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Posted on Sunday, December 16 - 2007

" While investigating conspiracies and cover-ups, I wondered if this “conspiracy mania” was happening in America fifty years ago. The push to fluoridate our water supplies began more than fifty years ago. Much of it was a “structural” conspiracy. Scientists working for fluoride polluters w..."

While investigating conspiracies and cover-ups, I wondered if this “conspiracy mania” was happening in America fifty years ago. The push to fluoridate our water supplies began more than fifty years ago. Much of it was a “structural” conspiracy. Scientists working for fluoride polluters would naturally, if largely unconsciously, massage the data to minimize the harm that fluoride caused, and amazingly, produced data showing that fluoride was good for people. Recently, declassified documents show the U.S. government covering up fluoride poisoning, because fluorine was used in the Manhattan Project extensively, and there were industrial fluoride accidents thatharmed many people.

Even though it turns out that fluoridation luminary Harold Hodge was secretly working to cover-up fluoride damage due to industrial accidents, and was doing secret research on the fluoride ion's effect on the human central nervous system, a lot of it was just doing his job and obeying the rules of “national security.” I once had exchanges with a college kid who thought that the political “realists” understood the global situation much better than “radicals” such as Chomsky. After reading some “realist” literature, I doubt it. Scholarship that assumes away economic factors is not very realistic.[29] The kid said that the reason why only a few CIA employees have ever written books critical of the CIA is that almost all CIAemployees believe that their careers serve their nation. My response was two-fold. One is that serving their nation obviously did not mean serving the interests of those in the nations the CIA helped rape. The other point is that the vast majority of CIA personnel will believe they are doing “good work” no matter how much their eyes tell them otherwise. People will always see themselves as “good guys,” no matter what they are doing. That goes for death camp Nazis killing Jewish children, American “pioneers” killing Native American children, American soldiers bombing Iraq, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, and doctors whose cancer treatments kill their patients. Today, conspiracy theories abound in the media and public awareness. Why? I think it is mainlybecause. ...

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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