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Posted on Monday, February 27 - 2012

Strange celestial sounds have been heard by visitors to the picturesque Yellowstone National Park.For years the sounds have been described by visitors as a type of enigmatic music coming from the skies around the shoreline of Yellowstone lake. "They resemble the ringing of telegraph wires or the humming of a swarm of bees, beginning softly in the distance, growing rapidly plainer until directlyoverhead, and then fading as rapidly in the opposite direction," wrote Hiram M.

Chittenden in 1895. Professor of biology Edwin Linton also heard the sounds in 1890 while on a U.S. Fish Commission project. Linton and others have described the sounds as “harp-like” or similar to human voices or the sound of metal cables crashing against each other, but no satisfactory explanation has yet been offered for theirorigin.  

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Captive giant isopod refuses to eat

A huge underwater bug kept at the Toba Aquarium in Japan has been on a hunger strike for four years.Images of giant isopods have circulated the Internet for years and a lot of the time these have been dismissed as clever fakes. In truth however, the giant isopod is a very real creature indeed and lives 100m under the surface of the ocean where it scavenges for food. While the isopods can go for quite some time without eating anything, the specimen kept at the Toba Aquarium has been ta...

Different monsters in cultures eerily similar

Legends and stories of monsters in different cultures around the world are surprisingly similar.Despite their distance apart early monster myths and legends in Chinese and European cultures have been found to share striking similarities. Two thousand plus years ago, Europeans and Chinese had very, very littlecontact but somehow they imagined a startlingly similar cast of frightening and fantastic creatures. .   View: Full article |  Source: NPR  ...

Whale shark filmed sucking fish out of net

Some whale sharks have developed the unique ability to suck fish straight out of the fishermen"s nets.Conservationists using radio tagging to track the sharks were able to film this unique behaviour at Indonesia"s Cendrawasih Bay National Marine Park.The sharks appear to have learned how to make use of the nets as a way to treat themselves to an easy meal. The video has become an internet sensation, attracting almost two million views since it was posted two weeks ago. . ...

Evil spirit cleansing scam rakes in millions

Scammers pretending to be spiritual healers have conned vulnerable people out of millions in New York.The scam typically involves members of the public being approached by individuals claiming to be spiritualists or fortune tellers. Details vary, but most frequently the victim is told that a loved one is possessed by an evil spirit or is going to die. To safeguard them, the con-artist requests valuables such as jewelry or money which they then "bless" and return to thevictim in an env...

Mystery sounds reported in Wisconsin

Residents have been left perplexed by a series of strange noises and rumblings in Clintonville.Exact descriptions of the sounds vary from person to person but are generally said to be similar to the sounds of thunder, firework explosions or rattling metal. There have also been reports of earthquake-like vibrations accompanying the sounds. USGeological Survey records show no indication of seismic activity in the region and the military have denied any involvement."It"s like we"re imagi...

Does sea floor hold key to new medications ?

Creatures living at the bottom of the sea could provide powerful new ways to fight infection and disease.As the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria becomes an ever greater concern, scientists are leaving no stone unturned in researching new medications to help combat infections, illnesses and other health problems. One of the most promising places to look in this regard is the sea, or more precisely, the sea floor. Several species have been identified as potential sourcesof new trea...

Video of live oarfish revealed

Some of the first ever footage of a live, healthy oarfish has been released by researchers.Oarfish are particularly difficult to film because they live deep down in the depths of the ocean below 3,200ft. While the average length is around 10ft, some oarfish can grow up to 30ft or more with the largest specimen ever recorded measuring 36ft. The new footage was recorded as part of a project called SERPENT which was acollaboration between marine researchers and the oil and gas industries...

Trees very vulnerable to dehydration

A new study has revealed that trees live perilously close to the limits of their inner plumbing systems.Out of several hundred tree species, up to 70 percent live with the risk that a serious drought would prevent water from being transported from their roots to their leaves. Even in wet, tropical regions the trees maintain a precarious balance that if interrupted could prove disastrous. The find emphasizes just how vulnerable ourforests are to changes in the climate."I think this is ...

Were the Hanging Gardens really in Babylon ?

One of the wonders of the ancient world, the gardens may have not actually been in Babylon at all.For hundreds of the years the construction of the Hanging Gardens, a lavishly watered paradise, has been attributed to Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylonia. Despite extensive archaeological efforts to locate the site of the gardens however no trace of them has ever been found. A team from Germany spent 19 years excavating the most likely sites only to come up empty. "To their dismay, they co...

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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