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Posted on Monday, August 20 - 2012

The Ministry of Defense has ruled that there is no evidence to suggest UFOs pose a threat to the country.Despite a senior aviation official stating that there is least one UFO sighting a month over Britain, the MoD have now ceased all official investigations in to the phenomenon. A hot line set up to receive UFO reports has been discontinued and the "UFO desk" once headed by Nick Pope has alsobeen shut down.

Officials believe that continuing to investigate UFOs would divert resources from other, more important areas."In over fifty years no UFO report revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom," said a spokesman. It is official at last: Britain is not at risk from unidentified flying objects. Those who have long feared an invasion from Mars or further afield can relax at least, that is, if they believethe Ministry of Defence.  

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Posted on Sunday, August 19 - 2012

The online auction giant has announced that it will no longer permit the sale of magical items.From September onwards eBay will be cracking down on "advice, spells, curses, hexing, conjuring, magic, prayers, blessing services, magic potions, [and] healing sessions" according to a recent announcement. The move comesas a blow to those who sell such items on the site but has been seen as a positive move by skeptics.eBay previously placed restrictions on the sale of intangible items following a number of people using the auction service to sell their own souls.

eBay has announced it will ban the sale of spells, hexes and magical items from its online auction site.  

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Posted on Tuesday, August 14 - 2012

Anthony Bragalia has been investigating the famous case of Officer Lonnie Zamora"s UFO encounter.In 1964, Zamora had been chasing a speeding vehicle near Socorro in New Mexico when he heard a loud noise and witnessed a flame in the sky about half a mile away. A short distance further along the road he observed a strange shiny object with two figures standing next to it and decided to stop to offer assistance. As he approached them the loud noise started up again, flames shotout from beneath the object and it took off in to the sky and across the countryside.While the story has been regarded as a well known UFO/ET case for years, new research has revealed that the truth behind what happened that day may be more down to Earth.

Anthony Bragalia believes he has uncovered enough evidence to conclude that the incident was actually a hoax perpetrated by students of the New Mexico Institute of Technology. For over four and a half decades many around the world have wondered about the true nature ofthe sighting of a landed unidentified flying object that was reported on the ground and then taking off by Officer Lonnie Zamora in Socorro, NM in 1964.  

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Posted on Sunday, August 05 - 2012

Details of UFO reports and investigations in Australia have been made available at the National Archives.Of particular interest in the documents were details of operation "Close Encounter" which was launched by the RAAF in 1983 following sightings of unidentified flying objects near Sydney. The objects were said to have been traveling at speeds of up to 6500 km/h at high altitude, with servicemen being ordered not to scramblein pursuit unless confirmation could be made via radar at another location.Also in the documents was a report by a policeman in Queensland who saw "a large white light with several flashing lights around it." The sighting was also confirmed by another policeman who reported the same thing from a different location. Documents that have just become available under the 30-year rule at the National Archives of Australia reveal how two RAAF Mirage jets were placed on thesecond highest level of alert to determine the cause of unidentified radar contacts seen on screens at Mascot.


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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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