of Homo sapiens," said Li. "If this is a "modern" Homo sapiens, with a high rounded skull, divided browridge, and chin, and is 80,000 to 100,000 years old, then it would indicate a very early dispersal of moderns eastwards from Africa and the Middle East," said Chris Stringer, a research leader in the Human Origins Program at the Natural History Museum in London. But according to Stringer, the fossil is much more likely to be that of an earlier species. Erik Trinkaus, a paleoanthropologist at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, offered a similar assessment after viewing photos of theHenan skull. "Based on the anatomy of the skull, with its large projecting browridge, this appears to be close to Peking Man," he said. The "Peking Man" refers to a series of half-million-year-old skulls belonging to Homo erectus, which were found in a massive cave on the outskirts of Beijing in the 1920s and 1930s. Experts have said that the discovery of the older Henan skull is important because it increases the possibility that archaic and modern humans coexisted for a time in China, just as they did in Europe.

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Posted on Wednesday, August 21 - 2013

A restaurant in China added insult to injury by compensating a couple with a payout of 100,000 coins.The couple had been dining at the restaurant in Kunming, Yunnan Province when they decided to complain to the staff about the level of hygiene. According to reports, rather than accepting the complaint infuriated staff responded to the criticism by attacking the couple instead. A later courtorder demanded that the restaurant pay them 68,000 Yuan in compensation over the incident.The problem didn"t end there however as the restaurant decided to pay the couple in coins - 100,000 of them.

Filling 8 huge sacks and weighing almost 400kg, the massive stack of coins required 18 bank staff members to count. "A Chinese restaurant ordered to pay compensation for attacking a customer added insult to the diner"s injury - by givingher the payout in 100,000 coins."  

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Posted on Thursday, July 18 - 2013

A prominent museum in Jizhou has been forced to close after most of its relics turned out to be fake.Featuring an allegedly unique collection of 40,000 ancient relics the museum came under fire when it was discovered that the cultural gems lining its exhibits were comprised almost entirely of fakes. All 12 exhibition halls were found to be filled with cheap knock-offs that can be boughtfor as little as 100 yuan ( $17.50 ).The museum had long been a subject of concern due to the dubious nature of the items it was displaying.

Eagle-eyed visitors noted that some of the artifacts said to date back more than 4,000 years were engraved with Chinese characters that only came in to widespread use in the 20th century. "A Chinese museum has been forced to close after claims its 40,000-strong collection of supposedly ancientrelics is almost entirely composed of fakes."  

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Posted on Friday, June 21 - 2013

China has rolled out tough new legislation in its continuing efforts to tackle its pollution problems.With some cities in China seeing frequent smog deemed highly harmful to humans, authorities are putting their foot down in the hopes of stemming the tide of pollution. Courts have now been given the power to hand down the death penalty in the most extreme cases while imposing harsher punishments across the board in a response to complaints over the"lax and superficial" enforcement of the country"s current policies."With more precise criteria for convictions and sentencing, the judicial explanation provides a powerful legal weapon for law enforcement, which is expected to facilitate the work of judges and tighten punishments for polluters," the government said in a statement.

"In the most serious cases the death penalty could be handed down." "Chinese authorities have given courts the powers to hand down the death penalty in seriouspollution cases, state media said, as the government tries to assuage growing public anger at environmental desecration."  

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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