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Posted on Wednesday, November 12 - 2008

Submitted by Bbrown88: A TV documentary crew has added to the mystery surrounding Ogopogo by finding an unknown biological specimen in the depths of Okanagan Lake. "I told a radio station tongue-in-cheek I thought it was the baby Ogopogo," monster-watcher Bill Steciuk of Kelowna said Monday after the History Channel completed a nine-day shoot. "It was all curled up. The features were really hard to see. You could see a little head tucked in and a straight tail with no fins. "It's a huge mystery. We have no idea what it is," said Steciuk, who helped organize the shooting locations. The unidentified specimen has been shipped to the University of Guelph in Ontario for DNA tests, but Ogopogo buffs will have to waituntil February to find out more, when the Monster Quest program weighs in on the legendary mega-serpent.

Ogopogo, first sighted in the 1870s, is reputed to be 12 metres long with multiple humps and a small head. The History Channel, which had a bigger budget than previous expeditions, mounted a thermal infrared imaging camera on a helicopter for the first time. It picked up an unidentified shadow on the lake, while sonar spotted something over three metres long moving in the water. "That's pretty big for a fish," said Steciuk. But divers made the most interesting find in an underwater cave on the west side of Rattlesnake Island. "I couldn't recognize it," said Steciuk. "Nor could anyone else. Maybe a new species has been found." Photographs of the specimen were shown to local expert Arlene Gaal, who has earned the title ofOgopogo-ologist after writing three books on the subject. She is not sure that the son of Ogopogo has been found. "The Ogopogo is real, but I don't know what this is," she said. "I had my doubts when the crew presented me with their findings. It looked to me like a decomposing ling cod." She said the crew's best efforts were wasted on choppy waters."It was not the time for sightings," she said. "The Ogopogo likes warm weather and sunshine." Producers departed with dramatic re-enactments of past sightings - but no catch of the century.

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Strange creature found washed up on beach

As Tom and Bobbette Clapsadle of Waterford strolled along the water at Ocean Beach Park Sunday afternoon with their two sons, they spotted an almost alien-looking corpse lying amongst the seaweed. We said, 'Oh my God, look at that,' ” said Tom Clapsadle. The first thing Bobbette thought they had discovered was the celebrated creature known as the “Montauk monster.” About two and half feet long with powerful shoulders and a pointed, turtlelike snout, the Ocean Beach carcass looks very muc...

"Mermaid" sightings grip Israel

A spate of sightings of alleged Mermaids in Israel have created quite a stir in the country, one town council is offering a $1m reward to anyone who can prove that the mythical nautical nymphs exist in its waters."Israel is in the grips of mermaid fever after numerous sightings of the mythical sea creature off its coast.One town council is taking the reports so seriously it is offering a $1m (£609,000) reward to anyone who...

Monster bug attaches itself to submarine

This peculiar looking creature was found after it latched on to a submarine and was dragged up to the surface. You might be forgiven for believing this to be an April Fool however giant isopods are indeed real creatures, they live in the depths of thesea and feed on dead whales, fish and squid. A bizarre-looking giant crustacean has been foundafter it latched onto a submarine deep underwater and was dragged to the surface, according to reports. . View: Full article | So...

Cyprus official search for lake monster

Rumours are again rife that some kind of reptile or large sea creature is lurking below the water in the Kouris Dam. Talk of the dam being occupied by a “strange creature” started to circulate three years ago, when a report was made that a crocodile had been dumped in the deep waters.Since then, there have been countless sightings of the “creature from the depths”, with some local newspapers calling the mystery the “Cyprus Loch Ness". One citizen was so adamant he had spotted the creature that h...

Sweden's Loch Ness monster possibly caught on camera

Copyright © AFPSweden's own version of the Loch Ness monster, the Storsjoe or Great Lake monster, has been caught on film by surveillance videos, an association that installed the cameras said Friday. The legend of the Swedish beast has swirled for nearly four centuries, with some 200 sightings reported in the lake in central Sweden."On Thursday at 12:21 pm, we filmed the movements of a live being. And it was not a pike, nor a perch, we're sure of that," Gunnar Nilsson, th...

Investigation demanded in to "lake monster" deaths

Russian fisherman have called for an investigation in to 19 deaths attributed to a lake monster in Siberia. Russian fishermen are demanding a probe into a creature resembling the Loch Ness monster in a remote Siberian lake. Locals say that "Nesski" has devoured anglers who have been pulled into the murkywaters of Lake Chany from their boats. The latest mysterious death of a 59-year-old man lastweek has fuelled demands for a proper probe into what lurks beneath the surface of Chany, one...

Dinsdale insists Nessie photos were real

Simon Dinsdale has insisted that his father"s two-minute film of the Loch Ness Monster is genuine.The film originally shot in 1960 by Tim Dinsdale was sent to the RAF at the time and deemed to show an "unknown inanimate object". Now his son Simon has resparked interest by claiming to have witnessed the monster himself twice. Simon Dinsdale, a retired police detective from Essex, insists that the two minute film recorded 50 years ago byhis father, a famous Nessie-hunter, is genuine....

Monster spotted in Lake Windermere

Two kayakers claim to have spotted a strange creature in the waters of England"s Lake Windermere.Nicknamed "Bownessie" the Loch Ness Monster-like creature is fabled to live in the lake"s depths, Tom Pickles and Sarah Harrington both witnessed what they believed to be the beast. "Its skin was like a seal"s, but its shape was abnormal -- it"s not likeany animal I"ve ever seen before. We saw it for about 20 seconds. It was petrifying. We paddled back to the shorestraight away," says Harr...

Orkney beast 'similar to Nessie'

Submitted by Waspie Dwarf: A mystery creature washed up on Orkney almost 200 years ago was "strikingly similar" to descriptions of Nessie, the Highlands Science Festival will hear. Geneticist Dr Yvonne Simpson, who hails from Orkney, has researched the Stronsay Beast. Its carcass, which some said was that of a basking shark, was found off Stronsay in 1808. Dr Simpson said the descriptions of its long neck were along the lines of those of the Loch Ness Monster. She will give a joint talk with Loc...

Paleontologist: sea monsters are plausible

Dr Darren Naish believes that there have been too many sightings for the Loch Ness Monster to be a hoax.The debate over the possible existence of large sea creatures unknown to science rages ever onwards with sightings occuring all around the world of unidentified "monsters" surfacing in lakes and in the sea. "The huge number of "sea monster" sightings now on record cant all be explainedaway as mistakes, sightings of known animals or hoaxes," says Dr Naish. Paleontologist Dr Darre...

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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