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Posted on - Wednesday 09th of April 2008

Author: Paul Schroeder
A tapping, delicately, on my back. I am sitting up on a table, feeling gentle taps on my back, watching a series of images; myriad tables receding into infinity, like two mirrors facing each other.

Farmers milking cows; On each table a person is sitting up and examined by a small, slim, white, intent, fragile, large eyed creature. Their fingers probe lightly, gently, purposely, like playing a piano.

They are milking Chakras or Kundalini nerve centers, seven along each person’s spine. Their touches stimulate hidden DNA sequences as well as retrieve and store data and information along the length of the spinal chord, along a library of nerves.

Like ants milking aphids they spend careful time and effort, gently, delicately, fingering each spine in a long sequence of tables, like marionettes playing human harpsichords.

These manipulations of spinal nerves initiate secret, as yet unbidden DNA sequences, which dangerously age and disease and trouble the somatic body and mind of an abductee. After an incident my finger and toe nails have to be trimmed twice every day; early sequences causes acceleration of aging and growth of certain cells. There are horrible psychic and emotional results from activation of these spinal sequences too quickly as well. Interdimensional leaking occurs; one senses other worldly creatures and flirts with the beast of madness, itself.

What is subtly being programmed, stored and retrieved In our [...]
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Posted on - Wednesday 09th of April 2008

Author: Robbin Renee Bridges
One of the benefits of a lifetime of afterlife communication is that I know a lot about ghosts … what they are and what they’re not. For instance, they’re not “caught between worlds.” And they don’t need us to help them “move on.” They’re exactly where they’re supposed to be. You don’t honestly think that God, the Creator of the Universe, would leave their eternal fate in your and my hands, do you? You CAN say that they are “earthbound,” but that’s because their consciousness never left the earth. And when you die, yours won’t either. We’re all right here together forever. That’s just the nature of the afterlife. Yes, knowing the laws of the afterlife can make these things a lot clearer.

Lately, I’ve been researching what folks believe about ghosts and hauntings. I’ve investigated the investigations. Repeatedly I’ve read, “We don’t use ouija boards, s?ances, mediums or occult methods.” Yet it’s common for ghost researchers to accept, as an underlying condition of their investigations, the erroneous claims of psychics, mediums, and channels. I’m referring to such concepts as “caught between worlds,” “unfinished business,” “earthbound souls,” and ghost children in distress. At the same time ominous warnings urge vigilant caution in case non-human demons and malevolent entities are en [...]
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Posted on - Wednesday 09th of April 2008

Author: Edward Shanahan
That title is something that may make you sit back and think a bit. It is also something I'm personally happy to see more and more of in people who are involved in the paranormal field. I'm no Paranormal Investigator, nor is that an interest of mine. I've always gone with using my gifted abilities in what I do in the Paranormal field. But I'm happy to see the start of what I would call Conservative Paranormal Investigators and also those with what I will loosely call 'Psychic Abilities' for those individuals who do have it (I use " loosely call ", as I don't even like the word Psychic in my personal description).

With the amount of years I've been involved in the paranormal field, all those years it seemed like I was flying solo in my comments, insight and inner knowledge about spirits, the paranormal and such. Sure I could of gone the route that many Psychics and Investigators do, that every bump in the dark must be a Ghost or worse a Demon! Beware of the Evil Spirits that you may tap into! Stay away from that wicked Ouija Board! Let me cast out or chase the Spirit away, as I'm more powerful then the spirit world. The list can go on and on, all you have to do is visit some of the forums for the paranormal field.

I feel things are changing though, in reality they have to if the general public is to accept the fact of spirits being always around us and what we do in the paranormal field, instead of the hype th [...]
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Posted on - Wednesday 09th of April 2008

Author: Paul Schroeder
About Me: by Paul Schroeder

As an abductee for my whole life I have stumbled through unknowingness to suspicion to resistance and offer rare insights and advice to detect and thwart alien soul and body tampering Degrees & Certifications: published widely and recognized as an eloquent note in the chorus of barbaric yawps concerning experts who've never seen or confronted these myriad entities, personally for 45 years.

At night, your astral body travels to realms from angelic to demonic, a spirit world of myriad vibration levels and the pictures you see on the backs of your eyelids, while you R.E.M., are not dreams but visits, souvenirs of a greater reality. Like a goldfish who never suspects a greater world beyond the ponds surface, the limited awareness of humankind floats beneath the surface of a greater reality; groping, mouth agape in total ignorance.

Aliens have failed to hybridize, and now invade astrally to abduct, monitor, and possess; to entangle their energies with ours to ride the reincarnation roller coaster of our auras giving a new meaning to a silent invasion; these are my experiences. I am a fifty year old happily married father of two extraordinary teens. I am one who writes, landscapes, crafts his own ales, hunts mushrooms, breeds native giant silk moths, and teaches.

My wife and I have been friends and lovers for over twenty years, and she supports my hobbies and writing with a skeptical and cautious approa [...]
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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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