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Posted on - Monday 06th of October 2008

Author: Tracey Huntley
The creaking was evident in the quiet of the warm afternoon. Booger sat in his rocking chair and looked out over the river that he had called home for many years. An old flyswatter sitting at his side he affectionately thought of as his alli-swatter; as the flies here could be as big and as ornery as the native alligator. The warm breeze, and the bright sun with intermittent bits of shadow casting upon the porch, lulled old Booger into a sort of peaceful trance. As he continued to rock back and forth, he drifted into a light nap. His head began to nod toward his chest. When he awoke, the darkness enveloped the porch. The sounds of singing birds had been replaced with crickets chirping. Booger decided to go inside and grab a bite to eat. One look in the icebox was a reminder that he hadn't gone to market in a week. He grabbed a can of mandarin oranges, and a spoon, and sat down to eat. After his snack, Booger turned on his old radio and tuned in to some Louis Armstrong. He couldn't help to do a little jig before he sat in his old torn lazyboy. "Heh Heeeh Tain't a thin' can compayah!" He sat down with wide grin.

Old Booger's weakness was Stephen King novels Long, short, novel, and novella; didn't matter. The man loved Stephen king. That is where he stayed for the remainder of the evening and fell asleep reading. His dreams were of loup garou and a dark black woman with evil eyes as old as time itself.

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Posted on - Thursday 02nd of October 2008

Author: Tracey Huntley
Supernatural Planet: Africa

From the Merriam-Webster online dictionary:

Main Entry: su·per·nat·u·ral
Pronunciation: "sü-p&r-'na-ch&-r&l,
Function: adjective
Etymology: Medieval Latin supernaturalis,
from Latin super- + natura nature
1 : of or relating to an order of existence
beyond the visible observable universe;
especially : of or relating to God or a god,
demigod, spirit, or devil
2 a : departing from what is usual or normal
especially so as to appear to transcend the
laws of nature b : attributed to an invisible
agent (as a ghost or spirit)

When I started my research across chosen countries, I soon realized, I couldn't fit it all into one article, and give due justice to any given country on my list I decided the best thing to do, would be to break it down into a series. We will be traveling to different countries, and take a peek into their paranormal beliefs and stories.

In this series, we will look at different paranormal beliefs across the globe. From the wilds of Africa, to the rolling green hills of Ireland.

One of the main things I discovered in my research is that many places around the world belie [...]
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Posted on - Saturday 14th of June 2008

Author: Danielle Quinlan Lee

A ghost, spirit or specter is a compilation of many different elements.

First and foremost, it is the essence and energy of a previously living human being lacking all of it's physical senses, sight, sound, touch, etc.

Second, it is a mass of feelings and pure thought that must use alternate forms of communication.  They can easily sense a humans feelings, whether it be fear, malevolence or kindness.

 Thirdly, a ghost is a elemental being sustained by an energetically charged environment. Many elements are required to establish the formation of this elusive entity. Energy, first and foremost is essential for it's existence and manifestation.

Upon entering an environment where a suspected spirit resides, it is essential to allow the spirit the opportunity to manifest. If the researchers and ghost hunters charge in with lights out and cameras blazing, the spirit may be intimidated by the aggressive nature and become reclusive. There needs to be a common courtesy from both parties for a successful investigation to be fruitful. Poking and provoking the spirit, while occasionally effective, may result in unwanted physical attacks or no results at all.

Let's review what our basic understanding of ghosts from a scientific standpoint for a moment. All theories and assumed facts based on our experiences, technology and experiments [...]
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Posted on - Wednesday 16th of April 2008

Author: Tracey Huntley
With a quick search and a few keystrokes, one can easily ascertain that UFO sightings are on the increase world-wide... or are they? Perhaps they have been seen all along, but we chose a close-minded society in the past *not* to report them. After all, who would we report it too without being hauled off to the loony bin?

Could it be that society today has grown more acceptable of the otherworldy? Thus allowing a comfort zone for people to report a sighting as where in years past they would have been more hesitant to do so. There are more entities now than ever to report those 'lights in the sky'.

1947 Roswell New Mexico

Locals witness an object falling from the sky. In their hearts, they know it isn't a fallen plane, nor is it a meteorite. Some folks venture to where they believe the object crashed, only to be greeted and turned away by the military. Others have beat the military to the site, and claim that what they saw could not have come from this world. How can so many witnesses, that don't even know each other, collaborate the same story?

It is later explained away by the governmentas a weather balloon.Years later, when the debate would not go away as easily as the government would have liked, a new story is presented to us. The purported 'weather balloon' was actually a secret military project called 'Project MOGUL'. The debate on what actually happenedburns white hot until this very d [...]
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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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