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Posted on Monday, March 16 - 2009

Fossil evidence of a completely unknown prehistoric species of giant sand worm has been discovered in Devon, England. The giant worms would have lived 260 million years ago, long before dinosaurs roamed the Earth, growing up to 3ft long and 6in wide. Large burrow holes were found indicating that the creatures would have travelled beneath the surface."Scientists have found evidence of a giant prehistoric sand worm in an English seaside resort.

Proof of the creatures" existence, which lived 260million years ago, has been found in Torbay, Devon. The worms, which grew up to 3ft long and 6in wide, are thought to have lived underground before dinosaurs roamed the earth. Experts at the English Riviera Geopark organisation have found large burrow holes that are said to have been made bythe creatures as they travelled beneath the surface. "

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Posted on Monday, August 26 - 2013

Prehistoric monster - Leedsichthys grew up to 50ft.
Image Credit: CC 3.0 Dmitry Bogdanov

The monstrous 16m-long Leedsichthys problematicus would have swam the ocean 160 million years ago. The fossil remains of the sea-faring behemoth were unearthed at a quarry by an internationalscience team led by Professor Jeff Liston of the National Museums of Scotland.

The discovery is important because it shows that while the dinosaurs were increasing in size on land, creatures in the world"s oceans were also getting larger.Small fragments of Leedsichthys specimens have been found before however until now it wasn"t possible to get a proper idea of the creature"s full size. So problematic in fact was the collection of information about the species that these difficulties were even reflected in its name"problematicus".Despite its huge size, Leedsichthys would have been a gentle giant, feeding on shoals of plankton by sweeping it up through its gills which acted like a filter. This mechanism proved highly effective, helping the species to thrive in the world"s oceans until it was wiped out along with the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Source: Guardian

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Posted on Wednesday, August 14 - 2013

New evidence suggests that Neanderthals may have taught our ancestors how to make some types of tools.Neanderthals appeared in Europe around 200,000 years ago at around the same time as the first modern humans emerged in Africa. While the two species co-existed for thousands of years and shared many of the same skills, it is generally believed that Neanderthals obtained certain tool-making abilities from their human counterparts. Thediscovery of Neanderthal tools predating modern humans in Europe at two excavation sites in France however may be set to change all that.Specialized bone tools designed to process animal hides appear to have been developed by Neanderthals before modern humans even arrived in Europe.

Could it that our ancestors learned how to build these tools from their Neanderthal cousins ? "We"ve added a whole new component to Neanderthal behavior," said anthropologist Shannon McPherron. "OtherNeanderthal tools made of bone have all been shaped by chipping away bits of bone, much like stone tools are made."  

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Posted on Thursday, August 08 - 2013

The pre-mammalian rodent-like creature is offering new insights in to how our distant ancestors lived.The almost intact fossil was discovered in China and is one of the earliest known examples of a hairy mammal-like creature ever found. While appearing very similar to today"s mammals, the species actually pre-dates true mammals and instead lived alongside dinosaurs in a humidworld around 165 million years ago.

The find is being hailed as one of the most significant pre-mammalian discoveries to date."Research always assumed that these were primitive and not highly specialized, but this animal shows that they were already highly specialized and highly adapted to special feeding strategies," said palaeontologist Thomas Martin. "An extremely well-preserved rodentlike fossil recently discovered inChina provides some of the best evidence yet for how the earliest human ancestors lived."  

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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