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Posted on Thursday, August 15 - 2013

Catholics have flocked to a tree in Fresno, California because they believe it is weeping God"s tears.People started to gather at the otherwise unremarkable Crape Myrtle tree on Wednesday when parishioner Maria Ybarra first reported drops of liquid falling from it. As word got around more and more people turned up, attracting the attention of local news crews. "When you say ‘glory be to God in Jesus’ name’ the tree starts throwing out more water," said Ybarra.Fresnoarborist Jon Reelhorn however believes there is a more down-to-earth explanation for the mysterious drips - tree lice excrement.

"The aphides will suck the sap, the sap goes through the aphid and then it is a honey dew excrement from the aphid and it gets so heavy in the summertime that it will drip down," he said.This hasn"t stopped people gathering to pray at the tree however. "I can tell you looking at it from a scientific standpoint and a spiritual standpoint it is the work of God manifesting here on earth," parishioner Ybarra argued. "Ybarra was the first person to feel the drops of liquid, which began falling from the Crape Myrtle tree on Wednesday."  

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10,000 year old structure found in Canadian lake

Submitted by Alex Zelaya: In the world of history, thanks to Darwin"s theory of evolution, the accepted cradle of civilization is commonly cited by scholars as being the continent of Africa. The Middle East - notably, in the area of 5 rivers; the Tigris-Euphrates (in modern day Iraq), the Nile in Africa, the Indus in South Asia, and the Huang-He-Yangtze in China are also figured prominently in the development of humankind. We"re told modern civilization is but 10,000 years old, but if that"s the...

Ancient maps suggest China discovered America

For more than a decade, seven fragile map books sat under Hendon Harris' bed battling dust and darkness. Two years ago they were exhumed and could possibly prove the Chinese discovered the American land mass 4,200 years ago."These maps were under my bed for 10-plus years, because we really didn't know what we had," said Hendon Harris, an Adelanto developer who owns several apartment buildings and is a prime sponsor of the Adelanto Boys and Girls Club. He's also building a s...

This iPod user rocks

Copyright © Earth spotters have discovered a strange rock formation in the prairies of central Canada that resembles a native American in headdress listening to an iPod. The rock formation is in Alberta, Canada about 300km southeast of Calgary, near the border with Saskatchewan.Dubbed the Alberta Indian, the formation was discovered by a Google Earth spotter nicknamed Supergranny. The area is situated in one of Canada's key gas fields. The nearest urban centre is Me...

Oldest skeleton in Americas found underwater ?

Deep inside an underwater cave in Mexico, archaeologists may have discovered the oldest human skeleton ever found in the Americas. Dubbed Eva de Naharon, or Eve of Naharon, the female skeleton has been dated at 13,600 years old. If that age is accurate, the skeleton—along with three others found in underwater caves along the Caribbean coast of the Yucatán Peninsula—could provide new clues to how the Americas were first populated. The remains have been excavated over the past four years near the ...

Grand Canyon's Glass Walkway to Open In March

Members of a Native American group based in a remote part of Arizona are hoping to entice more tourists by inviting visitors to step off the edge of the Grand Canyon. The 1,500-member Hualapai tribe announced last week that the Skywalk—a giant, 30-million-dollar steel-and-glass walkway—will open to the public in March 2007. The Skywalk will jut out 70 feet (21 meters) from the canyon rim, allowing tourists to go for a stroll with nothing between their feet and the Colorado River—4,000 fe...

10,000-year-old camel bones found in Arizona

Copyright © MSNBCWorkers digging at the future site of a Wal-Mart store in suburban Mesa have unearthed the bones of a prehistoric camel that’s estimated to be about 10,000 years old.Arizona State University geology museum curator Brad Archer hurried out to the site Friday when he got the news that the owner of a nursery was carefully excavating bones found at the bottom of a hole being dug for a new ornamental citrustree.“There’s no question that this is a camel; ...

Mystery of Devils Hole

A mysterious bottomless pit in the Pacific Northwest has been the subject of stories for decades.The mere existence of the hole is a matter of much controversy as nobody is sure where it even is. A Native American shaman called Red Elk is said to be one of the only people alive to have ever seen it, he claimed that the hole was "endless" and that strange things would happen whenever he went near it. More recently, Mel Watersspoke to Art Bell on Coast to Coast when he claimed to have c...

Mystery of the Brown Mountain Lights

One of the most enduring aerial phenomena of recent times is the mystery of the Brown Mountain Lights or North Carolina. The lights have been reported for hundreds of years and have been investigated by the US Geological Survey."The Brown Mountain Lights are oneof the most famous of North Carolina legends. . They have been reported a dozen times in newspaper stories. They have been investigated at least twice by the U.S. G...

Africans came with Columbus to New World

Teeth taken from the exhumed skeletons of Christopher Columbus" crew from over 500 years ago have revealed new information about his voyage, including the presence of at least one African who was part of the trip."Teethfrom exhumed skeletons of crew members Christopher Columbus left on the island of Hispaniola more than 500 years ago reveal the presence of atleast one African in the New World as a contemporary of the explo...

Americans reached Europe 1000 years ago

Scientists believe Americans reached Europe over 500 years before Columbus reached America. The research is based on studies of the genetic past of an Icelandic family the results of which suggest that a woman from the Americas reached Iceland almost 1000 years ago. WhenChristopher Columbus paraded his newly discovered American Indians through the streets ofSpanish towns at the end of the 15th century, he was not in fact introducing the first native Americans to Europe, according to ne...

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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