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Posted on Thursday, August 17 - 2006

This is a famous demon of Sri Lanka who it is claimed uses a black dog as the vehicle. When it's influence is felt, people see the apparition of a black dog and faint off; some have the hand print on the body where the apparition struck. Mythological history claims that two warriors of the warrior king Dutugemunu (Circa B.C. 100) had a duel. One kicked the head of the other out of joint effectively decapitating the victim. Since the dead warrior was a champion bear-hunter, he was buried with the head of a bear. This is claimed to be the "Mahasona" apparition.

In the village of Hundarivapi there lived a man named Tissa, who had eight sons. The youngest was named Sona and later became known as Maha Sona. It is said that when Mahasona was seven years old, he had the strength to tear young palms with his bear hands. When he was ten, he could uproot palm trees.

The King of Rohana, Khavantissa, who was looking for brave young men for his army, heard of the this young boy's strength and sent his men with gifts to his parents, requesting them to send their son to the royal court. After seeing him, the King enlisted him into the service of Prince Gemunu who was building up his army.

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Posted on Friday, April 05 - 2013

The new species of tarantula was discovered by villagers in the northern part of the war-torn country.With a leg span that would cover a human face, the Poecilotheria rajaei variety of arachnid is a completely new species that had gone undiscovered until some locals took a specimen they"d killed to a spider expert who had been visiting the region. Researcher RanilNanayakkara and his team spent days searching the undergrowth for signs of the creature"s living relatives."Days of extensive searching in every tree hole and bark peel were rewarded with a female and, to our satisfaction, several juveniles too," he said.

The spiders were named after Michael Rajakumar Purajah, the police inspector who helped the team navigate Sri Lanka"s war-torn countryside. "A new species ofvenomous tarantula has been discovered and its as big as your face."  

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Posted on Sunday, January 20 - 2013

The astrobiologist has claimed that fossil diatoms found in a meteorite are proof of alien life.Chandra Wickramasinghe is director of the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology at the University of Buckingham and along with astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle developed the concept of "panspermia", the theory that life is distributed throughout the cosmos on asteroids, comets and other bodies. In this case his team is said to have discovered tiny fossils inside a carbonaceous meteoritethat represent evidence of extraterrestrial life.The claim inevitably sounds too good to be true and that"s because some of Wickramasinghe"s previous claims have been highly controversial.

"Wickramasinghe jumps on everything, with little or no evidence, and says it"s from outer space, so I think there"s a case to be made for a bias on his part," said astronomer Phil Plait. To date his claims of alien fossils within the meteorite have yet to independently corroborated. If a group of scientists are correct, tinyfossils uncovered inside a meteorite found in Sri Lanka in December are proof of extraterrestrial life.  

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Posted on Friday, August 18 - 2006

UFO sightings have been reported from various parts of Sri Lanka over the years. Hundreds of people have seen UFO phenomena over Sri Lanka according to professor Chandana Jayaratne of the University of Colombo who has investigated some cases of UFO. Some predict that the Extra Terrestrials could either be on the lookout for technology that was used to construct sacred buildings or may be an attempt to locate the "Vishva Yathura" (Key to the Universe)! The UFO analysts believe that UFO lights that moves two feet off the ground could be an alien probe. "They could be doing a research," he says. "Extra Terrestrials may be seeking the 'Key' to the 'Star Gate' and thereby activate a system of travel that transcends conventional space travel to reach another galaxy."

UFOs reports from Sri Lanka: (Sunday Observer, Colombo, Sri Lanka, on June 16, 2002, by Umangi de Mel) Could the strange blue ball of light, speeding at just 2 feet above the ground near the ancient, sacred cliff of Dimbulagala, have been an alien space probe seeking the mysteries of our ancients? Sanjaya Bandara, a UFO expert claims that the "strange blue light" that has been sighted in Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura during the past few weeks, could be a probe craft of an extra terrestrial space ship. The particular "blue light" was sighted for the first time in the seed farm in Polonnaruwa on May 13, around 11.30 pm. It has also later appeared in the Anuradhapura district. "It took me three days to get this thing on video tape and when I finally did, it was around Dimbulagala, the same stretch where it was first seen," says Gamini Obeysekara, Polonnaruwa correspondent of Rupavahini. "It was about 3km away from me," he says. However, this "UFO" sighting has still not been confirmed, even though many predictions were being made. "Members of the Sri Lanka UFO Research Association will proceed to Polonnaruwa to get an on-the report on Saturday as 95% of the sightings could be fabrications," says Chandana Jayaratne, Senior lecturer in the Physics department, University of Colombo...

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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