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Posted on - Monday 05th of February 2007
I am currently in the beginning entries of "The Diary of Ellen Rimbaur: My life at Rose Red" It was written after the Mini-series "Stephen King's Rose Red" I believe and gives alot of backstory to the movie. Apparently there is a movie adaptation of this book as well, but I have not seen it. It's very good so far. I've read alot of complaints that it's slow and sometimes annoying. But I must be reading a different book. -=sarcasm=- I don't want to give the story line away, other than I think it's wonderful. As I mentioned it's written in the form of entries in a diary...which I guess makes it a tad voyeuristic, since it is one woman's secret thoughts, which she shares with no one. Which in turn is appealing to me. since we are all voyeuristic people.

OK maybe i'll detail some of the story line.

The diary details how she was wooed off her feet by John Rimbauer an oil tycoon, who she soon marries, but there is all kinds of different things going on, He's building a mansion, very odd things happen at the construction site...there's seems to be an inner struggle with ellen, and she prays to both god and devil. merely out of spite as to how John treats her at times. Other times she's very happily married to a man who is extremely wealthly but also sometimes carries a habit of sleeping with other women. So far a great read!
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Posted on - Monday 05th of February 2007
Since I received ZERO comments on this forum topic I thought I would put it over here so I could add to it as information is obtained.

For those of you interested in this topic please feel free to post your comments or information.

I've always pondered who and why there was an end date to the Bible. The Bible is a living document, why would it end almost 2,000 years ago.

Sure I am aware of the Gnostic Gospels not included in the current Bible, but the question is:

Is someone continuing to write Gospels? God certainly didn't leave us. As a matter of fact He continues to send us messengers, The Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Michael, and in some cases Jesus Himself.

I would think that based on some of the Prophecies that Revelations could be extended. If we are listening to St. John who wrote Revelations why wouldn't we include the warnings issued to us from Jesus The Holy Mother, The Angles, etc.?

And as for the prophecies of new, they contain the same message we are doomed but will return to a World as if in Spring and cleansed.

I have monitored the Apparitions of Mejegoria (spelling) and find that the message of lately again is the same. Keep Praying for Peace My Little Children, No mention of the war that is going on, no mention of what happened during 9/11, no mention of starving countries, etc. This leads me to be [...]
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Posted on - Saturday 03rd of February 2007
Since I'm going to be updating "Unexplained Theory", I thought I'd post the start of my hopefully creepy story. I wrote part 1 last year and part 2 about a month ago, it's coming along slowly but nicely. Hope you all like it, it's untitled so far, one of the titles I attempted to work with last year was "You don't see them, They see you" but it sounded crap.


A Dark Hotel Corridor: The lights are very dim and there's only one bright light at the end of the corridor, illuminating the elevator. A teengae girl (about 18 years old) comes out of a door and slowly walks down the corridor, the lights start to flicker going from dim to brighter. The girl looks around the corridor and sees nothing. She goes back to walking down the corridor when a breeze comes up behind her, she turns around to look, nothing's there, the lights are still flickering, and as she turns back around the elevator doors open. The girl jumps as they make the "ping" sound while opening, she enters the elevator and hits the ground level button. The elevator doors close. The lights stop flickering.

In the elevator: The girl is leaning against one side of the elevator watching as the elevator goes down the levels. The elevator suddenly stops, the girl tries to stay calm.

Girl: Dammit!

The girl looks at her watch, then [...]
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Posted on - Saturday 03rd of February 2007
As I replied in my comment to Josh (first entry), I haven't done much with the record/book thing I planned on doing, I have done an introduction to it on the site I made though, the name of the site is Unexplained Theory. I'll try to add some of the weird stuff that's happened at my house today so I can put the link up here.

I also have a tiny bit of homework I have to do so I'll do that later tonight, and do the site updating very soon.

I started Year 11 on Tuesday, I am officially a senior. I've been tired all week and have been falling asleep at 10:30pm, which is a shock for me because during the holidays my sleep time would be between 4:30am-7:30am

I messed around with the layout options for my blog after seeing Josh's new colour scheme, I like what I have now, except for the comments are pretty hard to read unless you highlight them, and now I can't remember what section to change so it's easier to read lol! The background, I made myself, I got both the storm and wolf pics from google and made the wallpaper with a program I no longer have on the pc...I miss it dearly

14 days until the Evanescence concert, I can't wait! I worked for 4 hours today, so I'll get paid on Tuesday.

Anywho, I'm off to read about Pandora's Box, I know nothing of it but keep hearing it around. [...]
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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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