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Posted on - Sunday 27th of June 2010
1. Aliens won't abuse you or make you a slave because they can make millions of androids, robots, or clones, fluffy sheep, and clowns if they want to. On their huge advanced space-stations or private planets.

2. If Aliens were warmongers they could 'clean out my back yard' with one click of their fingers. Even if they were only just 500 years ahead of us in technology... imagine the ability.

3. We have pretty good virtual reality today. Imagine the virtual reality, or fantasy, and computer games or possibilities of advanced beings.

4. Aliens would rather listen to nice music, or poetry, or admire nice art, or watch a movie, than give you trouble.

5. Aliens are not murderers because they even let silly good 'UFO debunkers' similar to 'Peto Cheapest' and 'Evol Micheol Dovis' stay alive!

6. My cat is a very dumb Alien, and it only chews my old socks.

7. Advanced aliens millions of years ago probably have a similar history to us. With wars and conflict. Been there done that.... gets boring after a while.

8. Aliens absolutely really believe in God and Nature. So they would never attack you.

9. People think Aliens have been visiting Earth for 50 or 50,000 years or longer. Has anyone seen them shoot us like sitting ducks? .....oh, yeah, I've heard of one or three fictitious historic situations of some [...]
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Posted on - Saturday 12th of December 2009
sooo donte went to his dads for the weekend and his dad doesnt have a computer or anything.... and ima very sad girl cause i miss him so much... and hes only been gone a good 45 minutes... but i still feel like crying...alot : : : [...]
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Posted on - Saturday 16th of August 2008
Hey all!!

Again, haven't been on here in awhile, but like ages! My last blog post was in 07! It's now 09! Jeez!
I've been watching Ghost Hunters International on our Sci Fi channel and I remembered this site, thought i'd jump back on and talk to all you fine people again!

Everyone still around, I hope!

Let's see, I had my 19th birthday back in June, the next big thing happening would be Halloween I guess haha, my friend and I plan to facepaint our faces like The Crow and go out trick or treating for fun haha.
Still think our place is haunted, I remember I made the website after we had moved in, have to update it one day.

I'm awaiting the arrival of the delivery man to deliver my laptop! I have finally caught up with the times and purchased a laptop haha so I'll definately be back here more, hopefully with some EVP's, I really want to try it.

Oh! And photo images, I will be posting, see what you make of friend and I were taking pics the other night and caught a few interesting images on my phone's camera!

Until next time... [...]
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Posted on - Friday 22nd of February 2008
We are about 3 weeks into Lent and like most Lental Seasons I pray a lot and try to attend the Stations of the Cross, meditate on the Passion of Christ daily. Lent is a difficult time for me yet I anticipate its coming. Maybe because I understand it.

During Lent however, I usually have strange dreams that are so real that I can even smell and sometimes gag because of the stentch. It wakes me up. So I will relay to whomever reads this blog what I am talking about:

On Tuesday morning approximately 3:30 am I was having a dream that I was standing in an apocalyptic looking field. Very dark and smokey (not fog) in the field there were 51 dead bodies. I told the person who was with me who I believed was one of my sons that we had to bury all the bodies before they started to stink. At this point I woke up from the stentch of the decaying bodies. I know what rotting bodies smell like, I've been in two wars and was a City Police Officer so there was no mis-identifying the smell.

The smell was so strong I had to cover my nose (I WAS AWAKE WHEN THIS HAPPENED) I drifted in and out of sleep. During my sleep/dream I laid down on the ground where we had burried some of the bodies and tried to rest when all of a sudden on of the bodies that we hadn't burried got up and walked by me and although I was a little frightened by the site I tried to get the walking body to come back with me. I ran after him, first to see if he was a ghost (still not s [...]
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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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