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Posted on Friday, June 13 - 2008

Submitted by Da Verminator: A team led by University of Manchester archaeologist Professor Julian Thomas has dated the Greater Stonehenge Cursus at about 3,500 years BC - 500 years older than the circle itself. They were able to pinpoint its age after discovering an antler pick used to dig the Cursus - the most significant find since it was discovered in 1723 by antiquarian William Stukeley. When the pick was carbon dated the results pointed to an age which was much older than previously thought - between 3600 and 3300 BC - and has caused a sensation among archeologists. The dig took place last summer in a collaborative project run by fiveBritish universities and funded by the Arts and Histories Research Council and the National Geographic Society.

Professor Thomas said: "The Stonehenge Cursus is a 100 metre wide mile long area which runs about 500 metres north of Stonehenge. "We don"t know what it was used for - but we do know it encloses a pathway which has been made inaccessible. "And that suggests it was either a sanctified area or for some reason was cursed." Professor Thomas believes that the Cursus was part of complex of monuments, within which Stonehenge was later constructed. Other elements include the ‘Lesser Stonehenge Cursus" and a series of long barrows - all built within a mile of Henge. He added: "Our colleagues led by a team from Sheffield University have also dated some ofthe cremated human remains from Stonehenge itself. "That"s caused another sensational discovery and proves that burial cremation had been taking place at Stonehenge as early as 2900 BC - soon after the monument was first built. "But what is still so intriguing about the Cursus is that it"s about 500 years older than Henge - that strongly suggests there was a link and was very possibly a precursor. "We hope more discoveries lie in store when we work on the Eastern end of the Cursus this summer.

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Posted on Monday, April 22 - 2013

New research has revealed that Stonehenge was a settlement up to 3,000 years before it was built.Archaeologists digging near to the neolithic stone circle in Wiltshire, England have uncovered evidence to suggest that the area had been occupied 7,500 years ago. While settlements in the region were only semi-permanent, the area would have likely been a hotspot of activity overthe centuries."The whole landscape is full of prehistoric monuments and it is extraordinary in a way that this has been such a blind spot for so long archaeologically," said archaeologist David Jacques.

"Here we are in this little nook at the bottom of a hill with a river running round it and it probably had more people coming to it in the Mesolithic period than it"s had people coming ever since." "An excavationfunded with redundancy money shows Stonehenge was a settlement 3,000 years before it was built."  

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Posted on Saturday, March 09 - 2013

The prehistoric monument may have been constructed as part of an annual winter solstice ritual.Rather than being the product of a long slow construction process, Stonehenge may have been built during a number of large gatherings involving as many as 4,000 people at a time when the entire population of the country only numbered in the tens of thousands. In the annual event people from all over the British Isles are thought tohave congregated and contributed to the construction of the monument."It is not so much a temple, it is a monument and it seems the big theme is unification ...

Stonehenge gets visited at certain points, people build and then go away," said Prof Mike Parker Pearson. "It"s something that"s Glastonbury festival and a motorway building scheme at the same time. It"s not all fun, there"s work too." The vast stone structure has long been the subject of the debate amonghistorians, who have variously described it as a pagan temple, or an astronomical calendar or observatory.  

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Posted on Wednesday, June 27 - 2012

British researchers believe that Stonehenge was originally built as a monument to peace and unity.The famous stone circle is thought to have have been built between 2500 BC and 3000 BC at a time when the neolithic people were becoming increasingly unified. The very fact that Stonehenge was built at all, a project that would have required a great degree of mutualco-operation, is testament to this."Stonehenge itself was a massive undertaking, requiring the labor of thousands to move stones from as far away as west Wales, shaping them and erecting them," said Mike Parker Pearson.

"Just the work itself, requiring everything literally to pull together, would have been an act of unification." The mysterious structure of Stonehenge may have been built as a symbol of peace andunity, according to a new theory by British researchers.  

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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