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Posted on - Sunday 30th of November 2008

Author: Edward Shanahan
One will always miss the loved ones of theirs who have passed away. The holidays can be emotional, as for some it is a time that many families gather together and yet there is that emotional feeling of the loved ones who have passed away not being there.

During the readings I do, along with my discussions that have to do with the Spiritual World, I talk about the Spirit of the loved ones who have passed away and the Spirit also missing not being involved or partaking in the family gatherings that at one time they did participate in.

Just because the love one is no longer in the living world, that does not mean their love for their living loved ones and family gatherings are gone. Usually it is stronger as the Spirit cannot be here in the living and are missing those still in the living world.

What I suggest to those who miss their love one who has passed away, is something that would be for both the Spirit and the living. First, I ask the person if they still have a photo of their loved one. Majority of the time the answer is yes, and usually the person says that they have a photo hanging up in their house.

It is great that the person has a photo of the loved one who passed away in their house. However, like the family gatherings and holidays, something a little special could be done, something that will show the Spirit of the loved one that they are still part of the holidays and family gatherings as in the past. [...]
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Posted on - Friday 31st of October 2008

Author: Tracey Huntley

A light rain had just started to fall over the Appalachians. The afternoon was somewhat gloomy which was beginning to fit the mood of the gang. "Crap!" exclaimed Hunter. "If the rain keeps up, it’s gonna ruin the cookout tonight!

You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you Hunter?" teased Jade, "Regan would miss her little pookie bear."

Face instantly red, Hunter stole a glance at his buddy Evan, who had a subtle grin on his face.

"I had heard on the news earlier, that the rain would die off, but it would remain overcast. Besides we can take it inside if it gets too bad," said Jeremy, who was more concerned with the fact that they were supposed to be there an hour ago.
He didn’t like running late.

"Where is this place anyway Angeni?" asked Jade.

"Well, the couple from the ad who gave me the directions, were kind of vague. But I’m pretty sure they said this was the way to go. I hope Terry and Regan managed to find the farmhouse."

Angeni had been in charge of the weekend rental for a get-together. She had figured the best way to go, was the classifieds. They all had agreed that they wanted something remote so they could rock out. Angeni thought this would be perfect. So she met the elder couple, drank the standard cup of tea, left a deposit, and some id.

Then A [...]
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Posted on - Saturday 25th of October 2008

Author: Robbin Renee Bridges
For Love of Ghosts Chaplain Answers: Do Aborted Babies Come Back as Angry Ghosts?

Charlotte North Carolina -- October 23, 2008 –Solomon the Midwife: Appalachian Afterlife is free online in order to be available to all. The book is in response to frequent questions from women about the afterlife of aborted fetuses and miscarried babies.

Robbin Renee Bridges, chaplain and author of the landmark book, A Bridge of Love between Heaven and Earth: Self-Induced Contact in the Afterlife, answers with an understanding born of years of experience with spiritual guidance, grief counseling, and an unwavering trust in and knowledge of the reality called the afterlife.

Set in the lush mountains of Appalachia, young Solomon the midwife encounters superstition, fear, and ignorance. His unflagging concern for his patients anchors him as he finds himself immersed in the world of the afterlife. When the troubled and beautiful Becky walks into his life, she bears a fertile secret that will change him forever.

Although the format is fiction, the medical procedures are real. The information about the afterlife is experiential, time-tested, and true. The knowledge base of the author is from the world of her grandparents in the hills of Tennessee. Her grandfather was a healer and midwife. Her grandmother joined him in 1918 augmenting his practice with her ancestral abilities to experience and to explore the afterlife.< [...]
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Posted on - Friday 17th of October 2008

Author: Tracey Huntley
Recently I had the honor of chatting with author/Ghost hunter Troy Taylor. I found it to be an interesting, thought provoking experience, and walked away with more knowledge than I came
with. A handful of his books include: Where The Dead Walk, The Haunting Of America, Out Past The Campfire Light, and Spirits Of The Civil War Season Of The Witch and The Ghost Hunter's
Guidebook, just to name a very few. He is also the president of The American Ghost Society; a long established ghost hunting group.

Mr. Taylor was so kind as to take time from his busy
schedule for our readers, and answer some questions for us. I will be adding some links to
various parts of his site...
Many interesting articles and valuable information can be found there.

Tracey: The paranormal community can learn about many different things, by reading your articles and books, also by visiting your website. Can you share with our readers what
originally sparked your interest in the Paranormal?

Troy Taylor: I have been interested in the paranormal my entire life, for as long as I can remember. I wish that I could say that I saw a ghost as a child but I didn't. It was really
just a series of odd experiences that led me to wonder about the unexplained, combined with my interest in books. I [...]
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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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