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Posted on Monday, September 08 - 2008

Anthony North: There are many forms of divination, ranging from Palmistry to Astrology, Numerology to the I Ching. And let us not forget ancients such as the Auguries, who used to read your fate from animal entrails. I"ve always had a healthy skepticism for such practices. I"ve not condemned them, but thought human psychology can account for them. However, I want to explore the possibility of deeper mechanisms behind such practices. I"ll begin with my healthy skepticism.: Rather than man"s fate being slave to outside forces, such as the position of planets at birth, I"ve seen divination as a form of therapy and advisor. It works like this. A person consults a practitioner and through atwo way system of suggestion, the subject intuits, himself, what his unconscious is really after.

Thus his path seems to open up as if destined, whereas he has simply been given the confidence to follow his real inner desires. I still thing this covers most of the subject.: But even I have to admit there are annoying gaps in the idea, especially if we take much of divination at face value. Consider Palmistry, which claims much of your future is already mapped out in the lines of your palm. How is this possible? Let us consider genetics. Now, genetics does map out a great deal of your life from conception, including physical attributes, possibilities of future illnesses and, if correct, leanings towards certain behaviour. Could it be possible that such "predestination" could affect you in a wider way,such as the patterning of lines on your palm? Basically, could the palm be a physical map of your basic genetic make-up? Genetics could hold the key to other areas, too.: Indeed, I think if we can highlight a genetic answer to even one part of divination, it could rationally be seen as important to the rest as well. I say this because one of the main problems with divination is the sheer number of contrary and conflicting "systems". Surely it would be more rational to identify a common thread between them all.

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Posted on Friday, July 18 - 2008

Tarot Cards

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The Wheel of Fortune card is one of the most fortunate cards in the tarot deck. It is associated with the planet Jupiter, which is considered to be the most benefic planet in astrology. So, if the Wheel of Fortune card turns up in your tarot spread, it definitely means things are looking up for you. Although the good luck that arrives with this card may seem to come out of nowhere, in truth, we are our own magicians.We plant the seeds of what we want to grow in our lives when we become “fired up” about an idea of what we want to do orwant to have happen.

Automatically, our psyches begin to choose the way or means to make our idea work. Next, of course, we start taking the mental and physical steps to begin the process of turning our idea into reality. It’s called manifestation, and we are all manifesting all of the time, whether we are aware of it or not.The old saying, “Be careful what you wish for,” also always applies. Keeping that in mind, while it is a good thing to be clearly focused on a goal so that you get what you really desire to have in your life, it is also a good idea to leave a little “wiggle” room for the universe to help you get what is best for all concerned. This is especially true when what you may want involves other people. You wouldnot want your happiness to be someone else’s misery. Another important point to consider when planting seeds for future results in our lives is to let the seeds grow naturally. Be clear about what you want in your mind and heart and then “let go” and know that if it is meant to be, and harms none, the creative forces in the universe are with you, and the Wheel of Fortune will turn your way. Julie Hamer has been studying astrology and tarot for 30 years. She lives in Estacada and offers astrological and tarot advice. For more information, contact Hamer at (503)630-3934.

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Posted on Wednesday, June 18 - 2008

Anthony North: We"ve all heard of destiny, but what is it? Is it some guiding force within the universe looking after us, or is it a total fantasy? As often happens, ideas on the subject fall into one camp or the other. But maybe most sense lies in the middle ground. If we were to adopt this position, then we"d have to accept that a "force" DOES have an effect upon our lives, but rather than being some omnipotent supernatural influence, it could be grounded in things we have a fair idea about. We already have names for its influence. : On the one hand we have Sod"s Law, or the Cosmic Joker. This is for when destiny is cruel. Or alternatively, a fortuitous run at gambling is its oppositeinfluence.

Divination attempts to capture the "reality" of our destiny. From Astrology to the Tarot, it is thought that what we are and what we do is somehow tied up within the fabric of universal influences upon which we have no control. There are problems with this idea.: Most obviously, free will. The philosophical argument is simple. If our destiny is pre-set, then deviation is impossible. So what is the point of our ability to make decisions? It becomes, in effect, a pointless, unrequired ability. Divination does, however, make more sense if we reverse it. Thus, instead of laying out a "future", it actually has an effect on the mind, answering questions we are undecided about, and offering answers that confirm where we think we want to go. In this sense, divination is more a system of counseling thanpredictive. Society also has an effect on our future.: Through stereotyping and other social and cultural pressures, we all find that we slot into a "type". In this way, society allows us to advance, or come upon a brick wall that inhibits us. Often, the individual has little control over this process. Coincidences can also appear to confirm destiny. Jung noted that some coincidences are full of meaning for the person. He applied the term "synchronicity" to them, and they appear significantly more than simple random events.

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Posted on Thursday, May 08 - 2008

Master Raymond Lo is a professional feng shui and destiny consultant, based in Hong Kong.


I-Ching or the "Book of Changes" is an ancient Chinese divination manual and a book of wisdom which interprets hexagrams (symbols made up of six stacked horizontal lines) formed by tossed coins to form answers to questions about the future. The ancient book is a study of change in human life. The belief is that understanding the pattern and cycle of change willprepare the person for future events and help with making right decisions.For more than 5000 years the I-Ching has been used and relied on by many Chinese to aid in decision making and predicting the future.

It is believed to have been invented by Fu Hsi, a legendary emperor of China. The answers or predictions of future events are revealed by using a numerological system based on the Yin and Yang, where the Yin represents a broken line and Yang a whole line.The Yin and Yang are polarizing forces but are important in maintaining a balanced universe. Traditionally, a bundle of yarrow sticks were thrown but the modern equivalent uses three coins fordivination that are tossed six times to form six lines of hexagrams. Each side of a coin represents either the Yin or the Yang. The "Book of Changes" is then used to interpret the meaning of the hexagrams in relation to the specific question asked. There are sixty-four possible configurations of the hexagrams; each throw of the coin makes up one line of the hexagram starting from the bottom up. The hexagrams represent a process in nature or human nature and can reveal future luck, growth, or misfortunes.


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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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