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Posted on - Wednesday 09th of April 2008

Author: Paul Schroeder
Part 3

Very strange and creepy indigestible spiritual questions loom and dissipate. Only God can protect me.

Six months ago, strangely, at about five o'clock. Mid-August, early in the morning, I awoke and looked up and down at my body in bed. My feet were floating above my feet; two sets of , one above, one below. I was leaning up, waist bent, staring, feeling my whole body tingling, vibrating and I thought, more in fear than in awe; "That's what happens ate death?!!" My next unformed thought was that I had to stop this; I didn't want to die. But I fell into a deep sleep and awakened later, exhausted, not remembering.

That night, before dinner, Susan told me that my whole body had "shook without my seeing any appendage twitching" enough to wake her, a sound sleeper, the night before. I told her my early morning remembrance and I realized that these interdimensional thieves were stealing my astral body or "soul" and I felt deeply religious, frightened and aware of my "essence", not my body, that I had discovered valuable to these entities.

How could such a thing happen or be allowed to happen, in God's universe? How can I explain their invisible , intrusive and harassing motives behavior and tactics? How can I resist without invoking 'revenge' or anger from these unseen thieves of body and soul? Who can I possible talk to about these assaults, nightmares, nosebleeds, dre [...]
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Posted on - Wednesday 09th of April 2008

Author: Paul Schroeder
Part 2

His eyes opened wide and he shrank back in fear and pulled the blanket over his head. It's not possible, he thought, and shook his head. On impulse, he threw the blanket from his head and peered around the corner of the bed, He exposed his whole head as he stared out of the window. Two pairs of eyes looked back. There was a tapping on the screen.

He exploded backwards into the bed in panic. Electric waves of fear ran across his forehead and down his arms. His eyes rounded in terror. He knew that he had seen them and they had seen him. He was so full of fear that he could scarcely breathe. "Demons, unholy evil spirit, be gone in the name of God," He prayed silently.

I could have imagined it, he thought. But the priest could not bring himself to look again, his fear was so great. He huddled in the corner of the bed terrified and in agony of a terrible dilemma: If he didn't look again he would never know if what he saw was real and his curiosity burned as strongly as his fear. But, if he looked again and they were still there he knew that he would lose his mind with fear.

Strangely, he soon fell asleep.

...Relaxation techniques, slowly bought him to an altered state; under hypnosis, a series of subconscious motor reflexes, a twitch of a different finger cemented a conversation with the body, not the mind; the thumb, indicated "Yes", the middle finger, "No," the pinky, "I (can [...]
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Posted on - Wednesday 09th of April 2008

Author: Paul Schroeder
Part 1


To my children for their patience, and to my father, who always told me that there were no such things as monsters; not real ones; but there are; he was wrong.

1290 BC Chinese wise man- Teng Mu:

"How unreasonable it would be to suppose that, besides the earth and the sky, which we can see, there are no other skies and no other earths..."


The Ainui, who live on Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan have fair skin; unlike the Japanese Mongoloid phenotype, their eyes are round and the men have thick facial hair. Their special language has no written form. Oral traditions passed from parents to children over thousands of years tell that their ancestors came from space-"the same who now live in the clouds in flying saucers." On a hill in the Saru River valley on Hokkaido stands a monument to this legend. The inscription states: "this is the place where the first Ainu came to Earth."

A radio message to Goddard Space Flight Center, the backup center for Houston-on March fourteenth 1989- was picked up by several sources at 06.42 Eastern Standard Time. It said: "Houston. This is Discovery. We still have alien spacecraft under observance."

Chapter 1

Two days before the St. John's symposium, on Tuesday, at about 1:30 am on the morning of May 9, 1998 police officer Louis Byrnes of Wynnewood, Oklahoma, spot [...]
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Posted on - Wednesday 09th of April 2008

Author: Paul Schroeder
Within a blackness, a voice, intoning, resonant and deep, over and over and over.

What a beautiful child, such a lovely child. I am walking to a parade. The excited blare of crowds and distant drums and trumpets propel me forward, holding two children, one in each hand, as I rush expectantly eager that these small two experience the thrill and joy of what is obviously a people lined event just ahead. In my right hand is a small child of perhaps six, in the other a frail, grey, long armed and long legged sickly tubular creature-child who couldn't keep up.

I swept this odd child up onto my shoulders and felt its joy. It was a handicapped, ailing entity, sadly listless and lifeless. The scene changed, as did the perspective. I was looking down at this tubular diapered child on a bed as I heard that deep resonant voice suggest I change its diaper. I was never an eager changer of diapers with my own children when they were babies, choosing sometimes to neglectfully leave a full ripe pungent baby for their mother to change, who was due home any moment. I recoiled at the suggestion to nurture and care for it.

Both the creature and its toilet needs clearly repulsed me, as I examined it closely. I awoke, convinced that my experience was similar to others in attempts to have offspring reunited with somatic abductee parents for nurturance as these hybrids seem to be expiring. And that the word we use, dreams, is simply an important problem with our l [...]
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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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