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Posted on Friday, November 21 - 2008

Lord drayson, the government minister in charge of science, believes he has an uncanny ability "like a sixth sense" to know and predict some events instinctively. The multi-millionaire businessman and Labour donor says he believes humans have strange abilities that are not widely understood. "In my life there have been some things I have known, and I don"t know why," he said in an interview with The Sunday Times. "I think there is a lot we don"t understand about human capability." Drayson, who returned to government last month to become the first science minister with a seat in cabinet, also said he believed in God and saw no conflict between faith and science. "I think faith is a verystrange thing," he said.

"You don"t necessarily believe in something just because you have the evidence to prove it." The scientific view is that theories and beliefs should be based on evidence and proven by experiment. Drayson, who is not claiming paranormal powers for himself, cites Blink, the bestselling American book about human instinct, by Malcolm Gladwell. The book identifies cases of individuals with the apparent power to foretell events, an ability Drayson believes he may share. He said: "It"s a really fascinating book. He gives lots of examples of people who have demonstrated very clearly that they have good instinct in their lives. One particular fireman in America had this amazing instinct . . . This guy [knew] when something bad was going to happen, when you need to leave the building."Gladwell"s book is about the ability of the human being to know something, but not to know why they know it. This struck a chord with me, because in my life there have been some things that I"ve known and I don"t know why." Drayson described the ability as "like a sixth sense" and said it could be linked to the way humans have evolved. Critics once accused him of almost supernatural timing when he made a donation to Labour: the pharmaceutical company he ran at the time subsequently won a 32m government contract with seemingly uncanny ease.

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Posted on Tuesday, September 30 - 2008

Psychotherapist Jean O'Neal sits with tarot cards and books on feng shui at her office in St. Johnsbury, Vt., Thursday, Aug. 21, 2008.

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Behold, the future is being revealed and it looks bright for fortune tellers, clairvoyants, tarot card readers and anyone claiming to contact spirits in this corner of northern New England. Soothsaying might still be banned in some parts of the country, but St. Johnsbury has repealed the ordinance against peering into the future that it had on the books since 1966."When the ordinance was lifted, I actually felt a large weight lifting from my shoulders," said Maria Pawlowski, a tarot card reader. "It was veryoppressive to have to refrain from something that was as natural to me as breathing."Fear of fraud has prompted many communities to ban fortunetelling but critics say it's not government's place to decide whether such personal beliefs or practices are fraudulent. Last year in Philadelphia, city inspectors shut down more than a dozen psychics, astrologers and tarot-card readers after discovering a decades-old state law that still bans fortunetelling for profit. Also last year, Louisiana's Livingston Parish made soothsaying, fortunetelling, palm reading and crystal-ball gazing illegal; a Wiccan minister filed a challenge to the law in federal court. Other laws are on the books or have been challenged in Nebraska, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina and Oklahoma, said Charles Haynes, a seniorscholar with the First Amendment Center in Washington. A ban in Lincoln, Neb., was struck down by a federal appeals court in 1998 as unconstitutional. "People have the right to believe in these things and to predict the future, to say what they think and even to charge money for it," Haynes said.

"The government has no power to determine whether or not these people are committing fraud."
Critics of such bans warn that other activities could be called into question if the government has the power to decide whether fortunetelling is fraudulent or illegal. "We have people who predict what the stock market is going to do. We have people who predict the weather and get paid for it," said Haynes. St. Johnsbury lifted its ban in July at the urging ofpsychotherapist......

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Posted on Sunday, September 21 - 2008


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An otherwise entirely rational person might confess to having a lucky number or two, but why do some people base important decisions on the right numbers? Most of us see maths as a science, but to some, numbers have hidden meanings that can be used to make decisions in matters as serious as recruiting staff. When Samantha Roddick, the daughter of Bodyshop founder Anita Roddick, launched her business, she crunched numbers with her bank manager, her accountant - and her numerologist.  "When I pulled the whole team together, I just got everybody's numerology done," she says, describing how she used numbers to organise hernew staff into efficient working groups."And then you just look at the overall numbers and how they interact.

Ones are very ambitious, hard-working, career-centric, money-driven, Threes are very creative, as are Sixes. Fives, they're very apt to a lot of change."
Numerologists believe the numbers one to nine each have a mystical meaning, and that if you add together the digits in a person's date of birth, the end result is a number which influences the path that person will take in life. They also believe the letters in the alphabet have corresponding numbers, so a person's name can be added up to produce a number with meaning as well.

Product launches But how far can you take this? "The reality is it should never affect yourdecision-making process that much," says Samantha Roddick. "It is there just to inform you, not to direct you, because you don't really want to hire and fire based on someone's numerology - that would be ridiculous," she laughs. But possibly not unheard of. The numerologist Samantha Roddick consulted is Sonia Ducie. She claims companies big and small contact her for help with product launches, rebranding and recruitment decisions. "Somebody came to me last week for a new company name," Ducie says. "The product it was selling was something fun, so we had to look at the number three. It was also something very practical, so you've got the number four.  "And then we looked at the launch date, because you might have the best product but the timing is out," she says.

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Posted on Tuesday, September 09 - 2008

Raine Castle, owner of Castle-Brooks Spiritual Supply and a tarot card reader, reads the cards of fellow reader Djenn Fyregryphon at her shop in Lafayette.

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"I don't like using angel cards all that much because I don't want to keep bugging angels," said Ivy Jennings in her Lafayette home. Jennings considers herself to be an empath, a person who is sensitive to feelings and vibrations given out by the living or dead."I'll use them on certain occasions to kind of give me an idea of what the heart is looking for and what the soul is needing and how can we get those in harmony," Jennings said. "When your heart and soul are working in harmony toward the samething, then limitless doors are open for you." Jennings uses tools such as palm reading, angel cards, numerology or the vibrations given off by clients' given names to help them understand what is going on in their lives and what options are open."The reading is only as good as you are willing to be honest," Jennings said, "and nothing is ever set in stone." She said that she helps people discover what they really want. "I've had people come to me and say 'What's my next step,' 'What should I do,' " Jennings said. "Well, I don't know this.

I'm not a mind reader. That's not the way it works. I have to ask them, 'What is it that you want to do.' " Other tarot card readers agree. "My readings are such that it leaves them with something they have to work on," said Raine Castle, owner of Castle-BrooksSpiritual Supply in downtown Lafayette. Castle does not like to do readings often on the same person and feels six months is enough time between tarot card readings. "If they came back in a month, they would not have had time to work on the issues that had cropped up in the reading. If they actually work through the issues, then they will be ready for a new reading." Jennings feels that she is there to help her clients get to know themselves better so in the end they won't need her help anymore. "Knowing yourself is being OK with who you are. That means even the bad stuff," she said. "You can't just pick and choose the parts of you that you like. You have to like the complete thing."

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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