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Posted on Friday, September 24 - 2010

An angler in the US had quite a shock when a fish he"d caught bit him with distinctly human-like teeth.Samples from the mysterious fish have been sent away for analysis to determine its species, in the meantime the specimen has been placed on ice however nobody is in a rush tocook and eat it.

An angler had a shock in the US - when a mystery fish bit him back with distinctly human-looking teeth. Frank Yarborough was fishing in Lake Wylie, South Carolina, when he hooked the fish which was 5lb and nearly 1ft 8ins long.  

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Posted on Saturday, August 31 - 2013

The tropical fish were a species of cichlid.
Image Credit: CC 1.0 Mendel

With pockets bulging with water, the Vietnamese man tried unsuccessfully to get through airport security. The peculiar smuggling attempt took place following a flight from Australia to NewZealand this week.

Airport security officials noticed that something was amiss when the man tried to get through the terminal with pockets that were soaking wet and bulging with water.Initially claiming that he had actually filled his pockets with water so that he"d have something to drink, the man was searched and found to be carrying a number of tropical fish that he had been attempting to smuggle in to the country."This appears to be a deliberate attempt to smuggle fish into the country withoutany consideration of the biosecurity risk involved," MPI spokesman Craig Hughes said in a statement. "That"s something we take very seriously. The fish could have been carrying diseases or have the potential to displace native species."The bungling smuggler now faces either a hefty fine or a stint of five years in prison.

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Posted on Thursday, August 22 - 2013

A new study has revealed that birds react differently to cars on a road depending on the speed limit.Biologists Pierre Legagneux and Simon Ducatez started to investigate the behavior of birds that had landed on the road while they were driving home from the lab. What they found was that the birds seemed to know what speed the cars on that road generally traveled at and took off sufficiently in advance toavoid being hit, even when the car in any given instance might be driving slower than the limit."What was really cool is that birds did not respond to the speed of the car but rather to the speed limit of the road section," said Legagneux.

It is believed that the birds perceive the vehicles as predators and assign different levels of danger to different roads based on the typical speed of the cars they"ve encountered there. "Birds cannot read roadsigns, but they know that some roads have higher speed limits than others."  

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Posted on Sunday, August 18 - 2013

Visitors to a zoo in China found themselves somewhat underwhelmed by some of the animals on display.Suspicions were raised when visitors expecting to see the spectacle of an African lion in one of the enclosures were met instead by a much smaller creature that started barking at them. It turned out that the "lion" was in fact a Tibetan mastiff, a dog with adistinctive furry brown coat.

"The zoo is absolutely trying to cheat us," complained one visitor. "They are trying to disguise dogs as lions."When questioned about the incident, the chief of the park"s animal department told a local newspaper that the lion had been taken away to a breeding facility and that the dog had been placed in the enclosure for safety reasons. "An animal described as an African lion ata Chinese zoo was exposed as a fraud - when the creature started barking in front of visitors."  

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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