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Posted on - Friday 21st of September 2007
All that we think is - Is Not!

There are a lot of events unfolding that will definately usher in the end of our lives as we know it.

The New World Order (NWO) = 10 Regional Governors having their strings pulled by the evil one.

One World Religion (OWR) = Which Religion? Will there be a new one invented?

One World Currency and Commerce

Marked with a number - Without the mark we will not be able to buy or sell, yet once we receive the mark our souls "may" be doomed.

The other day while reading the news (there is never any good news) I read an article where a 6 year old child was found hung in her garage after having been sexually assaulted. To put this in to context the girl was in the 1st grade.

A couple of days later I read that a mother of three young children poured gasoline on them and locked them in a closet after setting fire to them. They were 3, 5 and 7 years of age. The 3 year old died, a neighbor heard the girls screeming "Mommy why? What did we do? Please Mommy!

Heartbreaking isn't it??? And I think I have problems, huh!

The great deception started thousands of years ago. We can go all the way back to the Nephalim (fallen ones) and their offspring the Raphehim (giants).

That's starting too far back for this blog, (I will talk about it later though) so let's bring it up a few thousand years to the Knights Templar, Mason [...]
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Posted on - Wednesday 19th of September 2007
Seems like everytime I update my blog here it's because I haven't been here in awhile. I've got alot of paranormal news to catch up on, and plan to

I've just finished my preliminary exams, woohoo! Glad they're over. And holidays are in a week and a half.

Also, I got my hands on the third Stephenie Meyer's book, "Eclipse". Loved it! Although I think Jacob & Bella are a better couple than Edward & Bella.

I'm also hooked on the Fox show "Bones" starring David Boreanaz and Emily Deschannel. It's based on Kathy Reich's books, which I've read one of.."Deja Dead", quite a good book too.

I still haven't updated Unexplained Theory, and because of that I have forgotten what happened last I'll try and write something down straight away next time. [...]
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Posted on - Saturday 14th of July 2007
Man, I gotta keep up with this blogging thing, I've never been good with keeping diarys. The last time I wrote Hubby was trying out truck driving and that didn't work out too well. Now he is working in a Hunting/ fishing store and we are both very happy. He only makes minimum wage but he comes home every night and it is much better for our marriage. We have never been happier.
At the moment ai am trying to watch Pan's Labrynth, I was told it was a good movie but it is in spanish so it is sub titled, I hate watching subtitled movies. I would rather be able to imerse myself in the story but that is hard to do when I am reading the dialogue.
I have been away from Hotspotsz for a while, it is summer and I have been spending a lot of time outside in the pool, also I have been averaging 4 days a week of overtime, which means about every other day I work is 16 hours. So when I am home I sleep alot. This will probably go on untill september. But at least I am making good money.
I am going to try to post to this blog at least once a week. [...]
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Posted on - Thursday 21st of June 2007
SANTIAGO (Reuters) - A lake in southern Chile has mysteriously disappeared, prompting speculation the ground has simply opened up and swallowed it whole.

The lake was situated in the Magallanes region in Patagonia and was fed by water, mostly from melting glaciers.

It had a surface area of between 4 and 5 hectares (10-12 acres) -- about the size of 10 soccer pitches.

"In March we patrolled the area and everything was normal ... we went again in May and to our surprise we found the lake had completely disappeared," said Juan Jose Romero, regional director of Chile's National Forestry Corporation CONAF.

"The only things left were chunks of ice on the dry lake-bed and an enormous fissure," he told Reuters.

CONAF is investigating the disappearance.

One theory is that the area was hit by an earth tremor that opened a crack in the ground which acted like a drain.

Southern Chile has been shaken by thousands of minor earth tremors this year. [...]
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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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