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Posted on - Tuesday 23rd of February 2010

Author: Tracey Huntley
Close Encounters with James Fox

“Who are you going to believe, your lying eyes, or the government?”

John Callahan Federal Aviation admin retired November 12th 2007

“It’s time to find out what the truth really is that’s out there. We ought to do it really because it’s right, we ought to do it because quite frankly the American people *can* handle the truth, and we ought to do it because it’s the law.”

- John Podesta on UFO disclosure

Today I have the honor of chatting with James Fox.

Mr. Fox is the producer/director of several well-know UFO documentaries including UFOs: Fifty Years of Denial, Out of the Blue, and his most recent film I Know What I Saw. He is also a soldier of disclosure, taking much of his time to push for the truth about UFOs.

Tracey: James what I would like to talk to you about today, are persons, places and events that might have happened pertaining to the Ufology field. Is that cool with you?

James Fox: Yeah sure that’s fine

Tracey: I want to start out by discussing a few people in the field, and your opinions on them.

I am curious about what your thoughts on Bob Lazar might be?

James Fox: I met him once, you know I’ve read a lot of material and watched the videos. I firmly believe that he believes what he is telling us. This is just my personal impression; you know I don’t feel he is trying to deceive the public deliberately. But I always have to kind of resort back to the saying, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. And although that might be very likely that that is taking place, it is difficult to confirm.

Tracey: Of course.

James: Sounds amazing but I just don’t know. I have nothing to relate it to, and I don’t know. The elements he talks about such as the antigravitics and that sort of thing. Seems probable but I don’t know.

Tracey: Understandable, and all we can really do is speculate and really just go by hearsay. It can be hard to ascertain what is real and what isn’t, unless you have been there. I understand that, so basically this is just about your opinions on people, I am curious what your thoughts are, as I am sure many people are.

James: One thing I absolutely convinced of, because I have met with witnesses all around the world, both military and civilian, is that these objects *clearly* have been and continue to be observed flying or whizzing around our air space. And that their flight characteristics are so far beyond anything we have or had in our possession; well certainly in the public domain, if it’s us in the last sixty years I find it difficult to believe that they maintained it in secrecy since the 40s.

Tracey: Absolutely I agree.

James: You know, you do the process of elimination then…

Tracey: Then what is it?

James: Exactly

James: But not to say that Roswell didn’t happen and if it did happen obviously they would be dissecting it ‘somewhere’. Whether or not they’ve managed to replicate that technology I just don’t know. If they have, I wish they would put it out to the public sector.

Tracey: I do too. I think people today can handle it.

Tracey: James do you think the US government could perhaps be conducting reverse technology testing based on crashed UFOs they have found?

James: Do I think the government is reverse engineering UFOs?

Tracey: Yes.

James: Well I’d like to think that if it happened; and the evidence of Roswell certainly points to the fact that it did, that they’d be doing something with the technology.

Tracey: From what I have seen I believe so. I am a witness and there is nothing or human that could have been possibly …

James there definitely doesn’t appear to be a terrestrial explanation for what happened there (Roswell ’47) no question about it.

Tracey: I concur.

James: I’ve met with a lot of the witnesses back in the 90’s and I’ve looked into Roswell, I did a film that covered, *a lot* of Roswell back in the 90’s so I am definitely aware of these military officers coming forward and stating “Look you know the weather balloon was a cover story” and I am very aware that what it was, didn’t appear to be of a terrestrial nature.

If that be the case, I would certainly imagine the departments of our government, (and god knows what agency was created as a result of that) would be dissecting it and replicating it. I mean it just makes perfectly good sense to me.

Tracey: Absolutely.

James: But I can’t prove that you know what I mean?

Tracey: I do. These are all basically just your opinions on different aspects of ufology. Speculation is all we can really go by until someone in our government comes forward.

James: Absolutely.

Tracey: There have been a couple of examples of many that pertain to either dog fights and or disabling of equipment such as weaponry.

Quoted from Dr. Andrew Choy when asked why the government might be hiding the existence of UFOs. “If a threat exists from an unidentified origin, without explanation, this could be very threatening for our system of world power”.

Do you think James, that if they meant any ill intentions, ‘They’ being non-human that they would have acted on those intentions by now? I have to wonder myself if perhaps they are just curious. I ponder this because if they can disable our weaponry, could it be not to harm us, but to keep us from harming them as they observe us and or our way of life.

James: I hear both sides of it all the time; you know that if it is extraterrestrial activity, it appears to be benign; I hear that all the time by witnesses. But then you hear stories of other encounters or abductions of people and that kind of makes you wonder.

It appears as though they’re just curious, and sort of observing our activities, but the underlying true agenda you know, I just couldn’t tell ya. It would be pure speculation on my part.

Tracey: It is *absolutely* all speculation, I can’t specify that enough. But people are curious to know what you think; I am pretty sure about that. You play a key role in Ufology, and you really bring the subject forward, and we all need that. I hope you never give up.

James: I am definitely looking forward to break right now I can tell you that much; you know this last film really took it out of me.

Tracey: When you appeared on Larry King, and the gentleman you were debating (James Mcgaha) stated that UFOs were nothing more than a modern day myth, I think that the look on your face was priceless.

James: Actually you know that was really funny, that the famous face of CNN, you know the young guy with the grey hair?

Tracey: Oh... Anderson Cooper?

James: Yeah Anderson Cooper. Yup. I had been up for a day. Had just put on the National Press Conference and they had invited me on the show, and of course they have a skeptic on with me.

Tracey: Of course! So James, what was going through your mind as he was saying those things?

James: Ha haha! You know I was *warned* that this skeptic is just going to chew up the clock! And he is going to ramble about nothing. Don’t let him railroad you! I said ok ok I won’t.

Tracey: That is awesome.

James: and you know if you watch it carefully, Anderson Cooper was on my side! And I didn’t, I very politely refused to let him (James Mcgaha) railroad me.

Tracey: You were spectacular to say the least!

James : But I had been up for well, we had just done that National Press event, it was a three month endeavor, we had all just left the National Press Club, the whole group went back to the hotels, got cleaned up we were all meeting for dinner.

An amazing dinner! I picked this great spot for everyone to dine. I mean there was like twenty-five of us, and then I got a phone call and I had to leave and I didn’t get to have dinner with anybody. *chuckles*

Tracey: ooohhh man

James: Yeah I had to leave everybody. It was like the one night we all had together you know it was really exciting and yeah.

Tracey: That is not good. A person could tell from watching you that you were very excited. I mean what an amazing thing to be in the room with all these people I could only imagine.

James: Yes it really was, it was an historic event, and you know what? It was well documented, very well documented, and there will be more things happen. It isn’t like that was the end all be all event. The level of interest of the media, is at best fleeting, I mean it comes and goes.

You have different events that occur, maybe a release of documents or maybe a new witness comes forward, and there will be research and interest from the media or coverage. And the film will get out to more people so it’s – baby steps. You know the whole thing is baby steps. If I had a couple hundred million dollars, I could probably do a lot more than what I am doing now, but I don’t.

Tracey: I am sure you do the best you can James. I have no doubts at all.

James: but I do have a good support team out there, like I said there is a lot of other dominating factors happening in the media, terrestrial issues that take precedence right now. At times I feel like there is movement for government transparency, and then all the sudden you know I am not so sure about that, so I don’t know.

James: The best thing to do is to get the information into the general populace. I do the best I can to do that but I am only one guy. Heh. And I can’t control when the media picks up on things and when they don’t.

Sometimes they pick up on a story and run with it and its great. Other times you hear a story that is three times as fascinating and for some reason it *doesn’t* get picked up. It’s frustrating but also that’s just the way it is in the media.

Tracey: It sure is, I guess they just want to pick up on what is ultimately going to bring in the ratings is what it boils down to.

James: You know you got the story of the guy whose kid floated away in the flying saucer; remember?

Tracey: Ahh the ‘Balloon Boy’ case. Yes I am familiar with that story.

James: well my film was out on the wire and they picked the story up of the kid in the balloon saucer instead.

Tracey: Just crazy! The balloon boy story/hoax was a waste of air time in my opinion.

James: Our film was way… well you know, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. But “Out of the Blue” really didn’t hit for three or four years so.

James: We finished it in 2002 or 2003 I think it was? Finished it and got it on broadcast, it made little ripples and it was respected which is great, but then it had resurgence and resurfaced again in 2006. Three years. It took THREE YEARS to get international recognition with ‘Out of the Blue’.

Tracey: I can definitely see where you are coming from when you say baby steps!

James: Yeah its just baby steps, we are all moving in that direction, and I do the best I can and that’s pretty much all I can do at the end of the day.

Tracey: I can definitely assure you that there are those of us that feel the same way, and we too are trying to get the word out as well; myself included.

James: Everything helps, I try and treat everyone the same, whether it’s a -- I appreciate other people’s efforts.

I have done grass roots efforts myself and I know what its like. And its important to treat and respect everybody’s effort equally; anyone from Larry King to someone who is operating out of their basement. So its all good intentions and you never know what may come of it. You know what I mean?

Tracey: Yes I do. I thank you for that. When I had watched your latest film, ‘I Know What I Saw’ I noticed something called the COMETA report. I was wondering if you could tell our readers a little bit about the COMETA Report.

James: Yeah. The COMETA Report was a high level kind of like a ‘think tank’ that started I believe in the mid 90’s. It was steer-headed by General Denis Letty of the French Air Force.

It was a panel of military and government officials mostly retired that put together and studied I think five hundred of the best cases from around the world. Then there was an internal project that was never meant for publication.

I think it was primarily a message to the American government that they (The COMETA group) kind of knew what was going on and to open up and start some sort of international dialogue or exchange of information. Because the US government has been more secretive than anybody else; perhaps that’s because they have more to hide.

Tracey: Hmm that’s an interesting thought, pretty much sums up the U.S. government.

James: they (the COMETA Group) indicate that this is the case. And a guy I believe his name is Bernard Tunell, was working for VSD which stands for Vendredi Samedi Dimanche’ (Friday Saturday and Sunday) which is a paper in France. He (Bernard Tunell) approached these people (The COMETA Group) and basically asked them to go to print; to publish the report and make it public.

I don’t know how long it took for the negotiations, but in 1999 with the caveat that they had to publish the report COMPLETLEY unedited.

So basically they took the report and put the VSD logo on it that was pretty much it. It came out in 1999. It is the most strongly worded pro UFO document ever released in any language by people of that stature.

Tracey: That is so cool!

James: So anyway I covered it in ‘Out of the Blue’, but I didn’t really have access to generals and all that stuff as I do now.

So years later I revisited I am thinking in 2008? Yeah I went over in 2008. I met with these generals and military people and I met with a lot of people behind that report and it was amazing. Anyway it’s all featured in “I Know What I Saw”

Tracey: I would have been like a kid at Disneyland had I been there.

James it was pretty cool stuff. I feel very privileged to have had that experience. But the nice thing is I’m sharing my experiences with everybody else, I am documenting them and making them public. I think that the work that we are all doing now will be appreciated more so in the future.

Tracey: I agree.

Tracey: James With talk of UFOs and little green dudes, often attached is talk of conspiracy theories. One of the theories (also investigated by the team from UFO Hunters) is Dulce, and the possibility of the U.S. government working side by side with extraterrestrials. What are your thoughts on Dulce and the alleged underground base?

James: You know, I’ve read the reports from a number of different sources about this whole thing but I haven’t met, spoken to, or seen one really solid report or person -- it all seems to be hearsay – third party. I think that there is so much disinformation out there to throw us off.

You have got to be really careful. It’s a deliberate effort to obfuscate the whole matter and so I am very, very skeptical when I read any kind of reports like that. I take a very close look at the source.

I get people contacting me all the time about eminent disclosure. And I ask “Where did you get that information?” Because I’ve got sources close to – you know, and they all tell me “No and where are you getting this information?” I am not directing this at you, but you must be very careful about the source of where you get your information (in general).

There are a lot of wacky stories out there. There is a lot of wacky stuff associated with this subject out there and quite frankly it’s the reason, the very reason; there was a deliberate effort I believe done in the late 40’s early 50’s to basically muddy the waters so bad, that no reporter wants to sift through the yuck to get to the core of what is really going on. Do you understand what I am saying? I’m not trying to spin my wheels here but…

Tracey: No, I do understand, it just makes me wonder why Bill Birnes and his team addressed the Dulce subject.

James: Look UFO Hunters? I was on UFO Hunters a few times. With all due respect, even though some of the people that were associated with the UFO Hunters had good intentions, it boils down to entertainment. That’s not necessarily the fault of the people that conceived the idea. But it’s a series of fast cuts and fancy graphics and a lot of fluff.

Don’t take anything you saw on that show at face value, again it’s just a lot of fluff. The people directing the show, that couldn’t give a flying rats ass about the UFO phenomenon or the validity or non- validity. It was just entertainment.

Tracey: Wow o.O

James: I mean I saw it first hand when I was working with those guys, I hate to say it but it really left a real--- yeah

The fact that we got ‘I Know What I Saw’ on the History Channel was a major coup. Because look at the difference between ‘I Know What I Saw’, and all the other crap that’s out there.

I’m not just trying to toot my own horn but we had a good team, we did reporting on the subject of UFOs like reporting *should be done*. =) Put the facts out there and let the viewer decide.

Tracey: Exactly. I agree, I honestly do, I just had to bring it up because

*a lot* of people whisper about Dulce and what they think might be happening there. I had to ask lol

James: Oh no, I understand. I am just saying one has to be very skeptical. Pay very close attention to the source of these stories, and don’t just believe it because you read it.

James: I like to talk to witnesses; I mean I need something I can sink my teeth into. I like radar data, I like photographs, I like analysis done on landing sites. I mean all this stuff. When I start hearing about ‘contracts with ETs I’m just thinking ‘no wonder why’ the UFO researchers look like a bunch of nuts. Maybe behind closed doors we can speculate, sure that’s fine. But talking about it publicly just diminishes our credibility and that’s why we are where we are now.

Tracey: James I know your time is short, and of all the questions I have that remain, I would like to ask one last question. Have you ever met John Podesta, and do you know if he is still actively involved in disclosure?

James: My associate has worked with him in the past, and a lot of my partners have worked directly with him, and I’ve worked with his partners, sort of behind closed doors, when we did the National Press Club in ’07.

I know he is an advocate for government transparency and I know that he feels that there is a lot more going on than what’s being shared with the general public. But whether or not he is actively pursuing any of these objectives I don’t know at this point.

I think he has his hands full with the Obama administration and they’re focusing on -- you know they got a couple wars, they got health care, and the ET thing… it...

Tracey: …And again it takes a back seat?

James: It’s the flavor of the week. If we had a major sighting, or if someone like Mr. (Bill) Clinton which I highly doubt he would do, with his wife (Hillary) as Secretary of State, put his name on a film such as ‘I Know What I Saw’ or to publicly endorse it, that would help a lot, put us again back into the news.

Like I said again, if an event occurred that is dominating the air-waves I think the current administration would be more likely than any other to disclose what no one could find out.

But they’re not gonna be pro active. It would have to be in the news, or somehow force the government’s hand. I don’t know how we would go about that. If I had lots of money I could stage events with military guys, from all over the world every month until we had congressional hearings. You know what I mean?

Tracey: Yes I do.

James: Don’t have that kind of money, and the people I know that do have that kind of money don’t seem to want to do anything. I don’t know; Hard to say.

Tracey: I think what you’re doing is great, and I would like to add that none of us really have the answers needed to satisfy especially skeptical minds. Probably much like you, I find myself debating skeptics on a regular basis.

I imagine until an extraterrestrial being comes down and says “Hello, my name is Ergles and I am from the planet Gerblock” that this may be the only proof that suffices many folks.

I just want to thank you for keeping the subject fresh, upfront and not giving up. In addition, I feel that your hard work is irreplaceable. Please keep fighting for disclosure and opening minds! You are filled with awesome and win.

James: I appreciate it and do keep in touch

Tracey; Thanks so much =)

You can find out more about the latest film by James Fox here

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tracey_huntley said 7 years ago

Because of time constraints and a bad phone connection, I didn't get to ask all the questions I had planned for Mr. Fox. Perhaps in the future we can revisit and update this interview . =)
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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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