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Posted on Sunday, May 09 - 2010

A museum in New Jersey has opened an exhibit dedicated to exploring the mystery of the infamous Jersey Devil.Stemming from the legend of a creature born to a woman in the 1700s the Jersey Devil has been a popular focus of science fiction and folklore for years. The new exhibit features a number ofartifacts including reproductions of the creature.

It prowls desolate, forested parts of southern New Jersey, killing livestock, leaving behind odd footprints and filling the night air with chilling sounds. At least that"s how legend and folklore describe the creature known as the Jersey Devil.

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Posted on Tuesday, April 13 - 2010

Reports of initially unidentified creatures that turn out to be regular animals with mange are on the increase.Over the last few years the number of cases has risen susbtantially, animals with mange have been mistaken for cryptozoological creatures ranging from el Chupacabra to the Yeti and thetrend shows no signs of stopping.

A curious animal recently caught by hunters in the Sichuan province of China is being touted by some as a Yeti, the Oriental version of Bigfoot. The mysterious hairless animal was initially described by eyewitnesses as having features resembling a bear or kangaroo.

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Posted on Tuesday, February 23 - 2010

An unidentified creature has washed up on the Bay of Islands northern shore in Canada.The carcass was discovered by local resident Warrick Lovell while he was out on a walk along the beach. Neither local residents Warrick Lovell,Rich Park, Basil Park, or anyone else it seems, knows what the big creature found dead on a beach here this week might be.

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Posted on Saturday, January 16 - 2010

The deaths of 30 chickens at the hands of a mysterious predator in El Paso have renewed interest in the legendary Chupacabra.Cesar Garcia and his brother-in-law Juan Miranda discovered that an unknown animal had broken in to their farm"s chicken pen and killed many of them. The kills were strangely clean with only puncture marks on the bodies, no blood traces and a series ofmysterious footprints found on the property that could not be identified.

Chupacabras has been part of border folklore since stories of the creature"s existence in Puerto Rico emerged in the early "90s. The creature has rarely, if ever, been seen, but it leaves dead animals behind. Its name comes from the animal"s reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood oflivestock, especially goats.

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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