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Posted on Tuesday, May 19 - 2009

A BBC photographer has caught on camera what appears to be the ghostly image of a man sitting on a chair in the attic of the Edward Jenner Museum in Gloucestershire. Adding to the mystery is the fact that there"s no actual chair at that location."A ghostly image has been snapped at a museum prompting speculation that the spirit of the English scientist Edward Jenner could be haunting his former home.A photograph seems to have captured a hazy image of a man sitting on a chair in the attic of the Edward Jenner Museum in Berkeley, Gloucestershire."

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Posted on Monday, May 27 - 2013

The Japanese government has denied rumors that the prime minister"s residence is haunted.Despite assuming power five months ago, Shinzo Abe has yet to move in to his official residence, prompting suggestions that something is amiss. The building itself has gone through some disturbing events including a former prime minister"s death in 1932 and the deaths of several officials during an attempted military coup.Tales of a haunting have persisted for several years.To help stem the rumors, the government has made a formal statement denying any knowledge of paranormal occurrences at the property.

Democratic party rival Ken Kagaya had explicitly asked if ghosts where the reason Shinzo had yet to move in, to which the cabinet responded by claiming to be "unaware" of any such rumors. "The Japanese government has issued a formal statement denying knowledge of rumorsthat the prime minister"s official residence is haunted by ghosts."  

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Posted on Friday, January 18 - 2013

Village residents have taken to hanging red shirts outside their homes to help ward off the entity.At least ten men have reportedly died in the Thai village of tambon Tha Sawang under mysterious circumstances. Villagers have described how the victims allegedly had either died in their sleep or simply dropped dead when walking around. The culprit, they say, is a spirit called the "widow ghost", a rumor that has been spreading through thedistricts.

Hanging a red shirt outside one"s home is said to help ward off the spirit and keep those inside safe."Some of the men who died did not show any sign of sickness, they were perfectly fine," said one villager. "When I heard about the rumour, I respected people"s beliefs and put a red shirt on my front door as well." According to an analysis of the bodies by local doctors the victims had all died of respiratory failure. Fearful villagers in tambon Tha Sawang have hung red shirtsin front of their homes to repel a "widow ghost" rumoured to have taken the lives of 10 apparently healthy men in the village since last month.  

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Posted on Sunday, June 03 - 2012

A crowd broke in to the abandoned Irqa Hospital in Saudia Arabia to tackle spirits said to reside there.The old hospital which was once used to treat Gulf War combatants has been the subject of ghost stories for years with rumors that it is haunted by malevolent spirits known as jinn. So great this fascination has become that last week hundreds of youths broke in to the building, smashed up theplace and started fires in an effort to destroy its otherworldly occupants."Teenagers sent text messages calling for an operation against some of the jinn who live in the hospital, and they broke into the hospital and smashed its facilities and burned 60 percent of it," Okaz newspaper reported.

The dingy corridors and gloomy wards of a long-abandoned Saudi Arabian hospital have drawn hundreds of amateur ghost hunters who believe it to behaunted by jinn, the malevolent spirits of the Koran and Arabian mythology.  

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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