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Posted on - Tuesday 08th of April 2008

Author: Edward Shanahan
Well it was one of those vivid dream nights again or a message received (you decide). But for me it was like being a witness to the creation of pre-life. It has been said that before we are any type of life form, like as being just a soul, we choose our parents, and we choose our life purpose and what makes us up, like personality, color etc.. Well the vivid dream was that of, I guess you could call it 'a soul', and this soul was descending down what appeared to be a tunnel of light. But this soul would stop every few seconds and it was looking at what appeared to be a shelf.

One shelf would have life hardships, and the soul only had two seconds to make a choice of what hardships it would choose before descending down to a life form. Then it would move onto another shelf below the last, and then also have a two second choice of lets say the type of loves it would encounter, and this went on through different descending levels until the soul was conceived by it's chosen parents.

The soul was given many choices on each shelf, but only had like I said, two seconds to decide on the things in life it could count on for sure, and these things were like it's foundation for the life it would face and the length of that life. The soul then only had those things to create a life on and it is up to that soul, on what degree it would do so. Also there was something like a message, like the type you see at the end of a movie (the cr [...]
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Posted on - Tuesday 08th of April 2008

Author: Robbin Renee Bridges
Truth shines its spotlight in the dark nooks and crannies of a religious dogma gone wrong. As long as there have been humans and religious authorities to frighten the masses into obedience, there have been exorcisms. From trepanning in prehistoric times to the deliverance ministries and catholic rites of today, well meaning shamans and clerics have sought to exorcise the ?demons? of mental illness and addiction to no avail. It?s time to stop the nonsense.

Exorcism: Bloodshot eyes stared at the crucifix six inches from his nose. Leather restraints lined with lamb?s wool fastened his arms and legs to the chair. The demon-possessed man lunged at the hand holding the holy symbol. Gnashing teeth struggled to bite the outstretched wrist.Crimson scratches and cryptic markings appeared across his belly. Blood and sweat spattered the floor around the brute, while a puddle of urine under his chair slowly spread out until the priest could no longer avoid standing in it. The satanic beast chewed his tongue and the tender flesh inside his cheek. His tortured mouth spit blood and tissue and obscenities at those attending the exorcism. What we have here is a Hollywood-embellished, grotesque superstition at work. What happened to cause rational people to accept this archaic remnant of religious authority?s attempt to control the masses with fear? Frightened followers submit under scare tactics of hellfire and damnation. This is doubly effective because the authorities believe in w [...]
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Posted on - Tuesday 08th of April 2008

Author: Robbin Renee Bridges
Charlotte North Carolina - June 16, 2005 - Chaplain and author, Robin Renee Bridges, hopes to clear up the misconceptions about the nature of the soul and the afterlife. In her landmark book, A Bridge of Love between Heaven and Earth: Self-Induced Contact in the Afterlife, she analyzes the nature of the soul in the afterlife, including its concerns and capabilities, and applies this information to the ghostly sights and activities exhibited during a haunting.

Using her experiences with self-induced contact in the afterlife and the teachings of the Sanctuary, a spiritual development leader, she explains where ghosts come from, how they manifest themselves to us, and why skeptics never encounter them. She denies erroneous concepts, such as, "caught between worlds," "going to the light," and "soul fragmentation." She repudiates the absurdities concerning children and hauntings with the good news that they immediately ascend into the realms of the afterlife in purity and innocence. She exposes the unfounded fears about negative entities and demons by defining the range of activities that are allowed in the afterlife.

Chaplain Bridges encourages the scientific investigation of ghosts and hauntings. She hopes to coax them out of the realms of superstition and into the light of scientific scrutiny. She endorses the use of equipment to measure physical changes occurring within individuals and the environment in the vicinity of paran [...]
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Posted on - Tuesday 08th of April 2008

Author: Edward Shanahan
I want to share a thought, maybe even consider it a message I received. You have free will to decide what it is.

Many are claiming to see spirits from the spirit world. There are those who believe some spirits do not know to cross over, as in either not knowing they are dead, or some spirits are lost. Some claim that there are evil spirits. You also have those who use tools to 'prove', it's a spirit, a ghost or the paranormal, all words meaning the same. Now that is all fine and dandy, but here is something to think about. What if it is a test? I know you're thinking 'A Test?' Yep - a test.. You see my 'internal feelings' and thoughts have always gone along with our Amy's internal ' feeling' and knowledge. I have named Amy our Psychic Feeler due to her gifted abilities and spiritual background that have come about due to her spiritual experiences as a child.

My feeling and thoughts are that Ghosts, Spirits, the Paranormal are a spiritual gift that you are being allowed to view and that they are making contact with you, and you decide and show them by your actions, what you truly believe by how you handle it. Maybe it is a test by the spiritual world of spirits? Some may call it the Summer land, others may call it Heaven or other names depending on their faith and beliefs. What if it was a test? A test to see how spiritual we really are here on earth, are we ready to share a spiritual life aft [...]
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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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