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Posted on - Thursday 10th of April 2008

Author: Edward Shanahan
"One thing I have learned in a long life; that all our science measured against reality is primitive and child like - yet, it is the most precious thing we have"

-- Albert Einstein

I put the quote above by Albert Einstein to illustrate some things often overlooked in the paranormal field. The reality to the world around us is very vast and our science can not explain very much of it today. When we look at spirits and the spiritual side, it is easy to see why science can only go so far at detecting and explaining it.

I feel science is important out there in the paranormal field. Some theories out there can be understood, explained, or discounted just knowing some science. So here, I will attempt to put what science you need out there to understand. This is just about the only way to understand my own theory that I have, that came to me by my own inner knowledge and experience with spirits.

This is an attempt to for those interested to give you a possible view of what is actually happening with the use of Science and Spiritual inner knowledge. This is written for a reference and not meant for you to remember all the details, but, to teach some concepts to possibly understand more about the spiritual world and what could actually be happening.

Everything in Our World is Energy

E=mc² is Einstein's theory of relativity from 1905. Yes, it has been around quite some time. What does this mean? Do not worry, I am no [...]
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Posted on - Thursday 10th of April 2008

Author: Edward Shanahan
At the young age of about five, my enjoyment of magic was sparked. I do not know if it was the Bozo Circus show (with Bob Bell as Bozo), or if it was something I had seen on the Ed Sullivan show. But it was 'wow' that is neat, and to a five year old it was magic. Sure I had seen the Mickey Mouse Disney cartoon where Mickey was a magician, but this was my first understanding of a 'human' creating magic.

My mother decided then to get me my first magic set. I still have my second magic set and have shared it with my Grandchild as I did with my two daughters when they were young. But I actually enjoy teaching my granddaughter the magic also, as she picked it up fast at a very young age with simple stuff. For those who live in the Chicago land area, many would know the name Ford City Mall and in the mall they had (and still do), Peacock Alley that housed a lot of little shops. That is where at around the age of eleven I was first introduced to 'Real Magick', as I just stood in a store in Peacock Alley staring at an object with a description that promised ' Real Magick', it was the very first time I had ever seen a thing called a Black Mirror. I asked my mother if she would buy me it, she said that I was not ready.

I wandered around the shop in wonder to this whole new vision for my eyes. Crystal Balls, incense sticks, Tarot Cards, what then to me looked like stars sewn on small bags with pull strings, candles, and other [...]
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Posted on - Thursday 10th of April 2008

Author: Edward Shanahan
I wanted to bring this to you all (read all the way through it), and I try to do so around the Holidays, as there are some people who need to know this around the holidays.

We all have lost someone who has passed away, someone we have loved and have loved us, but for some people that is all they had or all that remained in their long life and sadly many feel they now have no one who loves them.

PLEASE remember you will always be loved by the ones who have passed away and loved you, they still do and will always do so. Also remember they are the ones you can still go to with your thoughts and problems, and in reality they may be able to help you even more being in the Spiritual World, then they could of here in the living world.

They all cross over, there is more information documented on that, then there are about ' not knowing their dead - being lost - not crossing over - etc...' No one will ever get me to believe they do not cross over or are lost or some spirits do not know their dead. It is beyond what any higher power would allow.

So never think that your loved one has not crossed over. Many individuals that I have done my readings for, using an item of their love one who has passed away, usually see a smile come across my face during the reading with the item. It is because I pick up on the happiness of the spirit and the knowledge that the living loved one is being well watched over by the one who loved them and has pa [...]
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Posted on - Thursday 10th of April 2008

Author: Edward Shanahan
Those are not my words, but like the words out of the book "The Other Side". This book was published in 2006 and instructs one who is interested in doing so, on how to use the tools of Paranormal Investigations to create the same results as the old type Séance parlors.

This was when an individual would request the help of a Medium to contact spirit of a love one who has passed away, maybe the spirit would show their self to make the individual a believer. Individuals would even just request the service of a Medium to do a Séance for just the experience, to make contact with and for proof of a Spirit world.

I am not an Investigator, but it is not that hard to see how Paranormal Investigations today is like a modern version of the old time Séance. The old time Mediums had their tools of the trade that would help in proving that Spirits are present. Today Paranormal Investigators have their modern tools to create a possible illusion of such Spirits being present.

A) - Investigators attempt to get spirits to talk to them by way of EVPs. Some Investigators will even attempt to communicate with spirits and by use of tools like a dowsing rods, a pendulum or a tape recorder, the Investigator will attempt to interpret what the spirit is communicating back to the Investigator or those present for the Investigation.

B) - Investigators gather in a small group, in attempt to capture spirits in one way or another, [...]
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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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