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Posted on - Monday 11th of February 2008
I hope that there of those of you who will take the time to read BLOGS?

I wanted to pass on to you all a little about St. Rita, known as the St. of the impossible.

One day while I was stressing over concerns for my son Timothy, I mean I was at wits end of what to do about him when all of a sudden I came across a prayer card with the picture of a nun by the name of St. Rita.

The card gives a short history of St. Rita and how she was in favor with God and that anyone that would pray to St. Rita for her intercession to God their wishes would at least be consoling.

Like I said I was at wits end so I bagan to pray to St. Rita using the prayer card and asked for her help with Timothy. I asked her to carry my petitions to God.

There is a little thing that I have to do if my prayers were being answered and that was to give her credit to the physical world that she in fact helped me.

I prayed every night (still do) and saw results within the week. I was utterly astounded by how my sons behavior was turning around to the better. I still can't explain to you all on the feelings of sorrow I had prior to my praying to St. Rita.

Since then Timothy's overall attitude, reasoning to try to make good decisions beyond what I could have expected over the past year. I waited 17 years for him to change. I wish I would have found St. rita's prayer card earlier.

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Posted on - Thursday 24th of January 2008
As I'm typing these words I know that I'll be happily operating my system away with MS Windows Vista in a few years time. But right now I have some serious hate toward Microsoft's latest crapbag OS.For starters what's with the F**king crazy system requirements? It jst chaws dwn half the system recourses just to run the OS itself .

Even in this age of 1TB hard drives and 4ghz+ processors its still too much to ask... for an OS. And you have to wait hours till the F**king 15GB operating system installs on your PC. God help me if something goes wrong during the installation process and have to start the installation all over again .

Secondly what's with the shit load of incompatibility issues? An operating system is there to run any piece of garbage I want it to, not the other way around - where I should run programs that vista thinks is good enough, Gimme a break! And dnt get me started with the whole tango abt MS holding DirectX 10 hostage on Vista just to force Gamers to buy this half ass spoiled brat of an OS. *Sigh*

I know its very nice looking and all but on the other hand I couldn't care even the entire graphics interface have been replaced with animations of bouncing boobs if the overall usage is this bad .

Also Microsoft has likely pissed off every single system administrator and IT guy by shuffling everything around, especially critical system settings. I gave up and consulted a reference book (not written by [...]
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Posted on - Monday 10th of December 2007
I have been thinking, I know, dangerous at times and you smelled the wood burning Way Over there! LOL But, has anyone considered that the UFO sightings and there locations, ie: Near England, off the New England coastline in the states, by Japan and Asia. All places where rogue waves have been reported by cruise ships entering fog banks and then blasted with waves. Possible that the UFO's are doing nose dives to "hide" or whatever it is they are doing in the ocean and the UFO is creating these waves and not some planetary shift in a plate? Just curious if anyone has any thoughts about the connection. Let me know. Wavecritter [...]
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Posted on - Monday 29th of October 2007
Things are beginning to get out of hand, now we have to worry about getting a STAPH (spelling) INFECTION.

If this isn't the End Times then I don't know what is?

I am still experiencing kind of an agitated type of excitement, some of the symptoms are; anxiety, aggrivation, impatience, etc. Like I am waiting for something that is overdue?

I have feelings that something very big is about to happen? If you all read my blog are any of you feeling the same things? [...]
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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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