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Posted on Thursday, March 09 - 2006

" I have investigated a veritable plethora of strange phenomena in my time as a researcher of the paranormal, but certainly one of the weirdest things to cross my path was the British werewolf. From the darkest corners of jolly old England, Scotland, and Wales come numerous reports of enco..."


I have investigated a veritable plethora of strange phenomena in my time as a researcher of the paranormal, but certainly one of the weirdest things to cross my path was the British werewolf. From the darkest corners of jolly old England, Scotland, and Wales come numerous reports of encounters with large, wolf-like man-beasts that prowl the countryside by both day and night.The British researcher and author Andy Roberts uncovered details of a strange creature that was seen in the vicinity of Flixton in the north of England in a.d. 940. The beast, said Roberts, appeared to have been a combination of a large black dog, a phantom felid, and a werewolf.It was popularly described by the terrifiedvillage folk as possessing abnormally large eyes that glowed in the dark, a long tail, and a terrible stench.

The creature also attacked and mutilated livestock, dogs, and even people. Not only that; rumors circulated that the beast was under the control of a local magician, who was manipulating it for distinctly evil purposes. The fog of time, however, has effectively ensured that the full facts pertaining to the Flixton werewolf will remain a mystery. Equally strange is an account from writer Tom Slemen that concerns a werewolf legend that centered on the North Wales town of Denbigh. Supposedly, in the latter part of the 18th century, such a creature stalked the area, killing both man and beast over a period of several years. Interestingly, the town of Denbigh owes its name to another strange creature: a fire-breathing dragon.This beast, according to legend, haunted the vicinity and scared away the entire populace, until it was slain by the 12-fingered “Sir John of the Thumbs” of the Salisbury family who “hewed off its head.” All the people thereupon cried “Dim Bych,” or “no more dragon,” which happens to be the derivation of the name of the town.

Beast in the Window From noted author Graham McEwan comes the highly intriguing and decades-old account of Andrew Warren, the grandson of an elder Kirk from the Hebrides Islands, Scotland. According to McEwan, Warren’s grandfather came home one morning in a very excited state and told the boy to come and look at some curious remains he had found in a dried-up tarn. It looked to be a human skeleton with a wolf-like head, andth......

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A woman whose apartment was allegedly broken into by a man who claimed he was a werewolf told the court Tuesday the man needs mental help, not prison. "Bob Marsh is not the monster people think he is. He has had a number of things go awry for him," said Victoria Kennedy of Fond du Lac. "He is a little more than a little mental. He needs to go to a mental health facility. He really needs help." Robert W. Marsh, 39, currently in jail, will standtrial on charges of disorderly co...

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Werewolves. People who shapeshift into howling, bloodthirsty wolves by the light of the full moon. As Lord Byron noted, this affliction is also known as lycanthropy. Itís a superstition that dates back centuries and has been popularized by books of fiction and dozens of films. Virtually every culture on the planet has lore and traditions ofwere-creatures. But is there any truth to the werewolf legend? In medical terms, lycanthropy is applied to people who suffer from the delusion that they trans...

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If the legends are to be believed, lycanthropy has been with us since King Lycaon was transformed into a wolf, in retribution for serving human flesh to Zeus during a dinner party in ancient Greece. Ever since, the werewolf has followed the human race through whispered tales and popular myth, stalking towns and villages from the Caucasus to Colorado. The popularity and seeming irrationality of these stories has been a traditional target for debunkers of the supernatural. Rationalisations of the...

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Copyright © FOXNews.comIt's not easy being a preteen "wolf boy" ó but scientists at Columbia University are confident they've finally found the silver bullet that can cure one. Pruthviraj Patil, 11, suffers from a rare genetic disorder known as hypertrichosisó or "werewolf syndrome" ó which causes a thick coat of hair to grow over every inch of his body except his palms and feet.An episode of the TLC series "My Shocking Story" chronicled theefforts of a group of Columbia scientist...

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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