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Posted on Thursday, March 07 - 2013

Actor Russell Crowe believes he has caught a UFO on film flying over Sydney"s Botanical Gardens.Crowe had borrowed the camera in order to film some bats over the gardens but instead discovered he had caught a strange glowing red object flying overhead. He later posted the time-lapse video on Youtube prompting significant interest from web users. "A friend and I set camera to capture fruit bats rising from Botanic Gardens. Thiswas a big surprise," he wrote on Twitter.It isn"t clear exactly what it is that the actor caught on the footage.

Some have suggested that the glowing red anomaly is the result of lens flare however Crowe dismissed this idea. "Canon 5D, no flash, can"t be lense (sic) flare because it moves, camera is fixed," he argued. "The camera is on a balcony - not behind glass." The usually publicity-shy Gladiator performer said he captured what appears to be several flying objectswhizzing over Sydney"s Botanical Gardens earlier this week and he"s posted the results on YouTube.  

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Posted on Thursday, January 17 - 2013

All eyes were on the skies over Detroit last week following a spate of reports about strange lights.Social media sites were abuzz with reports from puzzled residents. "They were black triangle-shaped objects making circles over West Bloomfield and Farmington Hills," said one poster. "There was no noise and they had bright lights. I"m not making this up and I know somebody else saw these things."A Fox 2 news report on thesightings revealed that the channel"s Facebook page was being inundated with witness testimonials.

"I"ve been watching the airplanes tonight and it wasn"t quite as high as them," said David Levy. "You could actually see the triangle shape of the object."So far no official explanation has been put forward to explain the sightings. Levy was with a group of friends in Flat Rock around 9:30 p. m. on Jan. 10, according to Fox 2 News reporter Ron Savage. "In fact, our Fox 2Facebook page has been blowing up with hundreds of posts on the subject," Savage reported.  

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Posted on Sunday, January 13 - 2013

An increasing number of videos and stills showing unknown objects around the ISS have appeared on-line.So many videos have appeared on Youtube in fact that the process of spotting unidentified extras in pictures and footage of the International Space Station seems to have become a pastime in itself. The trouble is, most of these turn out to be nothing more than pieces of space debris, meteors, light reflections and other innocuous things. It is all too easy to see things flying past or floatingaround in footage taken from orbit."It"s good to keep scanning space videos for possible anomalies and reporting them quickly," said former NASA engineer James Oberg.

"The reason is, there is always a real chance that it could be a genuine anomaly, either a spacecraft malfunction or other threat, expected or unexpected. In the past, missions have failed because a clue that should have been seen out the window was overlooked." As 2012 ended and 2013 began, numerous UFOs were reported around the country -- nothing earthshattering there --but what about alleged unidentified objects seen in space near the International Space Station (or ISS), a couple of hundred miles above Earth?  

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Posted on Saturday, January 12 - 2013

A clear photograph of a strange object hovering in the skies over Seattle has been circulating on-line.The image was submitted to MUFON ( Mutual UFO Network ) as part of a report from December 30th. The submitter had been in the city meeting up with some friends and had decided to take pictures of a few interesting buildings and landmarks. While it is alleged that nothing was visible in the viewfinder of the camera at the time,when the pictures were developed one of them showed a strange circular shaped object hovering over the Dexter Horton Building."It vaguely resembles a blimp, yet it had unusual characteristics," the submitter stated in the report.

"There appears to be no windows, some blueish and reddish coloration, definitely metallic looking surface." On Dec. 30 2012 I was downtown killing time before meeting friends for a weekend of bringing in the new year, so I decided to take somephotos of buildings and places around downtown Seattle which I found to be interesting.  

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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