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Posted on - Monday 26th of February 2007
Well I haven't been on here in ages, partly cos I've been busy with school, mostly because my brother has turned into a pc nazi and gets on here every afternoon. Leaving me to have a go online on weekends around midnight. (and even then, every 2nd weekend we're at dad's place, he doesn't have a pc yet...we're trying to con him into getting one hehehe)

I went and saw Evanescence Live In Sydney, on the 17th of Febuary. It was totaly kickass, they sound so freaking good live! I have my own little review on my myspace page.

I haven't updated Unexplained Theory as yet, although alot more freaky things keep happening this year, so I've written them down in point form so I remember what to write...I won't say when I'll update U.T because everytime I do, it doesn't happen lol!

My brother has tonsilitis (I can't get the tonsil bit cos I don't have my tonsils anymore lol (I got them out when I was 7) but I'm starting to catch the 'fluey' aspect of it such as runny nose, itchy & irritated eyes (always at nighttime) so I have tomorrow off too. And go back to school on Wednesday.

I'm off to check out Josh's EVPs, so glad you finally put them up dude!
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Posted on - Wednesday 21st of February 2007
Thought I would start some journal entries during the Lenten Season of 2007.

These journals will catalog any paranormal events that may take place over the next 40+ days of Lent.

As stated in my forum post during Lent I seem to come under attacks from demonic entities through dreams. On the other side I am usually comforted by dreams and visions that are Religious in nature. Although scarry at times... I also receive visions of what I don't know? They may depict future event or are without meaning except to scare me straight and keep my obligations during Lent.

Anyway "Now It Begins."
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Posted on - Thursday 15th of February 2007
So, it has been read.

My feelings on the book. I loved it.

John and Ellen are both troubled with the events that transpire in this book, although they both have only theirselves to blame, as Ellen saw the signs, but did nothing before she was married, she was worried about social status and money, and John for being a some what despicable person. Especially near the end. The house is very supernatural, You see the house grow and become what it was in the mini-series "Rose Red" It is very much the main character of that story, and here Ellen knows from the get go practically that the house is very much alive. So this maybe a tragic account of a family in the early 1900's, or it could be about the deterioration of that family, who's fault was all their own.

All in all I think you should pick it up and check it out. There is also a TV movie for this book, which I would like to see as well. That's one of my things, read the book watch the movie, see how they fair against eachother.

The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer 4 out of 5 X's
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Posted on - Friday 09th of February 2007
I don't see anything about Giza as a power plant. Reading research on this topic has been really interesting. Anyone been there?
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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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